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Mile High Sluts - Part 2 of 2

Crystal's journey as a Mile High Slut to meet her online lover continues - debauchery guaranteed.

Best read in sequence with part 1. The airport at Dubai was modern and clean, and the luxury associated with the premier Arabian destination sparkled in every little corner. I was finally back in my clothes, and Tamara guided me to a VIP lounge and told me to take whatever snacks and drinks I wanted before giving me a quick kiss and heading off to join the rest of the crew for their...Read On


Seven Sisters in Seven Days

Chelsea's sisters offer condolences to the grieving widower.

Have you ever felt tired, so tired that you can't even get it up? I don't think I'm there yet, but it can't be far away. I never thought too much sex could ever wear me out, but I was wrong, so wrong. Maybe it wasn't the amount of sex, but the style, the variations, the number of partners, the immoral circumstances and God knows what else finally got to me. Right now, I feel so tired that if...Read On


How He Punished Me

I am going to fucking punish you like the whore you are, he threatens.

"Fuck yes! Ah, yes! Jane!" Henry Whyte grunts with each thrust as he fucks me, my leg dangling from his hold on my thigh. My moans and his grunts echoes in the empty stairway. My back is pressed up against the rail as he continues to pound his thick cock into me. The stabbing of the metal rail only adds to the pleasure. He licks my neck and bites my lips as he roughly fucks me. His...Read On

The Lady Is A Tramp

Sometimes money isn't everything

It was a slow day at the office and I was just about to close up shop and head home when the phone rang, scaring the daylights out of me. Since we are a construction company and usually it is pretty noisy when we are working, the ringer on the phone is set pretty loud. But now with it as quiet as it was, it was deafening and I practically jumped out of my skin when it rang! "Hello,...Read On


Anna Part One

Anna finds a lover

Anna was on her way to see Max, a guy she had “met” on an internet dating site. Everyone seemed to be doing it nowadays, but it was a first time for her. Anna was forty-two and had just got out of a terribly abusive marriage. In fact, if her husband hadn't died, she would probably still be married to him - and still suffering. She had spent over two hours on the phone with Max the...Read On


Nothing Good Can Come...

Not sure how I got myself into this...

"You want me to do what, now?" "Look, Megan and I got drinking the other night and started talking about this, that and the other to do before the wedding." "And somehow it led to both of you fucking someone else before the big day?" "Well, yeah. I'm not really sure how we got there? But kind of a one last romp kinda thing." Eddie had been one of my best friends for years. At one time...Read On


Teen Diaries 19: Halloween Mystery Fuck

Angel gets a mystery fuck from a man in a mask

Dear Diary, It's me, Angel. I haven't written in a while, but I'm 17 now. My birthday was just last week, but it wasn't that great. Anyways, yesterday was Halloween and I went with my friends to a costume party. It was my first time going to a party that wasn't hosted by friends from school. Becky got the invitation from her boyfriend, who is in college. We all went as slutty princesses and...Read On


Blowjob Leads To Steamy Sex

Hot steamy sex between boyfriend and girlfriend

It was a sunny October afternoon, when I was at home with my boyfriend. He has brown hair, beautiful blue green eyes, fit, and handsome to boot. We were sitting on the couch together, cuddling and watching a TV show on Netflix. He told me he wanted a blowjob, and wanted my mouth on him, sucking and licking his 8 inch big and thick cock up and down. I began to start stroking him lightly,...Read On


My Horny Boyfriend (Take 2)

My boyfriend fucks me.. hard.

While on our way to the pub, Harry's hand kept brushing against my butt. Surely it isn't just by fluke when it happens half a dozen times? A couple of times, I even felt my butt lightly squeezed. Any other time, I would have enjoyed it. But tonight, after having my boobs played with for twenty minutes and Harry treating me like he owned me, I was especially Horny.. Horny with a capital H. ...Read On


My Horny Boyfriend

My horny boyfriend feels especially horny today… and I must comply.

My boyfriend Harry and I have been in a relationship for the past three years. And I have no shame in saying that as much as we love each other, the mutual desire for constant sex - actually, sex is too demure a word for what we have - fuck - that's the right word, is what has kept us together for so much time. Harry is a sex god. He has a wheatish complexion like mine and black eyes. His...Read On

A New Day

One night can erase old memories, as morning brings a fresh start.

A New Day by SpectreOfHell Normally, Patrick couldn't remember his dreams. There were vague after-images of things, people, places, but nothing really coherent. Instead, he recalled emotions. Fear, anxiety, happiness. Sometimes, rare times, he realized he was dreaming while the dream was unfolding, allowing him to take control of things. Those dreams were the shortest, as if his mind...Read On

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The problem with liking it when your wife acts slutty is the implications if it’s not just an act.

I pasted on my most affable, self-deprecating face while Ellen socialized with the six frat boys she’d homed in on. Actually, they were first year associates at a big LA law firm, they claimed. They had enough arrogance and youthful bravado for it. They were cookie cutter douche bags as far as I was concerned and for all practical purposes they were frat boys, half-a-dozen clean cut boys...Read On


Seduction, Plus Two - Part One

A sequel of sorts to Seduction, Plus One; but much dirtier.

AMY’S NEW CAREER CHOICES were driving Enis absolutely crazy with lust. Amy’s confidence in her body and beauty was at an all-time high, not to mention her off-the-charts libido. One day during an underwear shoot, her photographer asked her to take her top off, and unlike any previous time she was asked, Amy obliged. Although she kept her nipples covered for the revealing pictures, it was still...Read On



I gave myself one more look over in the mirror -- eye make-up, perfect; not a smudge. My foundation was pretty floorless and my red lipstick tied it all together. I wore a red party dress with matching coloured French underwear. The top half clung to my ample chest and rolled around itself at my curvy hips. I spread my hand down against the fabric to smooth out the creases around my stomach....Read On


Aching All Over

An unexpected night of pleasure... and pain!

I woke in the morning with my head sticking to the table because of the fluids spilt there the night before. I ached all over in different ways: My jaw felt stretched; my body was bruised; my back and ass checks stung; my asshole twinging and my cock was throbbing and drained. I lifted myself to get up, but was immediately pulled back down, still bound to the table by cuffs on my wrists...Read On

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Missing Time

When revelry goes awry, he has a weekend to piece together the pieces.

With a start, he woke up clasping a pillow in a light, airy bedroom. Beams of watery winter sunlight hurt his eyes and forced them closed. He took some air through his nostrils; they filled with a hint of perfume and the faint musky smell of sex. He had no idea where he was. Rolling onto his back, his body complained with a dull ache and so did his morning glory. His mind blank, whatever...Read On


A speeding stop leads to a lot more than just a ticket!

When I decided to make law enforcement my career choice, I knew that I would be helping people. That part of the job attracted me. I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to make my town a safer and nicer place to live - you know all the typical recruitment jargon. But one sweltering July day, the words "Serve and Protect" took on a whole new and erotic meaning. I was sitting on the...Read On


Chanel and Ethan 12

Ah the aftermath. That bittersweet fuck left a bad taste in my mouth.

We don’t move for what feels like forever. My mind is going back through all that’s happened since I woke up. This is nuts, did I really just hit her? When my adrenaline subsides, I remember my own injury and touch my face finding more blood.Now I’m feeling it. Ethan finally turns around and faces me. His expression is hard, but he takes my hand. “Come here,” he says, pulling me into...Read On


Lessons Learned - Lesson 1: Respect


I walk into class and take my seat in the middle. My girl, Lacy, takes her seat next to me. "What's up girly?" she asks. "Hey!" I say excitedly, maybe too excitedly. "Okay, spill.” “Spill what?” “Who is he?" "Who is who?" I say with a sly smile. The bell rings and a man walk’s in closing the door behind him. "Saved by the bell." I think to myself. I look at the man. He's tall...Read On


The Agency Girl - Part III

The girl from the agency has more surprises in store for the erotica author

Bill could feel the sticky wetness from the secretions of his cock on his stomach as he lay bound across the table with the riding crop resting on his bottom. He was nervous and worrying about his vulnerability as she left him for a few moments. ‘Where was she?’ ‘What was she doing?’ he wondered. Sal though was soon back with him. He turned his head to the side and saw her handbag...Read On


Lynn's Diary

a lonely woman experiences a sexual awakening

Lynn’s Diary: my travels down a road of sexual exploration… My mind is reeling; it’s hard for me to comprehend everything that happened last night. I’m lying here in bed, stark naked, and I’m not alone. (That, in itself, is front page news for me, ever since my divorce four years ago). Not only am I not alone, but the companions are in bed with me. (Yes, there are two of them…) I...Read On


Can't Get Enough

Rachel Greyson accepts an invitation to attend a writer's conference to provide sex for the writers

Rachel couldn’t believe the ad she read in the Personal Section of the newspaper. Escorts needed for a writer’s workshop. Dates 3-1-13 to 3-15-13. Transportation, room, board provided. Pay package includes $20,000, plus tips. If interested contact The escort service she’d work for had been forced out of business on the fourth of March, and she hadn’t saved much of the money even...Read On


Going To California

Going To California Eight agonizing months had passed since she had left for London. Since that day, every time I heard the roar of a jet engine, I recited the flight details to myself. “Departing - 8:55am. - Toronto (YYZ) - arriving 9:00pm. London (LHR) - 7hr 05mn - Nonstop.” She had been offered an incredible career opportunity at TBWA London. When had she told me of the offer,...Read On


Sister Teresa

A first date becomes a man's incredible erotic fantasy!

I was to pick her up at half past six. I rang her doorbell at 6:35 PM on a hot and humid July evening. The door of her apartment opened and a man about my age stood at the door. I said, "I'm looking for Tina." "She's inside. I'm just leaving," he said. "Have fun, dude. She's really somethin' amazing." I walked in as he left and saw Tina on her bed dressed in a purple see-through baby...Read On


Under the Covers - Chapter III - Final

“You have to be punished, Victoria,” he said as he stood up, “stay here and don’t you dare move.” He left the room and I was left alone with my aching pussy and by hammering heart, almost afraid to find out what he was going to do to me. I looked down and saw his cum –surely mixed with mine- oozing out of my pussy and pooling on the leather couch. It was so fucking hot. Mr. McIntosh...Read On


Sister's Friends

Jerry and his sister's girlfriends get together for a video and sex

"Fuck me," she screamed. "Harder, harder," I madly pounded my dick while watching him thrash into her inflamed pussy. "Hey, Jerry." a voice said. "You get yourself off watching porn on your computer?" It was a girl's disapproving voice. I quickly covered up and wheeled around to see a blond teenager staring at me with a broad grin. Standing behind me was, Marlene, my sister's best...Read On


Horny Housewives : Being a whore of a Manwhore

I was a shy housewife, but my dirty desires to be fucked hard made a good whore.

Wearing dark sunglasses, a knee high blue colored dress and a handbag in my hand, I stepped out of my car. A couple of young guys, who were standing a few feet away from my car, looked at my deep cleavage. I was thirty-seven years old. I had blonde hair, blue eyes, and I managed to have a quite fit body. My breasts were 34D size, and I loved playing with my boobs every time I masturbated. ...Read On

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Mile High Sluts - Part 1 of 2

When Crystal is unable to afford a plane ticket, her best friend has a depraved solution.

I had thirty days left to find a way to make it to the Maldives, where I had promised to meet up with John, chat partner, cyber lover and, from the pictures he had sent me and which had me spend hours upon hours with my fingers between my thighs, stud extraordinaire. But how do you get halfway across the world when all you have left on your bank account are one-hundred and twenty-three...Read On


Welcome To The Neighborhood Chapter 1

Jason and I are now retired from our jobs, so we thought why not move somewhere warm to enjoy the rest of our lives? We do have the money to move to wherever we want, so we decided to move to a warm state, Florida. It is a beautiful state and the weather never gets to freezing which is a huge plus. Jason didn't have to convince me at all to move here from a state that gets blue cold in...Read On


Being a slut of Mom's boyfriend

To get him stay around my mom, I became his cheap slut.

It was my nineteenth birthday. A few hours earlier, I was enjoying the party with my friends, and now I was in my room, fucking my mom’s boyfriend, John. My panties were on the floor next to me, I was bending over the bed and John was fucking my ass from behind. I wasn’t a virgin, but he took my anal virginity. I wasn’t kinky but in the past one hour he had turned my ass red by spanking me...Read On