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Topic Why not allow URL's to a person's own site?
Posted 04 Mar 2007 17:37

From my standpoint, the page for the story itself needs to permit a link to the original URL for the story on my personal website.

You can disable hyperlinks (or make them invisible to search engines), but the URL needs to appear on the same page as the story itself. (at least as text, even if the reader needs to cut and paste it into the browser window).

If/when your site goes offline, people may be accessing it through the wayback machine, so clicking to the member profile might not work. (Wayback machine doesn't reliably archive dynamic database-driven pages. This happens to me all the time).

I don't really have a problem with disabling the hyperlinks, as long I can include it in the text (along with the license), so a reader can know where to go. I really don't mind adding a text comment at the top or bottom. I just am reluctant to have any page where the reader doesn't see a direct connection with my website.

For me, my motivation in posting here is to draw people to my website (and possible ebooks).

Anyway, I think I'll probably submit a few things, with these caveats.

Topic Why not allow URL's to a person's own site?
Posted 03 Mar 2007 19:39

First, I wanted to congratulate you on your excellent idea for a website. It's an innovative concept to apply the DIGG concept to erotica. And then to award prizes for fiction. Bravo (and I will link to your site on my Story Recommendations site when I have the chance.

Really, I want to take part. But I anticipate some problems in taking part.

First, you are not providing a way for people to find the site of the author himself/herself. There should be a way for a reader/surfer to be able to go to the person's own website. That is an author's main reason for participating in this kind of site.

Second, there is a problem with creating multiple versions of the same story on the Internet. I frequently revise stories. Is there a way that I can update the story on this site after it is published?

A related more important question is maintaining multiple versions. Assuming I have the ability to revise/republish the work on your site, it still is a pain having to keep these two versions synchronized. Even if you are trying to encourage people to post entire stories on the website, you need to make it possible for readers to find the canonical version of the story. I would probably submit my stories if I had the ability to include a link to the canonical version of the story. But you need a URL to click to.

Third, creative commons and this. I would like a way to label/tag a story as creative commons. But you don't have a way to do this. I suppose I could copy and paste the entire license into the story space, but that would be a bummer. It would be great if I had a way to link to the URL.

I can appreciate the difficulties of allowing offsite URL's. You open yourself to spam/misuse by commercial interests (and obviously the adult content business has a lot of that). But you have gone to the opposite extreme. One way to do this is to specify types of URLs which are allowed, and then let people FLAG IT AS INAPPROPRIATE if it links to a site that violates your terms of what a "good URL" should be.

The only condition under which I could see myself contributing would be to begin every story like this.
You are reading Erotic Notion #14: The Ice Cube by Hapax Legomenon. The most recent/canonical version of this story can be found at this URL: . This is part of the 99 Erotic Notions story project by Hapax Legomenon, which can be found at this URL: This story (like others in the same collection) have a Creative Commons license. More information:

(story begins here)
What do you think of this idea? Are you okay with writers who do something like that?

Finally, I was wondering whether the owner of this site (Lush) has any connection to lushus which wrote this incredible short story (now only available through the wayback machine .

I like the idea of this website, and I hope to be able to participate. I hope you can address these concerns.

Thanks .

Hapax Legomenon
99 Erotic Notions