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damn just got a phone call. My friend was just in a car accident and I gotta fly. Damn damn damn

21 Jan 2010 19:42

Yes, first story officially posted up. Working on its sequel right now. shall see how it comes out. promises to be hotter and heavier than the first one, so keep an eye out for it

19 Jan 2010 15:54

this is just one of those many days when I hate my life.... know what I mean?

18 Jan 2010 14:38

just submitted first story. May create a second to follow it as a short series or something, not sure. Then I have more coming, let me know what you think. you're comments are what keep me wanting to write.

15 Jan 2010 06:33

Finally starting on my story. Yay!

12 Jan 2010 11:12

doodling some new sketches and sitting here bored. blahhh

12 Jan 2010 09:15