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My hot wife likes to show off her tits, and I don't mind - Part 1

My name is Ron, I'm twenty-six years old and my wife, Sue, is the same age . We've been married for three years. My hot-wife is definitely an exhibitionist. Sue has natural 32D tits, a slim body with tight abs, and weighs one hundred ten pounds. She is a size zero with a body to die for.  I met Sue at a bar and couldn't take my eyes off her.  She is cute and sexy with long blond hair....

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My husband had an affair, so I fucked his buddies when he was away on business

My name is Kathryn and I've been married for six years to Bill.  I am an attractive blond with natural 34D tits. I have a slender build and am fortunate to have large natural breasts. I am a size two and weight one hundred ten pounds. I attract attention from guys wherever I go. I get typical guy comments at the grocery store, gas station, and at the mall.  Guys eye me up and down when I'm...

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My Chinese boss encourages me to fuck his business associates

My name is Alex and I'm twenty-four years old, with a really good paying job to help pay our bills at home.  My husband, Rob, has a good job, but like most young couples, we need two paychecks to make ends meet.  I'm college educated with one special talent - I speak fluent Mandarin.  I'm also very cute with a kick-ass body.  I work out several times a week to stay in shape. I'm five-feet...

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My cute wife goes topless on vacation and gets fucked by a new friend

My name is Pete and I've been married to Niki for a little over one year.  We are both fairly normal twenty-four year olds.  We rent an apartment and are saving to buy a house in a few years.  We are both college educated professionals.  I'm a CPA and Niki is a pharmaceutical sales rep.    I'm as normal and boring as it gets with one exception.  I love porn.  In fact, according to Niki,...

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Most college girls are sluts - As a lifelong cuckold, I should know

My name is Dan, I'm twenty-four years old, and I'm a cuckold.  Prior to getting married two years ago, I was sexually stimulated when my college girlfriend, with my encouragement, fucked other guys.  And I'm now in a constant state of arousal knowing that my wife thoroughly enjoys fucking other men. I am a very horny guy.  I beat off at least once, if not twice, every day.  I am addicted to...

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My cute pregnant wife gets fucked on vacation by three wealthy gamblers while I watch.

This story is hard to believe but I can assure you it's a true story.  Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction.  That's certainly the situation with my beautiful young pregnant wife, and is the basis for this story. Mattie is twenty-four years old and is the cutest girl on the planet. She is five feet four inches tall with perky 34C tits.  As a fitness buff she has a body to die...

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Hot Wife - Virgin to Slut: The Whole Story, Part 5

I'm now officially a twenty-seven year old hot-wife.  At this point, Mike and I have been married for six months.  Mike loves to watch videos of me losing my virginity during Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale.  He beats off watching my video at the college fraternity party when I was gang banged by horny college studs. The video of me fucking his work buddy, Jim, while Mike beat off in the...

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Hot Wife - Virgin to Slut: The Whole Story, Part 4

I was now engaged to Mike and he knew almost everything about my slut days in college.  I say almost because he didn't know that my gang bang in Ft. Lauderdale and my gang bang in the fraternity house were both captured on video.   Our vacation to St. Martin set us both free.  My slut past was then out in the open and Mike loved when I shared stories about guys fucking me in college.  Mike...

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Hot Wife - Virgin to Slut: The Whole Story, Part 3

By now you know that my boyfriend, Mike, is a cuckold.  I was a slut in college and have kept most of that a secret from Mike.  There was no reason to reveal all my past sins and potentially scare him off.  I fucked his work buddy, Jim, but that was a one timer.  I didn't want a reputation around town as a slut and certainly didn't want people to know my boyfriend is a cuckold.  That isn't...

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Hot Wife - Virgin to Slut: The Whole Story, Part 2

My name is Marcia. I'm a hot-girlfriend and my boyfriend is a cuckold. At this point of my hot-wife journey I'm twenty-four years old with a kick-ass body, size zero with 32D natural tits. By the way, my boyfriend and future husband is not the typical wimpy cuckold.  He is good looking, muscular and smart.  It's simply in the sex department that he likes the fact that I'm a true slut.  Good...

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