How I met Liz - Part 3

And so the story ends with a bang.

It already was next time! I didn’t question how my cock was still rock hard. It had never happened before, usually I blew my load and quite happily fell asleep. Liz hadn’t realised that I was ready for round two because she was still lying on her back with her knees bent and legs half spread. This was the girl of not only my dreams, but the dreams of all horny college lads. I jumped on top...Read On



Liz takes charge

One month later, Liz gets assertive.

It had been just under a month since that night on the roundabout. Liz and I had been fucking our brains out every day since. Until this past week at least. I was not concerned at all; it was nice to be able to take a shower, wash my cock and not have that sensitive feeling you get from severe overworking. Still, I had contemplated on several occasions what the cause could be. My...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


How I met Liz

Sexploits of a Uni student. True story.

Chapter 1 It's a nice, warm night. The stars are out and so are we. You are out with your friends, I am out with mine. By chance we end up at the same club, the little basement bar on the riverside. The dance floor is pretty full, the music is loud and the atmosphere is humid. Clothes are flying everywhere and bodies are shaking like there’s an earthquake - typical Monday night in this...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Strawberries are my girl's best friend

A 'fruity' P.O.V

It has been several weeks since we have seen each other. Yesterday we had the obligatory quickie (or two) as neither of us had any stamina due to lack of practice. Today is a new day, and little do you know, it is going to be a work out. It’s a cool spring evening, the Sun has almost set and you will be back from work at any moment. The place where we are staying is clean and spacious, and...Read On


How I met Liz - Part 2

The attraction was simply too much

Half way up the hill there is a lamp post. It is just after midnight on a frosty October evening, so I know the pole is going to be chilly. My cock wants to erupt just from the 500 yards I have been watching her ass as she hastily pulls me up the pathway. A main roundabout is at the top of the plateauing incline and the club is at the bottom. People aren't really around so without hesitation...Read On