Two people on a quest to get closer

I emerged from my office, half blind with too many hours of screen time, and fully primed for the evening activities. The parameters were discussed (“make me cum while you shave my cunt,”); the details to remain the domain of my imagination. Sliding the blindfold over your eyes (a ‘deal-breaker’ in your words) sends a spasm through my cock, your sharp intake of breath coinciding with...Read On


Vegetation Management

Keeping our highways safe is a full time job.

We'd not seen a summer like this one in a long time, 2 solid months of record breaking temperatures and no relief in sight. My man off on business, I had just finished some tuneup work on my bike, and was relaxing on the deck with a cold drink when I heard the whine of the string trimmer join the constant buzz of summer cicadas. Looking left, I was presently surprised by the sight of a...Read On