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I guess it's time I updated my profile. I'm living the dream in NW Florida and spending way too much time working and not enough playing. In 2016 I want to get back outdoors where I'm happiest and get back to work on that bucket list. Life is too short to be unhappy or bored.

Now if there were only a cure for my permanent horniness. LOL

Patrick NOYB
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NW Florida, Florida, United States
Sex, working out, sex, hiking, sex, mountain biking, sex, fishing, sex, hunting, sex, writing, and did I mention sex?
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Too many to list.
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Don't watch TV. Don't even have cable or satellite service.
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Anything but heavy metal.
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Topic: The World Women Live In - Rape Culture Part 2
Posted: 12 Oct 2016 07:35

Part 1 of my message

I personally know a LOT of women that have been raped and/or sexually harassed and they tell me it's a nightmare for them and I can easily believe it.

I guess that I'm good at getting people talking and am not shy to ask about it. Rape is one of the horrors that seems to have stuck with us even when we became "civilized".

No means NO and a woman shouldn't even have to say it but should anytime they don't seem to be getting their message across.

You can say or feel what you want but in my opinion women are the "weaker sex" and are easily exploited and pushed to do things they don't want to do or even blatantly forced.

It's been with us since the beginning of time and in many third world countries it's WAY worse than here in the US.

Part 2 of my message

As a man I have been sexually harassed by employers and have never complained about it. It doesn't happen nearly as much now as when I was younger but one time it was very blatant. The wife of my employer where I made a LOT of money once seemed to think it was her right to demand sex from me and I complied due to not wanting to lose that work. She was many years my senior and it wasn't just "straight sex" but more of a BDSM style with only mild pain and/or actual damage.

I could have left anytime but frankly I kind of enjoyed it while resenting it as well and she introduced me to many things I might have never experienced.

It may sound hugely sexist but I think that it's not nearly as bad for a man to be harassed by a woman as it is for a woman to be harassed by a man. Why? Because men are dogs and many of like sex for the sake of sex.

I'm not saying it's OK for women to sexually harass men but the lasting damage seems to be MUCH greater for women unless the men are unusually sensitive. Most of us are wired so differently than women and are usually much less sensitive or easily emotionally traumatized.

As far as rape goes I think rape is rape and NOBODY should be truly forced to have sex with anyone. PERIOD!

I guess I'm guilty of being brutally honest but then that's my style and some don't like me because of it.

I've been used for sex by several women that either got me drunk/stoned enough to get that which they would have had no chance getting if I were sober but that was back in my 20's and early 30's. I've been blackmailed into sex as well. I honestly have no real regrets because being a man of the old school I think I could have always escaped any and all of those situations if I really was horribly offended and I guess I really wasn't although a few times the consequences for refusing would have been somewhat unpleasant.

I never ran with a crowd of drunks or abusive people but always did find myself somewhat surrounded by people that considered sex to be totally ok in almost any situation. So call me a slut if you want but there you have it. LOL

We are all alike in many ways but sexually I think it's VERY hard to make blanket statements about how people feel about it or how they react to sexual aggression. Many people really like to be sexually aggressed upon and many hate it with a passion.

Nuff said.... I guess I'll now be on a lot more hate lists but I also guess I will have truly spoken my mind and thoughts.

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