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Topic To anyone who was in Sweden on Friday
Posted 21 Feb 2017 21:34

You answered literally all of your questions, if you read between the lines of the shit you spouted.

You HONESTLY think the GOP and the Tea Party and all it's wrecked political offshoots want to fund true, universal healthcare? Are you out of your fucking mind? Do you understand the plan Paul Ryan wants to push forward? What the entire GOP wants to put forward? If you think the ACA is a mess, that's great. It was never intended to be what it ended up being. It had to be gutted and re-written, even with a majority, for it to pass and hold up with any staying power. It's not perfect. But it helped extend my coverage under my parent's employee plan until I was 26, which was basically the cadillac of health care coverages and likely not something I'll ever come close to receiving again unless I find a place to work that similarly cares about the health of the people it employs.

I'll ask a series of questions.

1. How naive are you to not believe the insurance premiums and monthly costs were already building to excessive levels and priced out of millions of Americans lives BEFORE the ACA? I know people who risked years with zero coverage because they couldn't afford it. And when people DO face a health crisis, many of the people covered now, wind up in ERs. Guess who foots that bill?

2. How civil do you think the political arena IS to get true universal coverage like Europe? There are cries of "socialistic slime" every time a progressive dares to utter universal anything. So conservative politicians look down with disdain at the poor. They like to call them out as lazy slobs looking for handouts from welfare. They scream "pull yourselves up by your bootstraps!" as they struggle in inner-cities to rise out of the shit they're usually born into. What fucking world do you fucking live in?

3. What do you say to the ACA actually slowing the interest rates/premiums/costs of health insurance? Because, arguably, they did.


1. I never wanted Clinton in the first place. I voted Sanders in the primaries. So. Wrong again. I only voted Hillary to keep the true monster and his ilk from embarrassing the country and turning it into a parody of itself.

2. Funny how you blather on about America being run by its corporations, then help elect a man who only cares about his own businesses, using them to actually CON people out of their money. To profit off the image of being president, or first lady in the case of his batty wife. Do you really even understand how contradictory this is? You've elected a business celebrity side-show fat cat who's essentially a corporate fat cat himself. And that's only a fraction of the bullshit.

3. And I've never called you a fascist for the record. And I don't generally think you're an idiot necessarily either. You may be an ignorant, self-absorbed, naive flower with a fucked up world view due in part to the sheltered life you clearly live. But you're not an idiot or a fascist. You just enable the ones who are by voting them into office and giving true monsters, like Bannon, control over a simple minded dullard like Trump who barks when he says barks and shits when he says shit.

I do think the Tea Party would support universal health care through a single payer.. i.e. government .. if such a plan was presented in an open and truthful way... and if it was a well constructed plan. I also think that Obamacare/ACA has put universal healthcare back at least a decade because of the dishonesty of its presentation and the fact that the promises that went with its introduction were twaddle... worse than lies. I say a deade because I am an optimist and a believer in universal healthcare and happy to pay more so it can be. If I was a pesimist... I would say that the Democratic way of introducing it and its reality check may have killed it off ... to the point of extinction.

To answer your questions;

1. I can't answer this. I do not have the knowledge of premiums and their increases to answer you. But I am content to trust your word on what was happening. The problem that people, who are not in my position, face is that they are just getting along but can face bankruptcy should an unexpected health scare appear, either personally or within their family. That this was there before ACA I don't doubt; but it is still there. This concerns the Tea Party, because it directly affects them. I also know, from posts on Lush, that ACA has helped many but that still, overall, the cost of insurance premiums is still a burden... even still an impossibility.

2. President Trump is not owned in the way Hillary Clinton is. He will have to survive the elitist cartel that controls the Democratic Party if he wants to remain in Office. They will do everything to displace him because they cannot control him and have therefore lost power. For them that is the worst loss imaginable. I voted for the only candidate who wanted to shake up Washington. There was no other choice standing that could conceivably win.

3.Slowing rates is admirable if they are slowed so all can afford to participate. All can't, so you are just postponing the inevitable collapse. This was the plan anyway wasn't it?

self-absorbed, naive flower with a fucked up world view due in part to the sheltered life you clearly live. ... Well not far off the mark I suppose. If you want to see what authoritarianism is just wait for a Hillary Presidency, if it arrives in 2020. My opinion is it won't ... but Hillary Clinton has four years to reinvent herself the way she reinvented her husband into the Whitehouse. If President Trump goes and she brings universal healthcare into play properly, she will mash VP Pense, perhaps. As for President Trump being a simple minded dullard... "don't underestimate this man!". As for Steve Bannon, can he outstay Reince Priebus? I doubt it. President Trump will have no problem dismissing him if needs must.

You have offered no solution to what is a surmountable problem. I will offer an opinion. If the Democrats want to get back into the Whitehouse they need to overcome the Obamacare/ACA scandal that is brewing. Because if they let the Republicans do this they will have to wait beyond 2020 and 2024 to get back. There are many in the GOP that want to leave the ACA as it is, so that it collapses of its own accord... as both you and I know it will. That would serve to highlight the fraud behind its introduction and the flaws in its composition. It will also highlight the billions of dollars it costs each year against the budget. Insurance premiums will continue to rise, if not exponentially then at an inaffordable rate for most if not nearly all.
I think they should stand now on universal healthcare on a single payer principle. Is the political arena ready for this? Probably not. So what did we get? We got Obamacare. I am pleased it has helped some. But because it has not helped enough it is a failure. I would get Bernie Sanders to champion it. I know he is not a true Democrat but this he would do and do well. Bring the whole of the Democratic Party behind him and stand or fall on the outcome. It might cost the next election, but if the Democrats think they are going to win without Obamacare being sorted... they are widdling into the wind . If President Trump sorts Obamacare... I will rephrase... if the ACA is sorted on President Trump's watch he will take full credit and it will be part of his legacy, after 8 years in Office. . For a good, well constructed ACA, universal coverage and single pay, there is Republican support. If you increase my tax rate to pay for it, then there is voter support that even the Tea Party will buy into. It needs a crusader with a need for a crusade. Has to be Bernie Sanders, no one else can do it. But the Democratic Party will have to stuff big pharma and the insurance industry. To do that they have to stop blaming Russia and make changes at the top of their party. That is the biggest challenge they face.

Topic i just had this thought about " The Wall"....
Posted 21 Feb 2017 19:18

I imagine you had the same reaction to these beautiful numbers too, right?

Or is it just when the white nationalist asshole receives some bullshit from documented anarchists WHICH HAVE NO POLITICAL ASSOCIATION with the left or right. Though I'd hazard with their firm beliefs in zero governmental control, they lean closer right than left.

I think you make a valid point here.... will just pause for a moment while you recover from fainting... better now?

I don't agree with the sentiments expressed in either pic. But I don't recall the turmoil from the people responsible for the second pic the day after President Obama's inauguration. As for political affiliations.. are not white nationalists associated with Trump and the Republican Party? Seems to me that the media protrays this to be fact. Is it not therefore likely that the anarchists as you speak of would therefore be aligned to the Democratic party; especially as they appear whenever there is an anti-Trump demonstration?

Has there ever been a riot following a Democratic Presidential victory?. A riot that involves the destruction of property and the torching of cars? I am too young to remember past elections, but on asking this question I have been called a fascist sympathiser ... so you are not alone in your opinion of me.
Seems these fascists go to university at the likes of Berkeley and such. We had them at Oxford too. To me they appear to be far left. Older members of my family call them Communists. I tend towards that view, given that they are so close to the Democratic Party. But of course .. I am fascist.

Topic i just had this thought about " The Wall"....
Posted 21 Feb 2017 18:55

For the record, if you can find a single instance of me saying that voting for Trump instantly labels anyone a fascist, bigot, racist, etc, i'd be happy to publicly apologize. do i think that some are? yep. i also think that you could say that of a percentage of voters on any and every candidate. i am not about to ever make a blanket statement along those lines.

do i disagree strongly with their (your) choice? you bet. do i think it automatically makes them (you) a bad person? nope. Do i think that Trump is all of those things? very much so, as are the people he's surrounding himself with (his cabinet). btw, some of them aren't bad choices. most of them, however, are, and not just because of my political leanings. i would have respect if he hired people who were actually qualified to run their depts. and come on, can anyone here argue that Bannon is going to be good for our country? please.

okay, getting a little off topic here, but...

Frankly, as a gay woman, i'm pretty concerned about the direction our country is going to be moving in over the next 4 years. i hope people are aware of some of the laws already being enacted. did you know that in Ohio, there is currently legislation to prevent abortions without the father's consent? read that carefully. the father's consent. not the husband, or the boyfriend, but the father of the child, regardless of who that might be.

Under the Ohio Bill, a woman must have written consent from the father; if a woman is claiming rape, she must file a police report, provide other court documents or an official complaint of the incident. If the woman chooses to undergo an abortion in this case, the physician must have “reasonable cause” to believe the woman’s claim of rape and thus, perform an abortion. In cases where the father may be unknown, a list of all potential fathers must be submitted to a physician. They will all be contacted and summoned to a paternity test. If the father is not found, no abortion can be performed. The bill would turn abortion without a father’s permission or naming a “false biological father” into a first-degree misdemeanor with a maximum $1,000 fine. A second occasion of providing false information would be considered a fifth degree felony.

gay rights are already taking a hit everywhere. that's just going to get worse. Thing is, Pence has a worse record than Trump on that issue so i am not 100% on the 'get rid of him wagon' at present. thank god i live where i do, but i feel for anyone living in a less liberal state who is gay or transgender.

For the record, I can't find a single time you have called me a fascist but I never would have expected that of you. For the record, I have never accused you of doing so. There are plenty of others that do... regularly... but such is life for a Trump voter.

I read your Ohio piece but am mystified as to how that would impact on me as a lesbian... except in the case of rape which seems to be covered. Isn't the law, as shown in your thread, more about abortion than LGBT rights?. As such it would certainly impact on me if I were herterosexual, especially if I was an abortion-on-demand advocate. It's obviously been written by men for men. I can see men's rights groups written all over it... or am I missing something? I really do live in an ivory tower. Embarassed

Like you I live in a liberal place, second only to California, so haven't noticed much change in attitude to my LGBT society. I totally agree that it is hard to live in some states if you are gay. God, I lived in Australia and went through an 'intervention'.. instigated by a New Yorker of all people. Resistance to the Trump Presidency is rabid in NYC and in California, but it's more a "should have been Hillary because she was a woman thing" than a LGBT as far as I can tell. We dragged into the argument on our sexual orientation simply tbecause of our sexual orientation. They forget I am not the only gay person that voted for President Trump. We had a 'Gays for Trump' movement which still exists. Personally I see no reason to leave that Group yet. I went to the inauguration and stayed for both Marches. As yet I have no fear of President Trump and his attitude towards the LGBT community. He is not without gay friends in his social life and business dealings. We shall see..

Topic i just had this thought about " The Wall"....
Posted 21 Feb 2017 18:08

So when some anonymous punk(s) write a violence inciting slogan on a wall it's an issue, but when Trump says that the families of terrorists should be killed or when he suggests that his opponent should be shot it's just non-PC talk? Clear. For the record, I'm against both forms of violent rhetoric, but the different platforms do bring different responsibilities with them in my mind.

Oh, and one doesn't have to be a 'Clintonite' to be disgusted by Trump. He doesn't need her to be disliked. It's one of the things he's actually very good at, a natural.

but when Trump says that the families of terrorists should be killed .. Obama... drones? ... add neighbours and passing strangers ?

Some examples of non-PC talk... from the Democrats and Hillary supporters... trump elction assasination.jpg

Of course the NYT staff have stopped calling for President Trump's assassination ... and now just publicly call the First Lady a prostitute. Nice media people.

Do you want some more Mr Noll??? .. I have hundreds.. Some beauties from Hollywood.. I have kept them for 2018 and especially for 2020 when Hillary Clinton runs again. This attitude.. which seems to prick you .. is predominant on Lush, sadly, whenever any Member admits to voting for Donald Trump. It shows the Clintonites here in their true colours. But as a simple deplorable and fascist, what would I know... hello2 canada election.jpg

What not one? Oh my... so much for Democrats being people who keep their promises. No morals and no ethics ... or are they just dishonest to the core? dontknow

Topic To anyone who was in Sweden on Friday
Posted 21 Feb 2017 17:21

Mm. Smells like. Something you have no experience with.

Absolutely right. Not something I will ever need but something that intrigues me and really angers me. And if I didn't crack the odd dark joke about it, then I would explode.

If you want to see how the Democratic Party lie; if you want to see a 'con' of outrageous proportions; then the so-called ACA is history's prime example.
I can read between the lines. It was designed to fail. To be replaced by a Universal Health Care System that doesn't involve insurance companies as it is funded entirely by the government. Blind freddy could see that coming. That's why no Republican, not one, voted for it.

But your lot couldn't be honest and just go for the final solution upfront could they? Nooo... you based the ACA on fraud and lies from it's inception. What happened to
- you can keep your doctor? - it will save your family around $2,500 per annum? - it will not add a dime to the deficit? .... just a pack of lies.
Why not just be honest and go for the government sponsored universal healthcare system up front? Was it because your corporate masters in big pharma and insurance got to you because you were messing with their profits?. It certainly wasn't because of people like me. I couldn't understand why America was the only industrialized country in the world not to have a universal healthcare sytem. But of course America is run, not by it's government, but by it's corporations.

So why not tax the 1% an extra 5% to pay for it? I wouldn't object and would happily have paid up so that people who couldn't afford it previously no longer had to worry about it. You could have won an election on that. Make that a 7% tax hike and also include dental? Cowards that's all you are. And I'll add bullies in cases like yours.

But what do I know about the ACA? Nothing .. as you say... I'm just a facist after all... as you regularly remind me.

Do you know what what the ACA added to the deficit in 2014? Then in 2015? Then in 2016? It reads like a military spending budget.

Never mind... now I know what that pic from Sweden really signifies ... no not the walking dead ... it's peeps like me on the way to one of your gulags after you vote Hillary in in 2020... or Zuckerberg in 2024 or 2028.

disclaimer; Hayley is not a member of any political party. At school she was told by classmates that when the revolution came she would be the first to the wall. Her reply was that she would go down fighting. She has subsequently passed all the rigorous requirements insisted on by the city of New York and availed herself of a firearm so she has company on her journey to the afterlife.

Topic i just had this thought about " The Wall"....
Posted 21 Feb 2017 16:39

And here I thought it was about Pink Floyd.....sigh. floyd funny forum music artist.jpg lw pink floyd.jpg

Topic i just had this thought about " The Wall"....
Posted 21 Feb 2017 16:07

You tell me since Mango supporters are masters of the false equivalency fallacy. Also masters of not entertaining that thought processes and opinions can change due to experience, demands from constituents, etc.

But please. Continue making light of the shitty bullshit being peddled by Uncle Don. I kee hoping you'll wake up from the con. But sadly... I don't think you want to.

When it is truly exposed as a 'con' ... then you will see this girl be the first to eat humble pie... in a big way.

But by then your lot might have assassinated him and "all his brood" .. as the posts say... Given the anger and utter hatred shown by Clintonites over losing the election... well it may be that when /if he proves you all wrong, the anger of your cartel will have to punish him and his family. You have warned him afterall... berkley1.jpg

Topic i just had this thought about " The Wall"....
Posted 21 Feb 2017 15:43

depends on whether or not you were defining mexicans as rapists and terrorists in the same breath.

ahhhh ... so just because our President called Mexicans names and I voted for him, that makes us both fascists? But the wall argument is still credible?

Topic The Argument That Planned Parenthood is About Women's Health Care is a Joke
Posted 21 Feb 2017 15:31

I read a headline, in the international press, heralding Norway for coming to the rescue of the international part of Planned Parenthood, by filling the shortfall caused by President Trump's rescinding of the 'ping-pong' legislation that enabled US taxpayers funds to be used to pay for abortions in foreign countries. So well done Norway!

But reading on a bit... it appears that Norway is donating $10million towards a shortfall of... $600million! .... yes I had to read it a few times. So does this mean we were supporting overseas abortions to the tune of $600million per annum? And the foreign aid that we give towards helping those countries goes where? ... oops! .. sorry I forgot.. goes to Switzerland and the Cayman Islands ... less commissions ... oops! ...donations to the Clinton Foundation.

With money like that involved no wonder Planned Parenthood funded the Women's March. Least they have good business sense even if biting 'the hand that feeds' comes back to haunt them.

Topic Awesome Member Award. New. Please Read.
Posted 21 Feb 2017 15:20

Nicki very rightly pointed out that when Buz becomes president of Georgia in 2068, his association with such a badge might come back to haunt him. :)

Nooooo .. it will be his Badge of Honour... "Buz! ... To Infinity and Beyond!" ... might patent that... great campaign slogan .. like really orgasmic... if one is into guys. Embarassed

Why is he going to live in Antartica? ... I suppose by 2068 the ice around Georgia will have melted enough to have made Georgia a mini-continent.

Topic i just had this thought about " The Wall"....
Posted 21 Feb 2017 14:59 trump wall brendan on.png

This is a pic of part of the wall ... actually it's obviously a fence ... built in the mid-2000's between the US and Mexico. This construcion was voted in with the support of one Hillary Rodham Clinton who was also one of it's most enthusiastic and vocal advocates.

Does that mean if you voted for Hillary you are a fascist too? dontknow

Topic Awesome Member Award. New. Please Read.
Posted 21 Feb 2017 14:41

The second one you cannot award to any Lushie who is from Malta... well you could but you shouldn't sweet man.

Topic Awesome Member Award. New. Please Read.
Posted 21 Feb 2017 14:40

Ok, been working on a new program since it's either that or lay in bed and watch game shows. this one, i'm going to need a little help with from anyone interested. here's a little history and the premise.

I was looking for a way to thank Buz. he's probably one of the nicest guys on lush. he reads stories, gives great comments, offers advice and help, he' a genuinely lovely person to work with, and really, i can't say enough good things about him. while i've been sick he's been sending me daily PMs of encouragement, something that really has made a difference in my life, so i thought, he needs to have a 'nicest guy on lush award'. i wanted to call it The Buz. we're not, for reasons that make a lot of sense, but still, in my head, it's gonna be called The Buz. lol

so, here's how it works. it's a little like the mod of the month, only there's no cash prize. sorry, but that's just not doable. there WILL be a unique badge, and i'll be doing a write up of the person chosen and people can add to that if they'd like.

right now, the project name is "the intangibles award". basically, it's not based on one thing, but i'll be picking (and it's more likely going to be weekly, or bi weekly then it is monthly) someone based on a variety of things. what they add to the site, be it inspirational, generous, helpful, funny, thoughtful, etc. i just thought it would be a nice way to give back to a lot of people who make lush what it is - there's a lot of you out there.

just so you know, it's not going to be mods, btw. we have our own thing. that's not what this is all about. hopefully, this will be taken in the spirit that it's meant to be.

now... i need a little help from all of you. first, i need a good badge name. i thought about Spirit, but that's too close to my user name, and this is not all about me, so i tossed that. Tangerine sounds a bit like Intangible, but might be a bit too.... fruity. so please, post or PM suggestions and i'll give credit to whoever comes up with the best name.

secondly, i have a list of people i think deserve it, and it's pretty solid, but eventually, i'll run out of names and while i keep an eye on things, i do miss stuff. also, i'm trying to avoid favoritism. so... if you think someone deserves this, PM me with their user name and a short write up of what they bring to Lush so i can put them on my radar. i don't want someone slipping through the cracks simply because i don't run in the same circle. i don't do chat rooms, for instance, and there are probably some great people who make those a positive experience.

this will probably kick off sometime this week or this coming weekend - i need to get Gav off his lazy ass to create a new badge, after all. i swear to god, the man does nothing around here but eat and fuck. *sighs*

hopefully, this will be fun - i know i'm looking forward to it.


Actually ... often the first ideas can be the best... and as I share your opinion of Buz why not keep it ... as the "BUZ Award"... or just "BUZ" ... with that awesome blue background.

Whatever you do not everyone will agree... but it's a neat thought.

Topic Awesome Member Award. New. Please Read.
Posted 21 Feb 2017 14:36

We could have a badge for "Considered the wrong choice for Frabjous Award" Award

OMG!... Nooooooo ... we have 300,00+ members sweet man .... can you imagine the cost of all those badges?

I know ... you just want a pretty blue badge too.... Shhh

Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 21 Feb 2017 14:32

Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?

Based on what I've seen, Troll's Lair seems to be a better description of what's actually lurking within. I feel that Think Tank implies too generous an amount of actual thought. I'd be curious to hear other opinions. No offense to the trolls who post their vitriol here or the valiant defenders of humanity who fall into their troll traps.


How about "The Bigot's Boudoir" ? ... then you get all the trolls plus those who think they aren't trolls but are.

Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 21 Feb 2017 14:17

I can't disagree with a single thing you said. But that doesn't change the fact that I see the refuse deposited on this forum page as a black smudge on an otherwise pleasant escape from a judgmental and frequently hypocritical reality. I blame the bible belt (and a few bourbons tonight) that I live in -- er -- under, for most of my cynicism. That makes finding "alternative facts" on this site a bit too close to home and quite a stick in my craw.

Not sure about the Bible belt thing, but I agree with your assessment of this part of the Forum.

Topic To anyone who was in Sweden on Friday
Posted 21 Feb 2017 13:56

OMG!... not another protest march! What is this one about? ... Don't tell me... The In-Affordable Care Act..

Topic To anyone who was in Sweden on Friday
Posted 21 Feb 2017 13:53

I was in a Swede on Friday. Her name was Elin.

6 ... awesome post!

Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 21 Feb 2017 13:14

Trump has not released his tax returns and now says he won't because during the campaign, he determined no one cared. this despite polls showing 74% of Americans want him to release them. The American public remains in the dark about the debts and deals that could bind the 45th president against the national interest or pervert the foreign policy of the United States.

The lack of transparency matters because Donald Trump has not divested from his businesses. His promises to set up a blind trust and to halt new business deals were both empty. As the director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub, described it, Trump's decision to hand daily management of the Trump Organization to his adult sons instead is "meaningless from a conflict of interest perspective."

Sounding more than a bit like Richard Nixon, Trump has proclaimed that "the president can't have a conflict of interest." By a lawyerly reading of 18 U.S.C. § 208, that may parse as true – but the claim is false from any moral perspective. The Supreme Court has written that when our leaders "engage in activities which arouse suspicions of corruption," those office-holders endanger "the very fabric of a democratic society." Trump, Shaub insisted in remarks delivered January 11th at the Brookings Institution, has failed to rise to the standards "that every president in the past four decades has met."
In fact, during the transition period, Trump and his children appeared to trade on his status as president-elect: The Trumps have reportedly secured a stalled building permit for a tower in Argentina; Ivanka Trump joined her father in a meeting with the prime minister of Japan, where she has business with a state-backed enterprise; and the Trump Organization's new leaders, Don Jr. and Eric Trump, took seats at the conference table for a once-in-a lifetime meeting with executives from Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft and others at the "tech summit" convened by their president-elect father at Trump Tower. Even Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has been pursuing lucrative business deals with foreign investors. Trump has now named Kushner a senior adviser, skirting anti-nepotism laws. .

Again we are off topic... apologies to readers...

He doesn't have to release his tax returns. He isn't a politician trying to curry favour. He is his own man and he raises a finger to those who try to bring him into the elitist corporation-governed politcal world in which he now finds himself. You might want a government controlled by the libertarian elitist cartel that the Democratic Party is, but some of us do not... no matter how offensive you and many others here may find that.

As President he cannot have a conflict of interest. He doesn't have to divorce himself from his businesses. Now why the law allows this I don't know. Why, when this law about conflicts of interest was passed, the President was exempted from the conflict of interest provisions that apply to his staff, government staff, Congress and Senate members, I don't know. dontknow Perhaps you should ask your Representatives to change the law so that it also applies to the President?. But no you won't. I can't find where anyone, anywhere, has suggested such a change. Much easier to character assassinate someone for not following a law that doesn't apply to them. Such is the way of the left. No morals.. no ethics.
I certainly hope he will take heed of the emoluments provisions that do apply to The President. This remains to be seen. If he does, then you can't impeach him can you?...
so you will just have to assassinate him for real... as many Democratic spokemen and particularly women, urge... along with his whole family of course. Wonder if any of you can actually step up to the plate? Last lefties to do that were.. oh my .. Communists. Surely you could find one of your rioters .. sorry ... peaceful protestor who smashes property ... to do it for you.

I don't see how he can wrap his business interests into a blind trust anyway. Would take ages to effect that reconstruction. So handing the management over to his sons seems sensible. Even if it isn't a legal requirement of the Presidency, it will allow him to concentrate on the obligations of his Office. .

As for Jared Kushner... I saw someone post on the Forum that he was an Orthodox Jew.... why that should have been posted dontknow . Actually he is a Modern Orthodox Jew ... there is a difference. ... but he is a life long Democrat and is still a member of the Democratic Party. And all those ex-Goldman Sach's staff appointments? ... Democrats to the core and mostly Party members. Afterall Goldman Sachs, the bank that runs the world, also facilitates the running of the Democratic Party by Corporate America. So why pick on poor old Jared?... he is one of your lot.. a corporation man.

Perhaps President Obama, when he advised " Don't underestimate this man!", should have added .. " he isn't like any President in the past four decades."

Isn't it wonderful that President Trump is financial enough enough to bounce back from a billion dollar loss in a year. Poor old Democratic Party heavyweight George Soros lost that shorting stocks on Wall Street in his betting on a Hillary win. Never mind.. when Hillary wins in 2020 she will surely ensure he gets his money back .. with considerable interest. She is nice like that.

I expect his children will benefit from being the offspring of a President. They always have in the past. Malia Obama came into the Whitehouse at age 11. Eight years later she goes out into the world with a net worth of $4million. This is no crticism of her... just such is the world of politics.

Thank goodness President Trump is no politician... as he daily reminds us. offend trump thomas paine.jpg

Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 21 Feb 2017 12:10

Real men don't wear speedos.

Giggles... I wouldn't know sweet man ...


Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 21 Feb 2017 11:46

Is Trump planning on bringing the manufacture of HIS various companies back? I doubt it because as you say, no morals, no ethics

No he isn't planning on the bringing the manufacture of HIS various companies back. You have the better of me there. But ... could you tell me which companies of HIS you are talking about? ... and to which companies of HIS your posted meme refers?.

I work in the fashion industry and, to the best of my knowledge, Donald Trump doesn't own a clothing manufacturing business. But perhaps with your superb leftie anti-Trump intelligence you can enlighten us all?

If you are saying that HE owns PVH, the NYC based company that markets and "manufactures" the Trump clothing line.... then he would be a much richer man than he already is. I say "manufacture" because the actual manufacturing is contracted out to makers in , yes, Mexico, and elswhere... like China for neckties.
PVH, Phillps-Van Heusen to give them their full name, is the second largest product licensor in the universe, second only to Walt Disney . Their annual turnover is around $10billion. A tidy sum for President Trump to enjoy if he in fact owned them. They bought the rights to brand under the Trump name in 2004. They then introduced the Trump brand to compliment middle stream products like their Van Heusen men's shirts. Was a good fit for them.

In passing... if Donald Trump does own PVH ... as you seem to suggest.. perhaps he could take the manufacturing of Aussie icon brand SPEEDO back to Australia? ... since that is also part of the PVH stable, along with Trump, Tommy Hilfinger, Calvin Klein.. etc.

I am sure he would bring them back if it was within his power. Think of the glory and the example he would set.

That is my presentation of my 'alternative facts'. I look forward to your advising me as to the names of HIS clothing manufacturing businesses.

I apologise to readers.. I have no idea what this has to do with President Trump's mental health... unless he is dreaming of owning PVH. That would make me nuts too! ... wait a minute.... .... omg!

Just an aside, if I may ... most of the Trump products and even real estate that bears his name, he has no ownership of ... they just bear his name, which is his 'brand', under licensing agreements. Just like Serena and Venus endorsing tennis rackets. He does quite well out of his endorsements. His licensing of his name/brand returns him around $200million per annum.

Topic i know this is the serious forum but...
Posted 20 Feb 2017 06:22

So true.... bigotry is rife here!

Topic donald trump for president
Posted 20 Feb 2017 06:20

As for the topic of this thread: there are many Trump threads here that all started off about specific aspects of his presidency, but they all turned in more or less the same thread, with the same people posting the same kind of comments/pics in all of them.

Soooooo true...

Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 20 Feb 2017 06:13

Is a female troll a trollette? dontknow

Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 16 Feb 2017 19:04

Did you spray this on Return2Sndr... I mean nuder? evil4

I didn't know who 'nuder' was ... but obviously he wasn't just a 'nuder' troll ... giggles.... so many knew him and I was about to ask when ... whoooooosh! he was gone! .. Perhaps the shark ate him? dontknow A13 sharks.jpg

Topic Can Donald Trump Read?
Posted 16 Feb 2017 18:01 president .png

Topic i know this is the serious forum but...
Posted 16 Feb 2017 17:55 trump hillary.jpg

Topic Socialist Venezuela Bans CNN
Posted 16 Feb 2017 17:52 one of the TV networks that Trump deems to be fake news...

...has now been banned from a country that's explicitly further on the political spectrum than it.

This happened in light of a story that you can't make up being reported. The Vice-President with Middle Eastern origins is accused of being a drug trafficker and supporting terrorism:


How far from Panama is Venezuela? Shhh

Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 16 Feb 2017 17:49 spray lw lush.png

Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 16 Feb 2017 17:47

Oh great, yeah The Shark Tank for sure. Let's lure them in.

Oh how did I miss "lure them in"!... Then we strike ? funny 1 500x nude beach for slicky.JPG