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I'll not be posting any more stories on Lush, my friends. The staff and I have had a falling out over the definition of bestiality. They say that if a girl becomes aroused by horseback riding, (a very common occurrence, by the way) it constitutes bestiality. For the life of me, I can not understand how a supposedly adult site can be so small minded as to censor out anything alluding to that, even if it's done in humor, but that is what they've done. In fact, they've refused to accept my story unless I edited that part out.

However, you can read the rest of my Alicia series, ten stories, I believe, on a site called Literotica. I will be posting stories on Literotica, along with many other talented writers, with many more stories than are posted on Lush. They categorize stories for you so you can go directly to the types of stories you want to read, saving you from wading through stuff you aren't interested in.

Meet me at www.Literotica.com and read the rest of my stories. **

26 Dec 2011 18:52

I'm thinking about a Bluegrass song I heard that said, "Nobody can hurt me the way you can," or something to that effect. I came home after work on my thirty-first wedding anniversary, and found a note on the kitchen table that read, "Goodbye, I'll be back to pick up the rest of my things later on," and I don't believe she even signed it. She moved out of my house during the day and in with him that same day, probably with his help and advice. I wasn't the perfect husband, I had my faults (who doesn't?) but I didn't do anything to deserve being treated like that. I new my marriage wasn't good but it was the only one I knew about. I didn't think it was that bad though. What are your thoughts on that?

14 Dec 2011 13:37

I'm from the old school. I remember well the day, not too far back, when people took time to actually get to know one another, had similar likes and dislikes, shared laughs and a few good times and generally liked one another pretty well before the subject of sex ever came up. Today. it seems, people have sex then introduce themselves. So if I ask you to be my friend, know up front that I'm NOT asking for sex, I'm looking for friendship first.

07 Dec 2011 22:02