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He Asked if She Liked it Naked

Her winter weekend away suddenly got very hot

Em had decided to treat herself to a winter weekend away. Just by herself, somewhere plushly comfortable where she could unwind for a couple of days. She knew of a nice country spa resort a couple of hours away by car, in some pretty mountain country. It offered the opportunity to relax, some lovely views, and nice warming log fires in the restaurant and club lounge. There was nine-hole...Read On


Exceptional Room Service

A naked massage and a hot drilling in her hotel room made her day

Em was alone that day. She’d gone to the island on a holiday trip with her sisters and their children, without her husband Ambrose. It was her first visit and she’d found it very different to what she had expected. It had turned out to be somewhere, she thought, where you could have a six-star holiday at three-star expense. But high finance wasn’t what was on her mind today. She’d begged...Read On


Sarah - Part Fifteen

Sarah is not shy when it comes to sex

The next few weeks were frustrating ones. I was finishing school papers that were due. Sarah was finishing artwork and photography for her portfolio and preparing for some early exams. The net result was that we were lucky to see each other once or twice a week. As well, Dave and Julie, our house mates, were coming to the end of their two year graduate program and were spending more time...Read On


Teen Diaries 7: An Off-Road Adventure

Cindy goes off-roading with Josh for some rough fun

My name is Cynthia, but I go by Cindy. I'm sixteen, blonde, and have never been much of a country girl, even though I live in Tennessee. But my girlfriends all love country music and go to a lot of parties with guys who think they're "cowboys" and call themselves "rednecks" on purpose. It took them a while to convince me to come hang out with them, but I finally agreed last Saturday when I...Read On


Teen Diaries 6: Catfished into sex

Denise sleeps with the man who's been tricking her online

My name is Denise. I'm sixteen with black hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. About six months ago, I accepted a friend request on Facebook from a guy named Deacon McSwayne. He was seventeen, 6'2, blonde, and very buff. I thought he was so attractive that I accepted his request and started talking to him through messenger. We had a lot in common and the conversation quickly turned sexual,...Read On


A Parisian Interlude

Her chance encounter leads to a hot afternoon

It was one of their occasional confession sessions. They did that from time to time. Em had come rather late to the infidelity scene. Ambrose had been an occasional player on that circuit for a long time. He was older by a decade-plus. This time they were sitting over the dinner table at home on a Saturday night not long after they’d returned from a European holiday. They were well fed and...Read On


Power and Will

The surrender of a proud slut to her Master

I stand, my arms outstretched, hands firmly planted against the rough wall, legs spread widely, ass out… waiting. I don’t dare look over my shoulder to see what you’re doing, though I’m desperate to do just that. I can feel you behind me, your heat alone telling me you’re still back there, watching every move, listening for every sound I might make. I can’t help but shift my weight from...Read On


Modern Relations (part 08): It's Complicated

Kevin screws his mother-in-law and ends the engagement. Alex runs into Wendy’s open arms.

Wendy: 4:40 PM “Okay, Okay, hold your damned horses,” Wendy yelled at the door. After ringing constantly for half a minute the door buzzer finally relented. Fresh out of the shower and dripping water all over her apartment, Wendy checked the time as she ran for the door. Andy was twenty minutes early. Wendy jabbed the intercom button, “that better not be you, Andy.” Jerking her...Read On

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Her hands gripped the soft, white cotton sheet as her husband kept thrusting into her. Lina closed her eyes and wished he would hurry up and finish. She had to remind herself to moan every once in a while, although she doubted he would even notice. His movements were getting more urgent, and she could feel his sweat dripping down her lower back every time his body connected with hers. Lina...Read On


What A Surprise

She wanted everything. She got it. And I got a surprise.

This will be a story hard to believe. Myself, I don't believe in coincidences. Nor fate. You will have to judge that for yourself. Just listen and come to your own conclusions. But I am not giving my name. My wife would kill me if she found out. My wife and I were driving through the West earlier this year. When we were approaching Las Vegas, Nevada, my wife expressed the need to stop and...Read On


The Barter System

I traded cleaning services for sexual services from my friend's wife.

My buddy, Andrew, was complaining about how he and his wife Amy, never had any time for anything fun. He griped about the cooking and cleaning taking up every weekend minute for them. I am retired and have way more time than the average person, but what I lacked was sex. Amy was one of the sexiest women I knew. I had secretly wanted her for years. Amy was 5’ 2” tall, 38DD breasts, green...Read On


Jessie and Emily, The Hunter's Second and Third

A car accident leads to the hunter's next victims.

I was driving to my favorite grocery store to stock up on essentials. I saw a blur appear in my peripheral vision and woke up two days later in the hospital. I had a broken leg, a broken wrist and a concussion. A delivery truck had run a red light and broadsided my car. Luckily for me, a policeman was witness to the accident and had quickly gotten an ambulance on the scene. Even better for...Read On


Getting Distracted Really Cost Me

A naughty text message got me pulled over by the police.

My husband and kids were visiting his mother for the weekend. Unfortunately I had a project deadline due and could not go. My hubby, being the sweet man his is, sent me a very hot text message including a picture of his rock hard cock. It made me so wet that I peeled off my panties and shoved them in my purse. I fingered myself to a delicious but small orgasm. I completed my task and...Read On


Sarah - Part Eleven

Sarah and I continue Sarah's Game, but now it was my turn

We sat on the leather chair in the living room a while; me still recovering from a long and intense orgasm; Sarah nestled in my lap, cum still on her face and tits. As I recovered, I played softly with Sarah’s nipples, lightly pinching and pulling on them. I like to run my fingers lightly around her nipples when they are hard, and then roll her nipple between my fingers and thumb. Sarah...Read On


Teasing a Tease

Emily had promised to send me a picture but she was a bad girl and did not.

Emily has lied to me for the last time. She must be punished, but how do you punish someone that loves to be punished? I told her that she would be naked and bound by the knowledge that she had been bad, no restraints because she was a bad girl who liked restraints. She could not touch herself and must remain in whatever position I put her in. For now she was to be on her hands and knees...Read On


Hot Ride

When we got back to the trailer she looked so fucking sexy wearing her thigh high boots and her blue

  Sometimes I fill the tank jump in my starship and just drive. I’d open the ships computer grid map and circle in on the planet I wanted to visit. Then I’d home in on a local town and start my venture. I’ve been in some serious shit and I owe my self a little R&R. I sometimes let the computer set a course for me towards some planet like Jamedra or Thrae . It didn’t matter where....Read On


Fuck Me (Chapter II)

Nate pulled me up, and dragged me into his room. I’d only been in here to collect his laundry and to give it back, so it wasn't a place that I knew well. He grabbed one of his sweaters and tied it around my head, preventing me from seeing anything. He lay me down on what I thought was the bed, and placed my arms above my head. For a moment his touch left me, and I could hear soft movement,...Read On


Allison (Part 1): Daniel

Allison brings home a 'couples therapy' tool.

I couldn’t stop looking at the clock. Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours, and still, nothing. When was she getting home? She’d said eleven at the latest, but it was three in the morning, and I was starting to worry. Beyond that, the part of my brain that wasn’t neurotically concerned that something terrible had happened was less than pleased. I’m not a possessive...Read On



She took his heart.. and the whole nine inches.

I went there for revenge. I let him touch me for revenge. I let him come inside of me for revenge. It was all for revenge and to feel good. Ky'Zavier cheated on me and then broke up with me when I found out. He said it was too much of a sacrifice. Being with me was just too much of a sacrifice. Now, he wants me back. He's tainted by another woman's scent. As petty as it sounds, I wanted...Read On


Home from the Road 2

Fun with Danny just keeps going and going.

Danny decided she was ready to clean the RV. She donned her bikini top and a modest pair of shorts, or so I thought anyway. We gathered the supplies, ladder, water hose and vacuum she would need for her task. My wife announced she was going shopping and wanted to know if I wanted to go with her. I told her if Danny was going to be using the tall ladder to wash the RV one of us should be...Read On


Vacation Road Trip

During a trip to Yellowstone I met a youngster who needed a ride.

I was on a thirteen day vacation with my better half when I met a beautiful redhead that would change my life. We were traveling in our 31’ motorhome visiting South Dakota and Wyoming. We were staying in an RV park outside Yellowstone National Park in a small town. The wife decided to shop in this small town for souvenirs. We had been through four or five stores when we entered a really...Read On

Recommended Read

Warning Order

A soldier searches for intimacy on the eve of battle.

“Are you all right, mate?” It hurt to talk through the burning throb of my lips and cheek. I could already feel my left eye swelling shut as I pinched the bridge of my nose through the gauze to try and stop the bleeding. “Yeah,” Fang replied quietly. “I think it’s broken.” The blackhat medic crouched in front of him on the road, silently strapping his arm tightly to his chest to...Read On


Rebounding Hardcore with an Old Friend

Getting filthy with my ex-wife's friend

The divorce hit me harder than I expected. We married young and married the wrong people. After almost three years of marriage we decided to call it quits. It was mutual. Both of us were not happy with each other. In our early thirties, we both agreed that we had our whole lives ahead of us to correct this mistake and find the right people for us. It started off with moving out and...Read On


You Are Loved, Little One

Sometimes, a slave needs to learn how to wait.

"Have you been good for me?" His voice sent shivers through her spine that ended right in her twitching cunt. The juices were already running down her thighs and she rubbed them together carefully. Her arms were secured firmly to the headboard and her legs were free...for now. "Of course, Master," she said with a soft smile and a gentle blush. Her Master smiled gently back at her and...Read On


Sarah - Part Six

Sarah teaches me about bondage

For the first time since we had moved into the house, Sarah and I had spent the night together. She was up first, showered and made coffee. It was sometime past 11:00 a.m. “You were good last night,” Sarah said, handing me a cup of coffee while I lay in bed. “Thank you!” I responded, “For the compliment and the coffee.” “You were better than good,” I said, trying to convey just how much...Read On


Nighttime Cavern part 1

Kimmy knows how to make her boyfriend, James, tick and turn feral. Did she go too far this time?

Chapter one It was nighttime, and I had just gotten back from swimming in the sea. It can't really be called swimming, since I was just splashing around near the shore. Skinny dipping would be a good word for it though. Water dripped off my glorious wet naked body. I looked down at myself, seeing perky C- cups and an overall curvaceous body. I turned my head and looked at my...Read On

Recommended Read

Bonnie and Mel

Bonnie is my neighbor, Melanie is her sister. Together they hold great gangbangs.

I pulled my cock out of her cunt and slapped her ass cheek, barely noticing my cum sliding out of her used hole to join the pool between her knees. I motioned with my chin to one of the guys waiting and he knelt behind her where I had been. I grabbed a towel and cast a passing glance at his cock as he slipped inside her, forcing out the rest of my load with his fat cock. I heard her groan...Read On

Recommended Read

Fall In Flames

A smouldering passion ignites at a fall garden party

“Terry! Damn, watch what you’re doing.” The words were like nails on a chalkboard, wrenching her from the inky depths of peaceful sleep at eight o’clock on a Saturday morning. Desperately she tried to return to the dream, it had been wonderful, he had been wonderful. It was not to be though. The annoying sounds of whatever morons outside were tempting fate were like an alarm clock, a...Read On


Ella Part 1

Ella gets a surprise she wasn't quite ready for...

Finally, it was 3am and time for me to go home and leave this mess. The bar was always crowded on Saturday nights but this particular night was more hell than usual. The crowds were wild and one uh, gentleman, was quite a handful and as usual, I got no help from the bouncers. I know I bring some of it on myself but hey, I’m not going to get any tips wearing a turtleneck and sweatpants. Although...Read On


An even better haircut.

It has been the longest month waiting for another haircut.

It had been the longest month of my life. Waiting for my hair to grow enough for a return trip to see Ashley had been excruciating. The day had finally arrived and I was heading there in a hurry. I arrived just as Ashley opens the shop. She smiled at me as I opened the door and strode in.  “Welcome back Honey, come have a seat.” Ashley said, patting her chair.  She walked back to the door...Read On