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Wife Forced To Cheat 2

Teacher cheat with her students because she was thinking about sex too much.

FORCED TO CHEAT CHAPTER: 2 This is continuation of Forced to Cheat. All characters are fictional and should not be taken seriously. This is for pure entertainment purpose. Sharron climbed back into her car and headed for home. Her pussy ached like never before. I can’t believe that I just sucked a stranger’s cock , she thought to herself. Sharron now had a bitter taste of...Read On

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The Morning After Mystery

Woman wakes up in the morning in a strange place.

The Morning After Kim’s head hurt. She woke up feeling a pounding in her eyes like never before. She slowly tried to move, but her body wasn’t cooperating. She lay there for a minute. How did I get here, she thought . It hurt to open her eyes, so she opened them just a hair. It was enough to let in some light, without making her head feel like millions of bombs were exploding inside. ...Read On

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Wife forced to cheat

Wife forced to cheat

My name is Sharon I have been married for over sixteen years to a beautiful man named Carter. We have been married for so long that it is almost impossible to remember what we were like when we met. In school I was short, stocky with big tits. I wore a 34 E and had a big ass. My hair was just past my shoulders and dark brown. I loved to wear booty short to make my ass look better. We were...Read On