gumie35's Blog Entries

11 Mar 2016 09:47

Wow! Lush has changed a lot in the last few years since I've been on here. I'm now on facebook for my work.

You can come say hi to me there if you'd like.

25 Oct 2014 09:12

I just posted my first story in a long time. I hope everyone likes it. I miss my friends from Lush.

04 Oct 2014 13:00

I'm going to publish my stories through ebooks because all the erotica sites are removing my stories or making me edit them completely. I'll be adding next chapters to most of my stores that were here and even completing some of them. I will be re-editing them to fix past mistakes and fixing plot holes.

30 Sep 2014 12:40

I had close to a million views on my 12 stories and now they are all gone. I'm so sad.

25 Jun 2014 09:59

All my stories have been delete because Lush doesn't do incest anymore. So I'm leaving lush. I had close to a million views from all my stories combined. I will be going over to literotica if you want to find me. Same name there too.

16 Aug 2013 08:57

I changed my email so you can't reach me from my stories anymore. The right one is here so message me if you needed to talk.

02 Jan 2013 03:56

I am working on another story. I hope this one doesn't take a year to get approved.

31 Oct 2012 12:03

I published my first story in a long time. It took 7 revisions because I can't use blackmail anymore. I can't use gagging or any choking with a cock. It was tough but it's up. Please let me know what you think.

18 Jul 2012 00:41

I just published my first story in a very long time. I hope everyone likes it.

21 Apr 2012 15:05

If you want me to write you a story contact me so that we can work out pricing. I can write a story personally for you.

16 Oct 2011 19:23

I found my stories posted on a site that I have never been too. Please keep an eye out for people stealing stories. As a result I will not be posting any more stories.

31 Jul 2011 18:28

It's been a long time since I've written anything. I live my dreams out now and I'm writing a book. I think I might start writing stories again. What do you think??

25 Feb 2010 12:32

new story is up! almost 4000 people in less then 24 hours. leave comments and vote everyone.

24 Feb 2010 00:16

I have a new story waiting to be posted. You should like it.

23 Feb 2010 15:23

I am working on a new story. This will be my first story in almost a year. I have written a couple of them and I am working on a novel. I am editing the story and how to have it up here tonight. Let me know if you want more.