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Topic Post a random fact
Posted 28 May 2013 22:18

it is fact that when they built the world war two memorial they did not complete the presidents speech.guess what they left out(.in god we trust) i believe that we should raise hell with the congress and senate and make them add the balance of his speech about the fact that the japanese bombed pear harbor.look it up

Topic affordable health care act is constitutional
Posted 30 Jun 2012 20:06

you have hit the nail on the head.this health plan is directly designed to provide several of the very wealth rich folks even more money and the elderly will see the day when you will be culled and left to die because you are too old and will not receive the health care necessary to keep you alive.Write that down somewhere and also what we have here is the same bullshit healthcare that was started by bill and hillary clinton and watch their wealth skyrocket ten times over what it is now.Take a minute to read the bill snd you will find hundreds of million dollars that have absolutely nothing to do with healthcare.This is just another scam just as the ones you see on the internet every day but it has been blessed by the supreme court.We need to elect mitt romney so that we can repeal it before it destroys out country.

Topic What brings you serenity?
Posted 03 Sep 2011 06:46

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