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I guess it's time I updated my profile. I'm living the dream in NW Florida and spending way too much time working and not enough playing. In 2016 I want to get back outdoors where I'm happiest and get back to work on that bucket list. Life is too short to be unhappy or bored.

Now if there were only a cure for my permanent horniness. LOL

Patrick NOYB
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NW Florida, Florida, United States
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23 Jul 2017 13:08
Sex, working out, sex, hiking, sex, mountain biking, sex, fishing, sex, hunting, sex, writing, and did I mention sex?
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Too many to list.
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None in particular
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Too many to list.
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Don't watch TV. Don't even have cable or satellite service.
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Anything but heavy metal.


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Topic: African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted: 14 Jul 2017 14:48

As soon as I saw the title of this thread I knew there would be a lot of emotion and name calling.

I'm a hunter and although I eat what I hunt, I don't have a problem with hunters legally taking trophy game animals and paying fees that help support game parks and game management. We will soon have our only chance to see game in Africa in game parks. All the decisions to let hunters legally take those animals are made by the people that manage the game and they're fine tuning the population that is being crowded out by the explosion of the human race. That's the biggest problem and a large part of why many species are threatened.

That's the way it is everywhere that I know of that people are still allowed to hunt.

The second biggest problem in Africa is poaching which is WAAAAAY bigger in sheer numbers of animals killed than the few that are legally hunted.

Notice that there was no name calling in this post and that I didn't call anyone a liar or idiot or anything else like that? I just stated my opinion based on the facts I'm aware of. It's called polite discourse.....

Topic: Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted: 10 Jun 2017 02:42


Green Hair

Topic: Lush Matching Photo Game:
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Blue Panties

Topic: Lush Matching Photo Game:
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Lying on a sofa

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Tan Lines

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Hand on Neck

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Posted: 04 Jun 2017 00:38



Topic: Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted: 03 Jun 2017 01:44


Elaborate Necklace

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