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These are stories that explore fantasies of men watching their women with other men. This is sometimes referred to as a cuckold fantasy, but I hesitate to apply that label to my own work. Unfortunately, many popular depictions of the cuckold fantasy as I write this in 2013 are infused with malicious humiliation, sadomasochism, and in some cases even bisexuality. In contrast, the wives in my stories love their husbands but are unhappy with their sex lives. It's clear that frequency of sex declines with age which may be due to decreased hormone levels or perhaps over familiarity. The women in these stories make the decisions they do in an attempt to rekindle the flame. The men love their wives and struggle to come to grips with the pain of infidelity coupled with the unexpected arousal.

In the 1996 book "Sperm Wars" Robin Baker suggests that the cuckold fetish has evolutionary roots. According to this theory a man who believes that his partner has been with another man will be prompted to copulate with his woman in order to compete with the man's sperm. Baker's science is questionable, but it's a theory worth considering. Doesn't a man feel challenged when another pays attention to his woman? Doesn't he strive to rise to the occasion and overcome his adversary? For many older couples the very idea of an adversary competing for the wife's sexual attention has long faded from memory.

Older women often feel that men are paying more attention to younger women, so seeking attention from other men might be a way for them to build their self-esteem. Of course feminism dictates that a woman base her self-esteem on her own worth, and that is a noble and modern aspiration. But on some level, we all get a boost from the interest of the opposite sex. (This is more pronounced in heterosexuals admittedly.) A loving husband understands these urges in his wife, but these stories delve into what happens as that attention seeking becomes a slippery slope and descends into adultery before the husband's very eyes.

However, as popular as polyamory is these days, I remain deeply skeptical. These stories are intended as fantasies, not a call to action. The deep bonds formed over many years of marriage are too valuable to risk by acting out these animal urges. Look how much nicer Paris became when folks resisted the animal urge to defecate in the streets. I fear that most relationships will be damaged by the jealousy and incrimination of actual infidelity in real life. I wish those of you actively living scenarios like this the best of luck. For the rest of us, I would quote the Big Lebowski: The brain is the biggest erogenous zone. Hold these fantasies in your head and may they rekindle the fire in your loins.


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Topic: Do you like to watch your wife or girlfriend get fucked by another guy?
Posted: 16 Jul 2013 22:07

I consider the idea of my wife being with another man a challenge. I feel the urge to rise to the occasion and overcome this adversary. But yeah, as a fantasy only. The emotional fallout would be too tough to deal with in real life.

Topic: Sexy women in a natural setting. Beach, grass, mountains...etc.
Posted: 16 Jul 2013 13:31

So friendly

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Stories Published By GustavJorgenson
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Stephen and Janet were enjoying coffee at their favorite hip coffee shop in the Mission one Saturday afternoon. It was very crowded and the upper class married couple drifted around indecisively with their drinks, looking for a place to sit. A muscular black man in a tank top was sitting alone at a table reading. He looked up and noticed the couple searching for a seat. Then he noticed...

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Boss Takes Your Wife to A Nude Resort

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Drunken Prick at the Party Molests Your Wife

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Wife's First Boudoir Photos

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Wife Seduced under Blanket

 Megan and her coworker Doug were chatting in the kitchen at work. “You look very nice today, Megan,” said Doug, looking her body up and down appreciatively. Megan blushed and tugged self-consciously at the hem of her skirt. Doug was always flirting with her and she enjoyed the attention, so she had started wearing shorter skirts and tighter sweaters to work lately. “Thanks Doug, that’s...

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Nerdy Wife Owned by Jock

Newly wed couple Art and Eleanor joined a couple of friends Herman and Lester one night to enjoy a rousing game of “Settlers of Catan,” a board game cherished by nerds the world over. Unfortunately their friendly game was disrupted by the intervention of Herman’s crass cousin Joey… Art, Eleanor, Herman, and Lester were all sitting around the coffee table in Herman’s living room...

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The Slutty Saleswoman

Chapter 1 - Hard times in suburbia Rodney and Janet had been married for over 15 years when he got laid off from his position as a middle manager at a bank. Though he still felt young in his mid-forties Rodney had a hard time convincing prospective employers that his skill set was up to date. Janet had worked in sales on and off over they years, so the couple decided that Janet would go find...

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Wife Auditions at Strip Club

Your wife comes home one day in a huff. "What’s eating you?" you ask, annoyed at how she is slamming the cupboard doors and stamping around the house. "Do you think I’m still sexy?" she asks, putting her hands on her hips. "Uh, sure," you say nervously. "We never have sex anymore," she responds. "Oh jeez, not this again. Look what do you expect after 20 years together? " you say. ...

Added 26 May 2014 | Category Cuckold | Votes 23 | Avg Score 4.76 | Views 15,508 | 8 Comments

eBooks Published By GustavJorgenson
Party Like a Plutocrat (Cuckolds, Billionaires, and Hotwives) (Max's Lingerie Parties, Ltd.)
Party Like a Plutocrat (Cuckolds, Billionaires, and Hotwives) (Max's Lingerie Parties, Ltd.)

Party Like a Plutocrat finishes the story begun in Max's Lingerie Parties, Ltd. This edition includes the content from that story to form a complete, novel length piece. Book 1: Max's Lingerie Parties, Ltd. Self styled "serial-entrepreneur" Max Levine has failed at every business he...

Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Vol.1 (Cuckold and Hotwife stories)
Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Vol.1 (Cuckold and Hotwife stories)

This collection of graphically erotic short vignettes explores the complex emotions of husbands watching wives with other men. This is sometimes called the hotwife fantasy. Unlike other cuckold stories, these are not stories of malicious women seeking to humiliate their partners, but rather of...

Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Vol 2 (Cuckold & Hotwife Stories)
Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Vol 2 (Cuckold & Hotwife Stories)

Gustav Jorgenson continues his titillating series with this collection of erotic short stories that explore the space between the cuckold and hotwife fantasies. Loving wives hope to reignite the cooling embers of their love lives by being with other men in front of their husbands. Here are some...

Max's Lingerie Parties Ltd. Book 1
Max's Lingerie Parties Ltd. Book 1

Self styled "serial-entrepreneur" Max Levine has failed at every business he undertook. When Max comes up with the idea of selling lingerie to men at tupperware style parties, he finds that he doesn't have cash to hire models. Your wife has been best friends with Max's wife since...

Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Volume 4: Cuckold and Hotwife tales
Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Volume 4: Cuckold and Hotwife tales

These stories are about women having sex with other men while their husbands watch. As these wives are pursued by and submit to the aggression of other men, they are renewing themselves as objects of desire in the eyes of their husbands. This is the sense of romantic adventure into mysterious...

Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Vol.5: cuckold and hotwife tales
Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Vol.5: cuckold and hotwife tales

Gustav Jorgenson is back once again with another thrilling collection of cuckold and hotwife tales to arouse and amuse the adventurous. Here you will find a variety of hotwife tales from wives getting used by ruffians to wives plotting to use sex to advance their husband's careers. Also included...

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