gtownbaby's Blog Entries

01 Dec 2013 20:05

Anyone else ever reach that point were everything is going great and it just come to a halt. I'm at the point holidays are stressful needless to say

01 Nov 2013 21:51

Coming home from the game tonight, find someone amazing sitting on the couch, playing with our nephew

10 Oct 2013 19:15

So I got home made dinner for my boys and took a nap. I wake up with scripture from a movie I haven't seen in while on my boyfriend is strange in the weirdest loving ways..thanks love

20 Sep 2013 02:40

Best way to wake up.. In your mans arms

17 Sep 2013 22:44

I miss him when is he coming home.. Two days

05 Sep 2013 20:11

Well my best friend past out on me

05 Sep 2013 17:42 boyfriend... Stupid work
Going to my best friends