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Oh never mind. I'm just an imaginary animal. I borrowed my name from a children's book by Julia Donaldson. Sorry, Julia (blushes, shuffles his feet).

I like erotic stories about women who are strong, strict and sweet, and men who are proud, smart and opinionated, but at the end of the day know they have to defer to da boss lady. Power games, nudity, spanking and of course a good roll in the hay are all enjoyable. Those are things I like to read about, so I also like to write about them.


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Topic: might a woman spank her boss for his own good?
Posted: 14 May 2018 13:38

Yes. I find that easy to imagine. Men need to be put in their place now and then, and the more powerful they are, they more they need it. Sadly, the less likely they are to get it. So I think if a boss likes, trusts and respects a woman working under him, he would do well to ask her to spank him if she feels he is really out of line.

Topic: why do most women thank
Posted: 27 Aug 2010 04:25

My little Sister Dancing Doll very close to right on the mark. Healthy weight for your body frame is sexy. We all know that DD could never be passed on the street without every man noticing her and many of us girls. I am not as slim as she is and have larger hips and larger breasts and yes I am more than 10 years older. But this I promise you this even at this age I get plenty of attention. Our Mom is 64 and still get hit on!!!

Maybe it is more in attitude and the packaging of what God gave each of us.

What a lovely bottom. I'm glad it's not skinny. Is it okay for me to say this?

Topic: why do most women thank
Posted: 27 Aug 2010 04:20

I've noticed on Lush, Qs like this tend to label women as either skinny or curvy. The word 'skinny' tends to suggest a bone-thin couture runway model physicality... which, I think most men (and women) don't find as particularly sexy. There is a difference between 'skinny' and slender, IMO. For example, what kind of body types do men consider a Victoria Secret model or a Playboy model have? Do people consider that body type as 'skinny' and therefore unattractive? I think the masses would disagree based on the raging success of those magazines and catalogues.

Women take note of the female bodies that men seem to drool over the most and try to approximate them in whatever way possible. If you go for a Hollywood ideal, is Megan Fox considered too 'skinny'? I don't think most women are thinking men want women smaller than that size... just my opinion though. There are some hyper body conscious women that will take it too far because of body dysmorphia or related issues etc.

But first, I think we need a better definition of what is considered 'skinny'.

I've always been against women attaining an ideal they can't maintain in the long term. I will always believe that 'healthy' is what makes a woman 'sexy'.

Ahhhhh... definitions, shdefinitions. It's all in the eye of the beholder, Madame. But seriously, size does not matter much. Appearance does matter. But appearance is not just tits and ass. If you asked me what the two things are most likely to make a women beautiful (go on, ask me), then I would say happiness and self-confidence. A sense of humour, if I may sneak in a third. Brains? Yes, brains are sexy, too. When my wife's eyes light up and she's about to tell me about something funny, she is so lovely. She looks nice at other times too, but when she lights up, she's fantastic.

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The Student Hostel

As the jets of hot water were pummelling my body, I was thinking about Rita’s invitation. In town for one term only, and moving from one temporary address to another, I was always looking for a place to stay. So when she had told me there was a room available at her student hostel for a week, I had quickly accepted it. Clare was on a rock-climbing trip and could not be reached, but Rita...

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They had been talking excitedly about their outing for weeks. Whenever Jill, Ariadne and Xenia went for lunch in the university cafeteria, the subject of their wild weekend would soon come up. I usually had lunch with them, so I followed their discussions and made a few suggestions. Jill was big and sassy, Ariadne was small and athletic, and Xenia, my favourite, was quiet and clever. I...

Added 08 Oct 2009 | Category Spanking | Votes 13 | Avg Score 3.92 | Views 10,400 | 2 Comments

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