Fantasy & Sci-Fi(1)


Not for teens I guess

A powerful medication makes for an interesting day at school.

Ben rubbed his eyes as he slowly made his way down the hallway to the stairs, still hungover from the night before.  “Dad! Dad, I’m going to school!” No answer. Ben knew there wouldn’t be. His dad had probably stayed out all night again, fucking some new girl closer to Ben’s age than his own. “Fuck you! Don’t know why I even bother! You too, Jenna!" He exclaimed as he passed by his...Read On

Group Sex(1)


An Offline Encounter, the Second

Eric and Rose meet up at a strip club for their next tryst

Violet stood before Eric as he sat in the lap dance section of the club. Totally naughty things were going on behind her eyes, he could just tell. She crawled into Eric’s lap seductively, her long waves of blond hair spilling onto his chest, and he reached out to put his hands on her thin waist, running them up to her small breasts, directly over her soft, pink nipples. A rush of...Read On



It's just touching...

Vacation roommates seek some relief

Jake stroked his hard cock in the shower as his eyes glazed over. Almost there, but at the same time he was enjoying the feeling of holding off. Tiffany was waiting for him to get out, he knew, and he was taking a little longer than he should, but fuck it, it felt good to finally get a chance for some relief. Tiffany…fuck. As soon as the name popped into his head (as did her lovely face...Read On

Straight Sex(6)


An Offline Encounter

Eric finally meets his 'hot little slut' for the first time in person

Rose was nervous as hell – and wetter than she had ever been in her entire life. Even as she walked along the sidewalk, she could feel her inner thighs sticking together from her drenched pussy – no panties, as instructed. She was ready to go through with it, though, that was for sure. So fucking ready. At this point, every text message, every bit of contact from him sent a wave of...Read On


Bad Girls Club - Kyle and Scarlet

Kyle is seduced by a hot young dancer at a club, but little does he know...

Kyle wasn’t really a “strip club guy.” But after a stressful week of client meetings in Portland, none of which went particularly well, he found himself staring up at the flickering neon sign of the seedy all-nude joint, Bad Girls Club. “Well, here goes,” he thought as he padded the few hundred in cash he pulled out from an ATM a little earlier after he had nearly been fired for showing...Read On


Early for the Lesson Pt. 1

Courtney sat in the closet, thighs pressed against her breasts, bound, gagged, and dripping.

Alex heard a sharp rap at the door. He had rescheduled with Zoe at the last minute, and she must’ve come early. Not that he minded. Their weekly visits had turned into increasingly filthy fuck sessions, so the extra time would be well spent. Alex got up to let Zoe in, ready to grab her, turn her around and take her right there in the entry way. He opened the door, devilish grin...Read On


Into Night

I discover something dormant inside me during a hot encounter with a stranger

Monday Morning She walked into the cafe today. I'd never seen her; she must have been new. Truth is, I couldn’t even believe she was real. Like in a movie, I did a double take, had to rub my eyes. She couldn’t be older than twenty, ten years my junior, but carried herself with a confidence and grace that caught my attention right away. She sat across from me at another table, pulled out...Read On


Late for the Lesson

Tutor obsessed with his hot student reveals more than he intended

She was late. Again. Alex looked down at his standardized testing books sprawled across his desk and sighed. Zoe was smart, and he enjoyed teaching her, but punctuality was not a strong point. He could never really stay upset when she arrived, though, flashing that smile that made him melt. He also couldn’t get enough of her cute, innocent face framed by long strawberry blond hair, and...Read On


Watching Her Study Pt. 2

Watching leads to more...

“Go on, don’t be shy, there’s no turning back now.” She licked her lips, still flushed, ragged breathing. My initial shot of fear and adrenaline is now channeled entirely to my lower half. She’s right. What more do I have to lose here? So I look at her, lick my hand, get it nice and slick with saliva, then go to work on my painfully hard erection. Stroking my hand up and down as I...Read On



Watching Her Study Pt. 1

Closing shift at the library is more fun than I could have imagined...

It’s 11:30. The place is empty. We’re supposed to close at 1 a.m. but fuck it, it’s Friday. I’ve had the late shift at the college library for the past three nights, and all I want to do is close up, go to my dorm, watch some porn, stroke myself off and fall asleep. After the week I had, that sounds like the perfect end to the night, to be honest. If I close an empty library a bit early,...Read On