Love Poems(5)



An empty canvas Left untouched Nobody cares to leave a mark No emotion No future mapped out Just days sitting, collecting dust. Weeks passing, Still untouched Until one day A beautiful man came And painted a pretty picture Filled every space No corner left alone Finally feeling complete Apart of something great That beautiful man Was you....Read On



You’re like a drug I need more of you You’re not good for me Yet I keep coming back I can’t have you That drives me wild I chase after you You change directions You intrigue me Your scent Your motivation Always keeps on my feet I wanna quit Just don’t know how Every time I try I crash and burn I relapse Some say I’m hopeless ...Read On


My love

My heart smiles The trees sing our song A melody Sweet, but full of meaning My joy Is overflowing So proud, my love has finally come Who knows what the future holds My first love One whom I’ll never forget Your sweet embraces Your loving gestures Everything about you makes me tingle Without you I’m lost In the sea of sadness But...Read On


So Angry

You make me so mad, When you move out, I'd be so glad. What is it about me that made you this way? But whatever it is, you still can't stay. I haven't said a mean word towards you, But for some reason, you like to abuse. You do and say what you THINK is cool, Which puts me right in the line of ridicule. I wish you well, I really do, I hope the best of luck comes to you. ...Read On


Thinking of You

Watching the days go by, without you in my touch, has me missing you even more. I long for the day you’re back in my arms, holding me as you smooth the hair out my face, kissing me gently. Those tender moments are what I miss the most. I look at the pictures on my bedroom mirror, remembering those times of us smiling and playing around. I hate when I miss you this...Read On