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Any and all lovers of the human...more

2 members, last active 3 days ago
Snap chat

If anyone would be interested in doing some dirty talking over snap...more

2 members, last active 3 days ago
Pretty Feet Lovers

Guys who love pretty feet, and like to read about other guys' experiences with women with gorgeous feet and...more

6 members, last active 6 days ago
naughty horny moms

horny moms...more

18 members, last active 5 days ago
Phone sex

I want to grow a group where members can talk and get each other off... either by phone, or by Skype, or whatever is the preferred method of communication. I want members to be free to be able to...more

18 members, last active 2 days ago
Coloradians ONLY!

This grp is for Gay's, Bi's, and straights who want to see what it is like to play with yourself, when yourself is on another guy. Anyway. I'd like to create a grp of guys who live in Colorado only....more

6 members, last active 8 days ago
Sissy heaven

Where all bad Sissysex go to have sexual intercourse to become true sissy faggot cocksucker cum...more

13 members, last active 21 days ago
Domme Needed

This group is reflection form the submissive's prospective a look into her mind. In chat sometimes, it is difficult to meet your surprise lover. This is a group invitation for all to connect with...more

11 members, last active 15 Oct 2018 11:12
Masturbate in diapers

Have you ever masturbated in diapers, how do you think it feels. Ask me if you wanna know, I do it in diapers...more

1 member, last active 30 Sep 2018 18:51
Leotard and one piece swimwear

For men who cant get enough of them.. either through wearing tem or haveing ya wife or girlfriend or even getting kinky with other likeminded...more

7 members, last active 23 days ago
Recently Active Groups

i love transsexuals/shemales/trannies whatever you want to call them. i think they are so sexy. please post and comment on pics. i want this to be a flowing group with updates every day, please join...more

146 members, last active 8 minutes ago
Girls with Nuts

Post futa, ladyboy and shemale...more

88 members, last active 2 hours ago
Sexy In Lingerie

I just love sexy lingerie and I love seeing other women in fine lingerie. If you like this group why not try my...more

325 members, last active 8 hours ago

Post your kik name in the...more

181 members, last active 10 hours ago
UK Lushies

A group for all the members of Lush that are from the United...more

175 members, last active 12 hours ago
Skype voyeurs and exhibitionists

for people that love to get naughty and watch and/or be watched on...more

120 members, last active 14 hours ago

A group for folks in a wife sharing arrangement or thinking they want such an arrangement. Feel free to chat about your experiences or ask about anything to do with wife sharing situations. Do you...more

56 members, last active 22 hours ago

For everyone who likes strap-ons, pegging and getting...more

78 members, last active 1 day ago
Couples talk

Group for couples that want to talk and be dirty with other couples or with just one...more

120 members, last active 1 day ago
Futanari Appreciation Group

Futanari being the Japanese term for dual genitalia. In short, we like girls with cocks. I'm afraid there's no getting around that issue so let's have...more

15 members, last active 1 day ago
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