Love Poems(1)


His eyes haunt me when I sleep

His eyes haunt me when I sleep, He has the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen. I can imagine just looking at them all the time They are so green, shiny, hauntingly Devine. He just looks so serious that it drives me nuts, but when he smiles, it makes me want to melt. He is gorgeous, with a nice ass too, He has those green eyes with black hair I could run my fingers through. Oh...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Dirty little secret

This is my first romance story. I hope you like it

It all happened I was at his house. I was there visiting himand I was staying at his place. One night as I was sleeping, I heard a door closed and I didn’t pay attention that it was my door. I kept my eyes closed so whoever was in my room knows I am still asleep. Or so they think. Then all of a sudden I felt my bed moving and my hands were pinned down and there he was on top of me; holding...Read On


Dirty little secret 2

This story has been on my mind

I was at a friend house for a party they were holding. My gut was telling something wasn’t right. I ignored that feeling and decided to enjoy my night. Then, that was when my phone rang and my heart stopped. It was him. “Hello?” “Hey Zoey, guess where I am at?” he said with an ecstatic tone to his voice. “Please don’t tell me you are where I think you are at.” I said with an...Read On