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Incest..... I'm sorry, I just don't get the attraction. Yet if I changed all mys Tories to say my brother and sister instead of husband or best friend then I'd probably double my votes! Really? Wow!

03 Dec 2013 22:22

Thankyou all for the comments on my stories. And yes, they are all true stories.

31 Mar 2012 01:01

My latest story is written. keep your eye out for it to appear.

28 Mar 2012 07:34

Had a fantastic night with friends last night. Will write and tell you all about it soon!

24 Mar 2012 09:17

My stories seem to be going down well. Keep voting if you like. Although I can't help but feel they would get more votes if it was my brother or dad. I really don't get the incest thing!

23 Sep 2011 08:06