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Hi there. Interesting, approachable, insatiable 20-something guy. I like to think I can be funny and intelligent but I'll leave that up to you to find out. I hope you like my stories and if we seem compatible why not send me a message?

There are a few more pictures in my gallery for friends' eyes only so feel free to add me. Please tell me what you think of my stories and/or profile, leave comments if you like and if per chance you are an imaginative, interesting, curious lady who likes to chat why not message me and strike up a conversation...

I can access my emails more than go on here so I'd like to hear from you by email at fscottfitzy@yahoo.com

Merseyside, United Kingdom
Reading, the outdoors, classical guitar, history, biology (graduate)
Favorite Books:
Tender is the Night, The Great Gatsby, All the Pretty Horses, Cities of the Plain, On the Road, Tortilla Flat, Brideshead Revisited, To Kill a Mockingbird the list goes on. Anything 20th century American.
Favorite Authors:
F. Scott Fitzgerald is beyond compare IMHO.
Favorite Movies:
On the Waterfront, Collateral, Napoleon Dynamite
Favorite Music:
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Prodigy, Placebo, Less Than Jake, anything Country
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05 Mar 2012
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24 Jul 2016 (1 day ago)
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Topic: Do you guys mind girls with small bums? (I have 32DDDs, but a really tiny bum)
Posted: 25 Jun 2016 12:56

I'm not a big ass man. More about the shape and firmness. So you sound pretty delightful.

Topic: Receiving.ladies undies
Posted: 25 Jun 2016 12:53

Guys, would you except a lush ladies underwear if she offered to send it to you?

Absolutely. Call me shallow but I would if I knew she was attractive.

Topic: A little padding
Posted: 07 Dec 2015 08:45

One of the most gorgeous bodies I have seen in porn is that if Katie Cummings. She has a natural body with a tiny little bit of weight, great curves (not rolls), just a little bit of a tummy, enough to squeeze or to bounce a little when things get rough.

Does anyone know any other actresses like this? I would just search 'chubby' but you invariably get huge women and I'm not in to that. She's not chubby but she's not slim. I don't know the perfect word! "Curvy" just seems to yield results with big tits but no other curves. And "thick" is all about the ass! This is mostly about the stomach for me. Hers is perfect. Any suggestions?

Katie Cummings



Topic: "Porn watchers think more highly of women"
Posted: 02 Oct 2015 14:31

Sorry but porn watchers think more NARROWLY of women! But then the industry naturally deals in easily consumed stereotypes.

How do you mean narrowly? Do you mean that people who consume porn expect women to have less complex personalities and fit in to a range of "types" that may be depicted in porn?

Topic: "Porn watchers think more highly of women"
Posted: 02 Oct 2015 12:01

Oh boohoo someone insulted you on the Internet. What I find the most funny is that you went back to change what you originally posted to be more like what Buz, Dani, and I said. You changed it to make it seem like you too question the accuracy of the findings which makes me wonder what the point of posting the article was if you think it's bogus...unless you just changed your mind after you got a few replies.

Your attempt at intellectualism is a joke.

Your thread is a joke.

And you're a joke.

I didn't change it? And why are you suggesting I'm crying? I can't figure out if you're joking or you're actually this enraged. If so you got problems man...

Topic: "Porn watchers think more highly of women"
Posted: 02 Oct 2015 08:58

Well then maybe you should learn how to create a proper discussion thread instead of acting like a bitch when you don't get the replies you were looking for. Instead of pouting, grabbing your toys and going home you can summarize the article more clearly, to the point of not needing the article as anything more than a source for your thread. You can ask some questions of the thread readers to stimulate conversation as well. It goes, summary then points of interests then some further questions. You will find that threads you create will have many more responses when done properly instead of just posting a link with some vague commentary after it. If you still think the thread needs further intellectual stimulation you can quote people and ask further questions or just post more questions of your own. It's your own fault that your thread sucks. Anybody can start a thread like you did... Anybody can cry about it when it doesn't turn into a stimulating discussion. Don't be a bitch about it. That's it.

Haha Jesus fucking Christ, sensitive much?

Okay not in the most explicit way but I did raise the point about a lot of people seemingly jumping to conclusions about porn damaging boys' perceptions of girls without any real basis other than assumptions. "It can be sexually aggressive so it's bound to be detrimental."

I took leaving a link and a brief comment to be a "do you agree? Discuss?" Thought some sex research would be an interesting prompt for discussion in its own in this place.

Nobody's crying but it sure seems like someone's about to have an aneurysm. Chill the fuck out, man. No need to be personally insulting.

Topic: "Porn watchers think more highly of women"
Posted: 01 Oct 2015 13:53

So people scrutinizing a scientific article in the same manner as the researcher who performed the study is proof that we're incapable of opining on said study? Interesting.

Okay so I can across as snotty a little but you're opining. The other guys were repeating. Yours are the kind of replies I was gunning for.

Topic: "Porn watchers think more highly of women"
Posted: 01 Oct 2015 13:45

Maybe wrong place to post an article where a reputable researcher is talking in a perfectly scientific way about their perfectly reasonable study and acknowledging their own biases and highlighting them as interesting points for future discussion and as potential flaws in their own study... I mean if people are just going to say what the researcher themself said in the damned article...

Topic: "Porn watchers think more highly of women"
Posted: 01 Oct 2015 11:07


As it says in the article and as I suspected before I read it, it may be the fact that people who shun or shy away from porn are also more likely to hold gender non-egalitarian opinions (e.g. the very religious) so there is more at play than straight correlation and causation but interesting none-the-less. A lot of people say a lot of very alarmist things about boys needing to be protected from pornography or it will turn them in the chauvinistic rape-monsters but that is a huge assumption that didn't come from any reasonable place other than fear...

Topic: Masturbation chat
Posted: 01 Oct 2015 11:04

Um... Lush?

Unfortunately in my experience as somebody who very very willingly wants to switch on my webcam, I think in my couple of years here I'd found two, maybe three women who aren't of the "I don't cam. Don't bother asking." persuasion! Anyone feel free to prove me wrong.

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The Bridegroom's sister

When guests had arrived at Matt and Linda's wedding they arrived up the long, sweeping gravel drive of a magnificent country mansion. Ancient oak trees lined the approach and as the road broadened to a gravel flat upon which horse-drawn carriages had trotted for centuries, the finest example of pre-Victorian country mansions came in to full view. What a place for a wedding. The...

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A young man's beautiful boss

At the interview I hadn’t really realised how attractive my now-boss was. It’s probably because she wasn’t my boss at the time but since I have started at work I can’t get enough of looking and talking to her. Yeah, yeah, the sexy female boss thing is such a cliché but there must be something in it because, while I wouldn’t look at Jackie twice in the street, it’s different at work. Add to...

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