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Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 24 May 2017 07:52

Come on! Stop holding back. Tell us how you really feel!

P.S. I'm pretty sure Ms. Clinton's husband could teach a graduate level course on mysogyny.

I think he was trying to explain that he doesn't have a shrivelled penis. That's what I understood from his rant. His opinion of stay at home mums might cause women to doubt his testicular ability. Perhaps those are shrivelled? dontknow

If his vocabulary is an indication of his education, that link you sent him is useless. You will have to draw him a pic of an aeroplane to help him understand. Shhh


Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 24 May 2017 07:41

What kind of self-loathing dumbass must a woman be to vote for a mysoginistic asshole like Drumf? You must love cooking dinner, having babies and scrubbing the floor because apparently that's what you want your rights to consist of. You ignorant, vapid waste of flesh.

It's pretty hilarious that you idiots are so loud about undocumented workers when your dumbass f├╝rher was caught MULTPIPLE TIMES employing them.

And if you idiots think the Republican'ts aren't controlled by the EXACT SAME corporate masters as the Democraps, you really are as stupid as you look.

Quit drinking the Kool-Aid you're sucking out of the GOP's shriveled dicks and educate yourself, you useless bitch.

Well I'm not much of a cook... will never have babies ... and have yet to scrub a floor, but only a cretin, something less than a man, would attack women who do. Those who choose not to have careers are just as valuable to society as those that do; sometimes more so I think.
I am happy with my rights and haven't seen President Trump try and interfere with them.
More than 30Million ignorant, vapid wastes of flesh joined me in voting for him. For us he was the only choice, given the selection.

The Republicans join President Obama and his Democrats in their opinion of undocumented immigrants, but they haven't matched the Democrats deportation totals. My views on immigration are slightly different from both those parties. But I do not believe in open borders as you obviously do. I believe all immigration should be legal.

As for corporate America controlling both parties? yes I agree... but not the same corporations .. and to a lessor degree the Republicans. Certainly not much help for President Trump from corporations. Plenty for the Democrats, plus they are the Wall Street angels. The Republicans, however, do hold the Jewish lobby and that is much more powerful than the corporations. But you would know that.

Well with your foul mouth you must write the most profane stories. I will leave you to wallow in your septic tank and see if I can find a gentleman to converse with.
Let you get back to smashing shop fronts and writing on walls. You surely know the vocabulary necessary for the latter. trump anti language brendan on cpd x500.jpg

Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 24 May 2017 07:03


giggles.. I think you missed my point entirely, but never mind.


Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 23 May 2017 17:23

Somebody has been watching late nights show on hbo... (sorry forgot his british name).
My question to you is.
Did the media EVER did such a background check on the Obama's parental background?
If yes, why not show it. If no, why not? Is the media biased?
You tell me.

On topic, I do think the (lack of) upbringing is fair play. However, what kids do as being a kid, no.

I do remember a spanish government member (who I shall not name) who refused to get a group photo with his two (goth) childeren. I think this is fine as a way of protecting his offspring from the (sometimes cruel) media.

Sorry.. I forgot to post a pic here... and now can't remember which one it was Embarassed


Topic Potus45 - Will he be impeached?
Posted 23 May 2017 15:17


Bette Davis..... Now she was a for real wild child!

Lindsay Lohan would have trouble keeping up.

awww ... Not fair! Please leave poor Lindsay alone sweet man.... she is posively angelic.. or saintly ... or something like that... aethiest lohan.jpg

Will he be impeached? Think scratch dontknow .. But corporate America will do everything they can to get rid of him. He's bad for their business. They have put their agents to work. Afterall, if you are so stupid as to lose the election after all the promises you made to your masters... you have to earn your donations all over again. All that money down the drain. All the billions in profits gone with the shredding of the TPP. I cry .. for Big Pharma! crybaby
The poor Koch Bros even had to come to The Hill to remind everyone ... well all their everyone... that he has to go. Or else they will find better, more obedient stooges in 2018. Read it ..

He will give them a run for their money. cartoon trump new yorker.jpg

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 23 May 2017 14:51

Are you sorry yet?

hello2 Good question!

Personally, no I am not... not so far.
And if there was an election tomorrow, I would cast my vote the same way.
For me, so far, he has done all that he promised he would.
I really can't knock that can I?.
He isn't a perfect President, but when did we have one of those? Like ever?!.


Topic donald trump for president
Posted 23 May 2017 14:22 wall street trump.jpg election wall.jpg

Personally I wondered what he prayed for and if he even prayed at all. I hope he said "thank you".
Perhaps he was just checking the design suitability of foundations for the next Trump tower.

But it's an awesome tweet evil4


Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 23 May 2017 13:46

giggles... neat try.. really neat. Sad to see you in the 'posse of hate' beautiful lady... but such is life.

Meanwhile ... I think it is me who should be going (*,)

As neither Republican nor Democrat, I find it interesting that Democrat's bewail that Republican cry as if there was no truth in it?. Of course the opposing cry is "It's all Trump's fault!". Neither are arguments in themselves.

I have heard, with my own ears, a Republican Representative, claim Republican glory for NAFTA. He also said they did not believe they could ever get it past the House but... in his own words.. "Then along came Clinton!". And away went the corporations. Why pay $15+ an hour when you can get the job done for $3+ dollars per day! .

And who takes, and openly claims, the credit for that and the rampant globalisation we enjoy????? .
And who pushed the TPP?...

And who promised to curtail globalisation and tear up the TPP?. And who is keeping his word?.

Of course Democrats had no hand in the blatant export of American jobs did they?. They had no hand in shafting the American worker?. And their angelic Clintons fully deserve their sainthoods. (*,)

Yes Ivanka Trump is fair game for signing a royalty agreement with a company that would most certainly have her designer product manufactured overseas; an agreement signed well before her father decided that any alternative to Hillary Clinton and the continuation of corporate enslavement of Americans, was a win for the American people, and he would have a shot at becoming President .. knowing he would have to fund the greater part of his election campaign out of his own pocket. Corporate money and certainly that of Wall Street would stop at nothing to defy him, because they could not abide losing control of the White House, the TPP, and continued globalisation.

I am sure Ivanka, lovely lady that she is, regrets that a binding contract is in place. But contracts do expire. Meanwhile the places of manufacture of her designs are not for her to dictate... sadly. trump anti language brendan on cpd x500.jpg


Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 22 May 2017 12:27 why vote trump brendan on x500.jpg

Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 21 May 2017 12:02

I don't understand how patoki is a corporate stooge. The real corporate stooges are working for the corporations keeping the legislatures from passing laws to cut pollution or failing to make laws that tax their carbon output sufficiently to help repair the damage they're doing. The Democratic party doesn't believe in flooding the country with illegal immigrants. There are plenty of laws on the books to prevent that. I don't know of any democrats who think they should all be repealed and just let anybody in. Nobody wants open borders. Those of us with hearts just want people to have a living wage and not be treated like trash. Why send someone back who came here as a child and grew up following our laws and paying our taxes, who has a steady job paying both tax and social security? What sense does that make on a moral basis?

There are several online stores where people can buy American made clothing, some of it even union made. People who want to support American manufacturers can look for the made in America label. It's harder now to find union-made clothing than Made in America clothes, but those who believe in labor and haven't lost all faith in the labor unions can find those. They are made in factories in the USA which pay a fair wage and have benifits for the workers. Just buying Made in America brands doesn't guarantee that they weren't made in sweatshops by illegal immigrants. Boatloads of Chinese are imported to work in the Chinese resturant industry. Buses carry them all over the country. They are also employed in garment sweatshops. We all know how Mexican illeagles are misused by the people who employee them, low wages, no benefits, any tax that they pay on income is lost, even if they don't make enough and could get a refund. We aren't opening our doors to illegals, they are coming in because people will hire them. When their employers are done with them, they often call INS and have them shipped home.

I really don't think he is sweet lady. But he does sound like it sometimes. I have seen the stooges you refer to, in Washington and elsewhere. They are awful people. they have sold their souls for nickles and dimes. Four of them fill a room, so big are their egos.
Not sure I would agree with you on illegal immigration although solving the problem of children is difficult. I think Sanctuary cities are worn like a badge by Democrats.
So much in your post... but many retailers do support American made products, which is awesome.
A friend I have made here in LA played me a song from his era .. as he called it. I had never heard it before... "Plane Crash At Los Gatos" I think it's called... or maybe "Deportees". I think you might know it. All I could think on hearing it was 50 years plus and things haven't really changed have they?. Thank goodness I ask 'why?'. 50 years to me is like forever, an era.

Have pulled this thread way off topic. Adult sibblings involved in the political process are fair game even if I like at least one of them.
Even if I can't abide her husband. trump swamp.jpg

Topic Insects are totally cool but butterflies will fuck you up
Posted 21 May 2017 03:21 assassin bug 12000 peeps pa chagas dis.jpg

Looks sort of cute.... Only kills between 8,000 and 12,000 peeps a year!.

Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 21 May 2017 03:17

I am not defending your corporate system, nor am I supporting consigning people to government supplied benefits. I was merely pointing out what is hypocrisy and what isn't.

If the way you've always behaved contradicts the things you claim to stand for, and you show no signs of changing your ways, then you are a hypocrite. Ivanka Trump is a member of the Trump camp that loudly advocates "made in America" and "jobs for Americans", yet continues to produce abroad. Now if there were clear signs, that she is trying to shift production to America I might think of her differently, but thus far I have seen no signs she is about, or even willing to try that.

As for welfare, that is not something a government gives, it is something a society gives. Most people seem to forget that the government is nothing more than an instrument of a democratic society. And as are on our way to creating a society where there will be less and less work that needs human effort, there will be more and more people, for whom there will never be a job. Unless you wish to create a society where a small elite of working people exists next to a large mass of people without even the bare minimum, society will have to find a way to distribute the means to live in a way, that does not depend on having a job.

Well obviously my opinion of her is different to yours. But you will catch up.

If you believe that government is nothing more than the instrument of a democratic society I believe you might be delusional. It should be, but sadly, in most countries, it isn't; including America... my opinion. Usually nowadays you get the government that select donors pay for.
Societies where small elites of working people/non-working people exist next to a large mass of people without even the bare minimum, exist. Sadly, they seem to be becoming more numerous year by year. They are no longer the third world countries that used to immediately spring to mind.


Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 21 May 2017 02:25

It's nice that Trump and his family changed their mind about the way to make money that would benefit their country. But since they already made big money in ways that don't fit their new slogan, I'd say it's fair that they start leading by good example first before they're taken serious.
It's a bit like the West demanding from upcoming economies that they stick to the highest standards regarding pollution control, while we ourselves often can't even do that (with our well faring economies that got big by polluting the shit out of our world).

I don't disagree with your argument. Just that ... do you suggest that we just accept the status quo?... that no effort to stop the practice is attempted?. You speak with the voice of corporate America.. 'leave things as they are... that's how we have made them ... for our benefit'.
Contracts will expire and individuals will make changes. I see only benefits in trying to start the changes as of now, rather than waiting. But that is just me. My vision of the future of this country is very different to yours and those critical voices that would stop the rejuvenation process at all costs. Afterall, being a slave to Washington and its corporate masters is vital for some. I rather enjoy being the rebel with a cause.


Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 21 May 2017 02:11

Please point to sometime in the past where humans have dumped enormous quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in ridiculously short periods of time. At any time, not just in correlation with the ice ages. According to the science and basic history, this hasn't happened before, though according to the science CO2 has varied markedly in atmospheric percentages for various reasons associated with increased volcanism, increased weathering, melting of permafrost releasing locked methane (oxidising to CO2), locking away of carbon in limestone, oil and coal deposits over countless millennia, all of which aligned with changes in the earths temperature. At the moment humans are dumping it into the atmosphere. A simple mass balance of the fossil fuels burnt accounts for all of it (plus some because of uptake in oceans and weathering reactions).

The temperature changes aren't always increases when CO2 increases, as the first and most major snowball earth is thought to be caused by life starting to produce masses of oxygen which eventually (once other oxygen sinks were used up) converted methane, a much stronger greenhouse gas, to carbon dioxide.

There are many reasons the climate changes (changing insolation, increasing solar activity, changing volcanism, asteroid impacts, changing atmospheric concentrations even by dumb bacteria let alone supposedly smart humans, changing planetary orbit characteristics, changing continental distribution, etc) and science is doing a pretty good job of understanding them, though the job is never finished. What's clear at the moment is that we are causing it, that it is going to disrupt the planets ecological balance markedly at a time that it's already under enormous pressure from other human activities and that it's happening ridiculously quickly in geological terms and whilst it may appear slow in lifetime terms at the moment, in human societal terms it'll cause serious disruptions.

For the accepted reasons for the ice ages please refer to the Milankovich cycles which relate to the changing orbital nature of the planet. As this forcing isn't enough on its own also refer to how the warming caused by the changing insolation caused other feedbacks dependent on methane locked in permafrost and changing weather patterns from changing glacial topography all dependent on current continental distribution.

What staggers me most about comments such as these is how it is any way seen to be a logical argument in refutation on AGW. If you were in a car crash and were seeking to absolve yourself of blame would you argue that "the car has been crashed before and I wasn't even in it, therefore I can't be at blame this time"?

And in reference to a previous comment about snowball earth refuting AGW, how is it logical to cite a theory that is far more contentious in scientific circles because of the far more limited evidence available to support it, to try to refute another (even ignoring it's used incorrectly) that has a staggering amount of evidence to support it that is not at all contentious except in the details.

Why would I need to point that out?. I have no idea what has actually happened on this planet in the past... well up until a few years ago at least. I am not sure that anyone really does. The rest of your lecture leaves me dumbfounded. I'm sorry if you disagree with me, but I really do believe that climate change on this planet has happened before and will happen again... and that it will continue in cycles whether we are here or not. I also believe that we are probably accelerating it's current cycle by our industrial demands. Must therefore conclude that climate change is irreversible. We just are not that clever. So why would I not want money spent on survival techniques/strategies for the human race?. Snowball earth only reinforces my belief of unstoppable cyclic climate change.


Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 21 May 2017 01:59

Sanctimonious hypocrisy?
There is no hypocrisy in owning goods that weren't made i America, nor is there hypocrisy in producing goods outside of of America, unless you are the one loudly advocating, that Americans should buy "made in America" and that manufacturers should only use American labour, like Donald Trump and his team consistently did throughout the campaign.
I don't recall Adele or the "peeps" like her doing that.

I disagree with you. I also have no problem with peeps owning goods made outwith America. I certainly do and will continue to do so. I would prefer not to, but given my lifestyle I always will. But when people are consciously trying to advance my, and others, options by having goods manufactured here and being bagged for it then I call the baggers sanctimonius hypocrites for supporting the very system they are criticising. I, on the other hand, am merely a hypocrite.

I love the way peeps like yourself and those you mention above defend our corporate system and support its unflinching determination to consign American workers from employees to state dependents. Of course if you can get them on welfare/benefits they are dependent on the government for living. American government is the government of corporations. The Democrat Party is the party of corporate America. It is the party of welfare dependency. The party of 'pack the country with as many as possible whether legal immigrants or not, especially not'. The more we can pack in the lower will be the wages corporations will have to pay. Give them welfare, just enough to be dependent on government handouts, but not enough so that they lose that dependency. That way we control their money supply and their votes.
I suppose you have never entered into a contract to have something either owned or manufactured. Because you would advocate those that have immediately break those contracts. Remember we are talking about Ivanka Trump here.

Sorry to disappoint. Can't give you any ammunition to help you get me suspended. You have to learn to be a better baiter; be a better anarchist... oops!... corporate stooge?.


Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 20 May 2017 17:37

A long time ago in a country not so far away there was a place called South Carolina. And it was in those days that there were many knitting mills in South Carolina that made T-shirts. Now these particular knitting mills were in some financial difficulty and the jobs of the people who worked in the mills were in jeopardy. Lo and behold, someone did some surveys and found that the people who worked in the mills, who's jobs depended on sales of the products they made, still preferred to buy Chinese made T-shirts at discount stores.

Now it could well be that they themselves were in financial hard times, and couldn't afford to pay the higher price for the T-shirts made with their own hands, but that would be a problem in it's own right. Henry Ford believed he had to pay his workers enough that they could afford to buy the products they made with their own hands. But on the other hand, he was a hard core anti-Semite who believed that Her Hitler was on the right track where Jews were concerned, so we can't pay much attention to what he thought.

Anyway, none of that matters today. To the best of my knowledge, no T-shirts are made in South Carolina anymore, and probably not anywhere else in the USA.

And that's all I have to say about that.

hello1 hello1 hello1 hello2

Am pleased to advise that T-shirts are still manufactured in America, maintaining a 200 year old tradition. They wholesale at around $US4.50 which gives them a store retail around $14 to $25. They will be on show at NYFW this fall, but the designer label will retail at $125 to $150. Will send you a pic. Not many manufacturers left though. As for where the material(s) come from .... well that is another matter.


Edit: There are T-shirts still manufactured in South Carolina... and mills still running.

Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 20 May 2017 14:11

I would love to see proof that ivanka tried all 71 USA shoe manufacturers were approached and turned down before turning to a manufacturer whose plants were located overseas. And, btw, approximately 1/3 of my clothing is made in the USA.

ty for taking the quiz. I think you fall into the around average category. I am guessing that most of women who check, and even the men, mostly out of curiosity, will fall into the 30% - 40% range. I actually don't know but posed the question out of interest.

I also wanted to highlight the sanctimonious hypocrisy of those who openly bag Ivanka Trump because the footwear company that pays her royalties has her brand manufactured overseas. Those very same peeps, like you, then go out and spend two thirds of their clothing spend actively supporting that practice. Perhaps you should check where the fabrics come from. I doubt many will then get to even 10%.

I am amazed that you think Ivanka turned to a manufacturer whose plants are overseas. Marc Fisher, to the best of my knowledge doesn't own any factories overseas. Might have a financial interest though. Of course you did proclaim that her father has factories in Mexico making his clothing. I have read your half hearted attempt to wiggle out of that claim. It is useless trying to explain, again, the royalty system in business that the Trumps and most other 'names' use... and I include major sports stars, along with celebrities, as 'names'. It is obvious that your knowledge of how business works falls somewhere between ignorance and pig ignorance.

I am not sure if my opinion of you as a sanctimonius hypocrite or my evaluation of your business acumen can get me suspended ... but no doubt you will try.

As for her approaching all 71 companies personally?.. I doubt she is that stupid... though the gross stupidity you display in even broaching that question is amazing. Like .. sure she went to a company that makes only footwear for a prosthesis. Like sure she bothered with companies that make, and only ever have made, shoes for infants and men. . I doubt she even did the footwork. She employs peeps for that. The thing about business... usually across any industry.. is that when someone comes looking for a manufacturer/supplier word spreads like wildfire. I believe that, as well as those companies approached, the rest of the industry would know.

Three peeps have asked me about the 71 and did I include companies like Nike. Yes, I did include companies like Nike but not Nike itself; because Nike, to the best of my knowledge, although having it's headquarters in Oregon, manufacturers not a single pair of its shoes in America. . If you want to buy a pair of good running shoes, American made, then you have only one choice... New Balance. Most, but not all of their shoes, are made here.
Personally I don't see New Balance expanding their business to make heels. Shhh


Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 20 May 2017 12:00

hello2 My argument was that the Earth's climate has indeed been changing (mostly slowly) for aeons. And species have been becoming extinct for aeons. Neither of those things imply that recent changes in climate or recent extinctions are just part of a natural process. People's actions (burning coal or hunting pandas) can and do have an impact.

I do agree that we should be putting some research money into finding ways to adapt to climate change because it will happen even if all the countries agreed to phase out fossil fuels tomorrow. But if we do nothing, then there's some chance that things could get so bad that we can't really adapt and I'd prefer not to take that risk. Anyway, I doubt I'll change anyone's opinions on here.

And those bloody Kiwis...stealing our jobs. Someone should build a wall across the Tasman Sea and make Australia great again.

Hmm, what was the topic again? Oh yeah, I think politicians' offspring should be left alone (even if the pollies' spin doctors say, "You'll look more human if you wheel out your spouse and children again") unless they're adults who join in campaigns and/or would benefit massively from any (hypothetical) corrupt efforts by their politician parent...

hello2 Changing opinions on Lush? Oh fat chance cobber. You are right on all other things... except perhaps Kiwis? Is there still animosity there? I heard Aus was making it harder/more expensive for Kiwis to study there.

Totally agree on your offspring opinion.


Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 20 May 2017 11:53

It's nice that Trump and his family changed their mind about the way to make money that would benefit their country. But since they already made big money in ways that don't fit their new slogan, I'd say it's fair that they start leading by good example first before they're taken serious.
It's a bit like the West demanding from upcoming economies that they stick to the highest standards regarding pollution control, while we ourselves often can't even do that (with our well faring economies that got big by polluting the shit out of our world).

That was a hard hitting final sentence Mr N. So very true!


Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 20 May 2017 11:51

That's contradictory.

Did you ever know a girl that wasn't? Shhh


Topic The right to refuse service: What do you think?
Posted 20 May 2017 11:47

Refusing service for not having shoes on sounds kinda discriminatory against amputees ;)

Wicked man! Shhh funny sign alcohol bar.jpg

Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 19 May 2017 16:40

The aboriginal Tasmanians were hunted to extinction. If they found a living Tasmanian aborigine, one of Trump's sons would hunt him down and kill him.

Hence my ref to Tassie being an island... no place for the poor souls to hide.

In fact they weren't hunted to extinction, largely due to a European lay preacher, George Augustus Robinson who almost cetainly saved them from extinction in the Black War. Disease played a greater role in their demise than the gun. Although the diseases were introduced by Europeans. There are descendants alive today, still fighting for their rights. They are very resilient people, much like Native Americans, and equally as brave in battle. Spears and boomerangs against guns yields a forgone conclusion. crybaby


Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 19 May 2017 15:42

Not sure how this got from presidential ofspring to climate change but "wth".

There is no question that the earth's climate is changing. It always has. Google "snowball earth".

There's actually some question about whether the long term trend is currently up or down. When I was a kid, people had their shorts in a bunch over "global cooling". The last 20 years or so seem to have been sideways.

So the question we should be concerned with is actually of multiple parts:

1. How much of the current change is anthropogenic (caused by human activity)

2. How much of our contribution could we control if we wanted to. Note that China and India are having a terrible time controlling their runaway coal seam fires.

3. How much of the world's economy are we willing to modify and perhaps destroy in that effort.

4. How many people will we actually harm in the process.

It's Ivanka Trump's fault. Her shoes apparently reek of unpatriotism because they are made in China and the factory emissions are causing global warming and no polar bears are therefore floating on icebergs to Australia for Phil to hunt so he is importing pandas from... China!. .

My answers...

1. None, zero, zilch. We do help it along though. .

2. 100% .. if we wanted.

3. None, zero zilch. But we talk big about what we need to do in order to appease the masses and satisfy our corporate masters. Also to appease our consciences.

4. Everyone.... but some will die rich having had a hell of life! We can then be remembered as a good sort by bequeathing a less than generous bit to some educational establishment, probably one we once attended, for climate change research. This appeases our conscience in the afterlife and allows us, on meeting our Maker, to say .."... but look what we did!".


Topic Free Speech
Posted 19 May 2017 15:18

Ruthie does the setup and Seax spikes the ball!

We "The People" let them.

Politicians lie. The say whatever they feel like they need to say to stay in power and have probably done so since the first democracies in classical Greece. Where our system was supposed to be different was in having an impartial "Press" (they aren't) who would dig for the truth hidden behind the lies (they sorta do sometimes when it doesn't conflict with their own agenda) and report that truth to us. Then we, having had the benefit of a public education so that we can in fact read said free press, would hold said politicians accountable.

In general, we don't really give a rodent's posterior what our politicians are up to. An appalling number of our citizens aren't even registered to vote. And only about half of those registered bother to show up.

Our "Press", including all forms of communication, tend to pick out causes that they feel need to be advanced, then select or spin the "news" they present in order to further those causes. Make no mistake about it, some of these causes are good ones, and we all benefit from having the media push them, but we don't get to decide which ones are pushed. Most of us couldn't care less.

We're still graduating High School seniors that cannot read their own diploma's. Our school children can hear a song, name the band, and probably name the members of the band, yet have no idea who their Representative is. Many school districts no longer require any courses in American History or American Government.

So how did we get where we are today? We, the American People, took our eyes off the ball.

'A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, "Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, "A republic, if you can keep it." '

It's my belief that if Dr. Franklin and the other founders were to see what we have allowed our Republic to become they might well wonder why they bothered.

hello1 hello1 hello1 hello1 hello1 hello1 hello1

If the Founding Fathers came back they would think they had missed America and landed in some foreign place.

We didn't keep it did we? .... Shhh .

The Bible says something about becoming as little children in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Our school kids have the right idea.
As for American history; how do explain Native Americans to school children?. Best just forget. What they don't know won't hurt them. Teach them they can be anything they want to be... even President... if they conform!. Conformity, conformity, conformity to the grave. In no way teach them to try and change the way we are run.
Teach them they have free speech.. as long as it is what everyone wants to hear. Otherwise it's dangerous... as we have found on Lush.

As for politicians lying... really?. Gosh, I would never have guessed!.

Awesome post sweet man. Now watch how the 'posse of hate' turn your obvious truths into an attack on you know who. Shhh


Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 19 May 2017 14:41

We didn't cause the last ice age. We also didn't cause the extinction of the dinosaurs. By your argument, the 30 mammal extinctions in Australia (and the huge number close to extinction) since Europeans arrived are a coincidence. As is the decrease in passenger pigeon population in the US from around 3 billion to zero after people started hunting them in earnest.

I would like a panda skin rug for my lounge. Want to come hunting with me? Sure, they might end up extinct, but we can't fight nature and might as well do whatever we please in the meantime...

hello2 What has climate change got to do with hunting? ... and by the way you forgot the Aborigines... we used to hunt them for sport too. Just as well the mainland is a big place. Pity about Tassie being an island.

My argument you misunderstand. I believe in climate change, but not in the waffle that we cause it. Earth's climate has been changing for aeons. We have nothing to do with it. We are not greater than Mother Earth.

That we contribute to it, I agree. I have visited cities where you can't see the sky properly. But we cannot stop it.. my opinion. The best we can do is learn to adapt. Our survival depends on how we cope. That is where our climate change monies should be directed.

I don't hunt, not even foxes, but can supply a panda rug. Of course it's really a sheepskin rug part dyed. But it is made in Australia .... wait... Embarassed ,,, bloody Kiwis again! Shhh A11 dinosaurs alcohol.jpg

Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 19 May 2017 14:03

There are a few reasons why American footware manufacturers chose not to retool, reskill, and whatever, to accommodate the Ivanka Trump brand. That was their choice as they were given the chance. .

Meanwhile, for all the sanctimonious hypocrites who go after the Ivanka trump brand because you say she puts profits before patriotism, a simple test of your patriotism.
Go to your closet and check all the labels on your clothing , shoes and bags. Throw out all that were made in China. Then throw out all that were made in countries other than ours. Are you going out naked tomorrow?
Then head to your kitchen and similarly check and clear your cooking utensils, cutlery. china. Eating off the floor tomorrow? With your fingers?.
Oh! Best check your floor covering... even the floor boards!

So how patriotic have you turned out to be?

I can't speak for the kitchen myself... but approx 20% of my wardrobe is made in the US. I bet that is better than most.
Sooo I am 20% patriotic... and always will be. angel7 How did you fare?.

Business will always choose profit before patriotism because business is about money, profit, shareprice so that the CEO can get his undeserved bonus from downsizing the organisation to improve the bottom line this year. Alternatively taking the path to Mexico and beyond. The bulls**t you hear at shareholder meetings and AGMs.
I put in there as homage to motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson who only opened overseas manufacturing/assembly because of the punitive tariffs and restrictions placed on them as an American manufacturer. Places like the EU!.

Until the consumer demands locally made product then we are all part of the problem not the solution. But a President intent on fixing the prob is to be crucified for trying. Let us all continue to support the economies of China and Japan and the like. .
I at least voted for someone trying to bring change, as opposed to those who voted to maintain the Chinese economy over ours.
President Trump is a danger to corporate profits. Yes he's a jerk... he always has been. For that he is to be brought down at all costs. Not because he is a jerk, but because he .... omg! .. I almost used the slogan!!!! Shhh


Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
Posted 17 May 2017 18:56

Giggles... will open that thread shortly. Am going to pinch your gif. Shhh

Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
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Sometimes I wonder if all conservatives were off banging an angel when the hearts were being passed out. The problem with prison labor is that it's cheap. Prisons contract out their labor to companies and pay the prisoners next to nothing. China is already using slave labor, and contracting some of their slave labor to make American goods. The companies who do not use slave labor have to compete with those who do. That puts those companies at a disadvantage.

You know as well as any of us that Trump and his miscreant family aren't giving their work to China so that their citizens won't starve. That's a disingenuous argument at best. Putting Americans out of work so that Chinese could eat wasn't the reason he and his family of degenerate monsters did it, it was to enrich themselves. The real Trump slogan should be "Fuck America." You are defending people who would put you in prison for marijuana, at the maximum penalty, of course, and the maximum number of the highest possible charges, and use you to enrich themselves and the private prison industry.

What's to keep them from building enough prisons to house us all, feeding us swill and exploiting us for free labor? They have the courts, the congress, and the White House. We need prison reform, fewer people being sentenced to prison for minor crimes and drug possession, and all they are interested in is profits.

I'm not making an argument here. I'm just prophesizing. If we don't act quickly, the rights we have enjoyed as a nation will be gone, all the rights workers have worked for will be gone, women's rights will be gone. The environment, God help us, is almost gone now. Many scientists have doubt that our destruction would be avoidable even if we began to act in a rational and sane manner concerning our earth and it's resources. I personally believe it is too late. I'm not sure that the earth will still be liveable fifty years from now. We might destroy humanity in my lifetime. Wouldn't that be great! The earth won't be destroyed, it will still be here, making its journey around the sun, but there won't be any of us left to notice the seasons changing. Maybe the reason that wealth is being funneled to so few hands is that they want to build survivable places for themselves. If it's on the moon, though, they better watch themselves. I am Empress of the Moon.

I almost started the post I made, quoting your post on prisons, as 'Made in China'.
I agree with you that globalisation is for the enrichment of corporations and those that own them... and for the already wealthy. This is a policy I, personally, attribute in all its glory to the Democrats. The Clintons, to me, are its personification.

As for climate change? ... we probably differ in parts. I don't believe it is man-made. If it is, could somebody please explain to me how we made the last ice age... plus the one before that... plus the bits in between when it wasn't cold. According to science we have been through all this before.
Now if you tell me that we are accelerating it and that we are making this world an unliveable place, I will agree wholeheartedly. That to me is what we should be fighting.
We cannot defeat Nature. Doing a King Canute, as so many climate change peeps advocate, is just ... well doing a King Canute.
Let's get our air clean. I have visited cities that haven't and peeps here have no idea of the taste it leaves in your mouth. Let's learn how to cope with climate change, if it's possible. It is coming whether we like it or not. It shouldn't be an industry... it should be a major international research project on how we are to survive. Not all of us will I suppose.

How much are you asking for a few acres on the Moon sweet lady?. Don't tell the Kushner's ... they will be selling it to the Chinese!.

Big Hugs

Topic Potus45 - Will he be impeached?
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Keep in mind that if The House brings up Articles of Impeachment it will act similar to a grand jury in some respects. One glaring difference is that people on a grand jury are drawn from a cross section of America. They are sworn to be impartial and judge on the evidence presented. The members of The House are political animals and could not be impartial if their lives depended upon it. So Articles of Impeachment would be voted up or down not solely on the merits of the evidence, but on their potential political impact as well. I think it's obvious that a similar process would occur in any Senate trial.

So if you're at all open minded about the process, the issues that are at stake, and the people who will be working the process, you will come to the conclusion that whether Trump could be impeached, whether he should be impeached, and whether he will be impeached have three very different probabilities.

One need only consider the case of one William Jefferson Clinton.

Well there is now a special counsel appointed. At least we will get an outcome. And whilst he is scurrying around he might take a look at the Democrats. Do you think that shafting Bernie Sanders qualifies as interfering with the Election?. I have always thought so. Or am I just provoking peeps?. result liberal brendan on cartoon.jpg

Topic Presidential offspring - out of bounds or fair game..?
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Ivanka Trump

How many footware manufacturers are there manufacturing in the USA? There are 71.
That 71 is a generous figure because not all completely manufacture here. Some import 'bits' and sew them together.

How many are unable to make the Ivanka brand styles? 59
They make runners, sandles, kiddies shoes, work boots etc..

So we are down to 12.

How many of these 12 specialise in women's boots rather than heels/shoes? 6

So we have 6 US manufacturers capable of making the Ivanka brand lines.
How many of those will need extra machinery and new skilled labour? 4

So that leaves 2 that are equipped and have the skill level to make her brand line.
Of these 2, how many are capable of meeting the production requirements such as volume and style change..

Well now we have a problem...

There are of course existing contracts in place ... but hey! ... who cares... another company suing the Trumps. My!... more ammunition for the hate columnists.

How many financial institutions/VC's have been approached by the Trumps to support US manufacture of their fashion lines? 18
How many have said no? 14
So 4 are in still in negotiation.
Existing contracts will have to expire of course before US manufacture can commence.

Happy to argue this through with names etc.

As for NAFTA? Yes it was a Republican brainchild. But they never believed they could get it past the House I am told. Then came President Bill Clinton and his wife. Corporate America I hear rejoiced. As did American Labour.

Corporate America rejoice still.
American Labour still has access to benefits! So shut up and vote Democrat!
Let's get this man who wants to change everything out at all costs. He'll still get his $400K a year if he resigns... plus all the perks. Bernie Sanders got zilch... well a knife in the back. Shhh No wonder he describes himself as Independent.

Now there is a new thread. Presidential Pensions. Think