Damsel In Distress

My fantasy is real life

I have been divorced for over a year after twenty one years with one man.   Now, here I am at 43 and alone for the first time in my adult life. It had hurt when he told me that he was seeing a younger woman and wanted to be with her.   It hurt even more when I happened to see the two of them together.   I was walking past a local bar and saw the two of them having drinks,...Read On


Double the Funn

My friend Jill and I are strapped together

My friend, Jill, and I had been friends for a long time.   She and her husband lived down the street and she was a big comfort to me during my recent divorce.   Last month, my divorce became final and Jill said that we should go out and celebrate.   She said, “Girl, you are single again and need to start getting out and meeting some guys”. And knew that Jill sometimes played around on...Read On



Mother and Daughter

Mother and daugher taken together

Mother and Daughter abducted My daughter Jennie and I had been having a fun evening shopping.   It was a girl’s night out.   I had met her at the mall after I got off of work.   We had a bite to eat and had spent the rest of the evening wandering through various shops.   I had bought a purse but mostly we had just looked.   Toward the end of our evening, we had stopped in a store...Read On