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Good Morning Wake Up Call

She smiled when her phone pinged with the familiar FaceTime chime. “Good morning.” “Good morning beautiful.” She giggled. “I wasn’t expecting to hear from you this morning. I thought you had an early meeting.” “It got pushed back an hour. So I seized the opportunity to see my favorite girl.  How are you this morning?” “Other than missing you, I’m fantastic.  The kids got up and off...

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So What?

"I - You- We can't.  Not here," she whimpered. "Oh, but we can and we will," his deep voice rumbled in her ear.   "But, but -," she stammered. "But what?" he inquired.   "Someone might see," she said.  "So what if they do?" he asked as he raised the back of her skirt.  "Lift your right foot and put it on the bar underneath the table."   She obeyed, understanding now why he'd had her...

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Around they swirl, Faster and faster. Closer they draw, Loathing, self-doubt and insecurity.   Tottering on the edge,  I can't seem to resist. Their seductive pull, Luring me in.   NO! His voice rings clear. Hands strong and firm, Pulling me from the brink.   Mine!  Beautiful!  Strong! His words break through. The fears that swirled, Fading quickly away.   Calm and safe, ...

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Swishing through the air, Thwacking, biting, stinging, burning. Spreading heat across milky globes, Squirming, anticipation building. Swooshing, striking again, And again, And again. Turning globes pink,  Spreading fire, glowing red. Yelping, whimpering, crying, Falling tears rain down. Pausing, waiting, listening, Holding still, craving. Speaking softly, pleading for more, ...

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Kneeling in perfect Nadu, I offered myself to you. The collar around my neck now marks me as yours.  Yet I forgot myself, forgot my place. A feeling of contrition, for I took something that wasn't mine. Needy and without thought, I touched without permission. And felt the disappointment from you, my Sir.   I confessed to the crime and now must pay the price. My body is yours, the...

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What Is It?

What is it about you? Why am I so tangled in your web?    What is it about you?  Why do I always come back for more?   What is it about you?   Why does my mind wander and find its way to you?   What is it about you?  Why do I shiver when you're near?    What is it about you? Why do my knees turn to jelly at the sound of your voice?    What is it about you? Why does my heart...

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If things were different, I would be on that plane, Flying halfway around the world.  If things were different, I would find a way, To live in that cabin in the woods. If things were different, I would spend every night, Wrapped in your arms. If things were different, I would wear my collar with pride, For the world to know I'm yours. If things were different, I would shout from...

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Recommended Read Famished

"Honey, I'm home," he called out as the front door slammed behind him.  "Hey, babe. I'm in the bedroom," I yelled back in response.  "Something smells delicious," he remarked as he dropped his keys on the table and set his briefcase down in the entryway.  "Dinner is in the oven," I responded. "It'll be ready in an hour or so." "I'm starved," he grumbled as he stomped down the hall...

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Recommended Read Leashed

I stood in the corner, my arms folded behind me and resting just above the curve of my ass. My hair was pulled back into a high ponytail and my nose was pressed against the wall.  I was naked except for the collar around my neck and the socks that reached just above my knees.  I didn't move when I heard him enter the room.  "It's time, Baby Girl.  You may turn around." I slowly turned...

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A New Hobby

One day, on a whim I decided to start a sex blog. It slowly grew and after several months I had over 3,500 fans. I noticed that other bloggers offered incentives to help their blog gain a bigger following. I decided to do the same and opened it up to suggestions for hitting 5,000 followers. Many good ideas came through, but one really caught my attention. It was from one of my first followers. ...

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Audio Story So... You Think You’re A Master

It started with mild flirtations,   Some giggles and chuckles, Evolving to penetration, Her fingers, your self-masturbation.   She wants to be yours, You say you are hers, A virtual bond forms, Her dreams are fulfilled.   Vowing to forsake all others, You enter into the game, She wants you as her master, You play into her game.   She wants to be your sub, Macho is your name,...

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Spinning Down the Rabbit Hole - Part 1

He sat at his desk, holding his business card in his hand. “Mitchell B. Edwards,” it read. Below his name it said, “Director of Corporate Development.”     “Should I be impressed?” he thought to himself. “I’m pretty young to be a Director of anything, but I’m not especially impressed myself,” he thought. “At thirty-two I am a director in this large and growing company. My Mom is impressed...

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Down The Rabbit Hole - Part 4

Saturday afternoon and Mitch was sitting in front of the TV set, watching a baseball game and drinking beer. He was on his own this weekend for the first time in months. Bre’s college roommate had come to town for the weekend and the girls were spending their time together catching up on the past couple of years. Bre had taken Friday off from work to have a three-day weekend. Mitch...

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Spinning Down the Rabbit Hole - Part 5

It had been a little more than three weeks since Bre’s friend Lilly had visited them from Chicago. Bre and Mitch were back into their regular routine. He spent Wednesday nights in her townhome and she spent her weekends at his apartment. They had not spent much time discussing the threesome weekend, but it was understood it was most enjoyable and would be repeated if given the opportunity. ...

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