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A Decline And A Renewal

A Haiku Suite Of Pain and Hope

A Kindred Spirit

A New Discovery

A New Surprise

A Portrait From Life

A Portrait Of A Lady

A Real Lady

A Simple Deliverance

A Singular Sensation

Across The Room

Adventures in Florida - part one

Adventures in Florida - part three

Adventures in Florida - part two

Another Cheating Game

Arizona Awakenings (ch. 1)

Arizona Awakenings (ch. 2)

Arizona Awakenings (ch. 3)

Arizona Awakenings (ch. 5)

Arizona Awakenings (ch. 6)

Arizona Awakenings (ch. 7)

As She Rises and Falls

As The Moon Rose

As We Dream and We Dance Through This Life

Autumn In Arcadia

Basement Party I

Basement Party II

Basement Party III

Basement Party IV

Basement Party V

Before Skies Were Gray

Bonnie Blue and the Gang

Bonnie Blue the Little Cum Slut

Brandy In The Morning

Brenda and Sharon

Bringing Home Melinda

Bushwhacking the Jayhawkers

But, Sometimes

Buttocks Are the Bomb

Checking Out the Women's Dorms

Chula Vista Dreaming (part eight)

Chula Vista Dreaming (part five)

Chula Vista Dreaming (part four)

Chula Vista Dreaming (part nine)

Chula Vista Dreaming (part one)

Chula Vista Dreaming (part seven)

Chula Vista Dreaming (part six)

Chula Vista Dreaming (part three)

Chula Vista Dreaming (part two)

Crystalline Dreams

Daddy Will Always Love You

Dancing In The Moonlight

Darling, Kiss Me

Dawning Day Draws Nigh

Days of Wine and Roses

Death In The Family (part one)

Death In The Family (part three)

Death In The Family (part two)

Desert Dreaming

Divine Love

Do Your Duty - part one

Do Your Duty - part three

Do Your Duty - part two

Duty-Bound - part one

Duty-Bound - part two

Elevator Ride

Emily Visits the Major

Emily's Seduction (part five)

Emily's Seduction (part four)

Emily's Seduction (part one)

Emily's Seduction (part seven)

Emily's Seduction (part six)

Emily's Seduction (part three)

Emily's Seduction (part two)

Fairy Tales End

Finally Legal

Flayed to the Bone

For Eternity

French Kiss

Friends, Good Friends

From Flower to Flower

Gently, As You Enter

Giving Up

Grunt For Me Baby

Happy Birthday To My Dearest Wife

He Is Such a Good Daddy

He Was a Chicken Coming Out

Helping Sylvia (Part 3)

Helping Sylvia (part 1)

Helping Sylvia (part 2)


How I Like to Cuddle

How Was Your Day

Hylas And The Nymphs

I Am Here

I Know, It's So Good

I've Been A Bad Girl Dearest Sir

I, Incubus

If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On


Introducing My Neighbor to Sex

Introducing Sofia to Sex

It Is The Least I Can Do

It May Be Adultery, But I Want It

It Wasn't My Fault

It's Been Too Long

Journey's End (One)

Journey's End (Two)

Just Once More

Just Once More

Just One More Time

Just a Quick Peep and Suck

Kathy And Surprises (part one)

Kathy And Surprises (part three)

Kathy And Surprises (part two)

Let Pet Be Her Best

Let the Wind Caress Your Cheek

Little Arab Buttercup (part four)

Little Arab Buttercup (part one)

Little Arab Buttercup (part three)

Little Arab Buttercup (part two)

Lost Before Found

Lost Lamb

Mine Own Troubadour

Mirrored in White

Morning Coffee

Morning Glory

Mrs. Gudenov Gives Me a Good Grade

Mrs. Jessup's House (part one)

Mrs. Jessup's House (part three)

Mrs. Jessup's House (part two)

Music Play On

My Baby Is In Pain

My Cherokee Initiation

My Lucky Day

My Pet is the Best Sub Ever

My Sexy Summer Visitors (part four)

My Sexy Summer Visitors (part one)

My Sexy Summer Visitors (part three)

My Sexy Summer Visitors (part two)

My Understanding Wife

Neighbor to Neighbor

Never More Beautiful

Never Too Much

Not Old, Just Right

Old Friends, New Loves (part one)

One Last Time

One More Time Again

Only The Best

Our Secret Needs

Overheard Conversation

Overheard Conversation III

Pancakes, Greyhounds, and Virgins

Putting Winona In The Movies

Rather Queer

Red Umbrella In The Rain

Remember How I Cried

Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Eight)

Road Trips for Peter (Chapter One)

Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Ten)

Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Three)

Seducing My Neighbors (part one)

Seducing My Neighbors (part three)

Seducing My Neighbors (part two)

Sensing You

Shall I Play

Shall We Dine?

She Cuckolds Him

She's A Lady

She's My Lady

She's Wet

Sherry is Sweet

Shining Youth, Glowing Age

Slipping Away

So Fucking Tight

Socking It Away

Something New

Starlight, Starbright

Strangers In A Strange Place (part one)

Strangers In A Strange Place (part three)

Stroking Out My Love

Succubus Mine

Such Beauty

Take You In My Lap Once More

Take it Like a Man

Teach Me, Please

Teachers Always Have Pets

That Thing I Do

The Apartment

The Bouncing Prick Named Peter

The Doorbell Rang

The Education of Diana (ch. 01)

The Education of Diana (ch. 02)

The First Time Was a Mistake

The Flames Will Grow

The Illicit Game

The Little Lady and I Do it on the Lakeshore

The Magic Must Never End

The Moment

The Pleasure from the Vine

The Principal Made Me What I Am

The Simple Wondrous Touch

The Smile That Tells It All

The Spinning Watch

The Sun Dies Away

The Tide Rolls In

The Training (part one)

The Winner Takes It All

The Woodlands of Delight

Time Enough For Love

Time To Play

Too Little, Too Late

Trembling Bridges

Twenty-five Year Old Virgin (part five)

Twenty-five Year Old Virgin (part four)

Twenty-five Year Old Virgin (part three)

Twirling on the Edge of a Dream

Walk All Over Me

Watch The Rain

We Do What We Must Do

We Have All the Time In the World

We Met In Springtime

We Needed Madison (part one)

We Needed Madison (part three)

We Needed Madison (part two)

What A Surprise

What Are You Waiting For

What Do I Want

What The Neighbor's Daughter is Really Like

Whatever! I Can Do What I Want

Where Were You

Wisteria Drifting Down

You Know How It Is

You Move Me To Move You

Younger Than Springtime