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Topic Who should be the next US president?
Posted 24 Oct 2016 22:07

I'm sure there's a lot of scared Lush forum contributors that would be happy to see change in most of our countries' political processes. I think the thing that scares most people is the man leading the charge in your country. He is not a leader. If there was a decent, intelligent person with solid ideas on how that change could be executed, I am sure the "movement" would gain more ground. Donald Trump is all over the place. He uses his celebrity status to stir the crowds at his rallies, but gives very little substance to what his "plan" is. It's a shame really. I hope he loses, and I hope in the future someone with more diplomacy steps up to the plate. I am truly frightened.

giggles... I wonder how many American politicians you could name that are decent, intelligent and have solid ideas and a plan they could get through the Congress and the Senate? .. Not sure such a political animal exists here confused5 . Look what happened to Bernie Sanders? The forces that come against you if you are not "owned" are enormous.

America runs on celebrity status. I have seen it in action at NYFW. It's not the same in Europe, it's different and not to the same degree. In America people associate celebrity with ability and assume that it carries intelligence with it I think. Look at the way the media reports on the celebrity endorsements per candidate. Wonder if the candidate turns out to be useless could you sue the celeb for false advertising? And the biggest critics are always the ones that haven't the courage to try for office themselves. It doesn't pay what they earn I suppose, but the soul selling is much the same I think.

See what happens in November. Great to have a leader but I would prefer someone who will bring change. Seems we have been lead by the nose for years. So I will vote for change, which leaves me only one option on offer.


Topic Who should be the next US president?
Posted 24 Oct 2016 19:06

This election will be such a bloodbath when it comes to electoral votes, that I suspect that the Republicans will take a long hard look at their nomination procedures. They have Balkanized themselves so much over the last 20 years that the nomination procedure just weeds out anyone who has any chance at winning a general election.

I soooo agree with you! After this election the Political Elites of both the GOP and the Democratic Party will close ranks so tightly that no candidates such as Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders can ever win their Nominations again, ever! In the future such candidates will have to stand as Independents.

Afterall, if you cannot "own and control" your Candidates then how can you "sell" them to Corporate Sponsors and the Financial Elite?
Jeb Bush managed to flush $132million of GOP Sponsor money down the political toilet! . Can't have that next time angry7

Hillary Clinton is the "selected" Nominee of the Democratic Party Political Elite. No one else stood a chance did they? Mr Sanders knows the answer to that question. He risked becoming sooo popular he suffered one of the best ritual political assassinations ever seen.

Donald Trump is the "elected" Nominee of the GOP... chosen by the voters.. the electors ... and certainly not by the GOP Political Elite. To them he was the backroom joke.. even becoming the frontroom joke! And not wanting "their" sponsors money? Omg! .. How do you sell that to Corporations and America's Financial Elite? ... That must not be allowed to happen again!. The GOP will tell their electorate who to vote for, just as the Democratic Party does. Just can't have the people making these decisions! That's democratic! Heaven knows where that could lead?

And yet here we have Dear Donald on the loose across America garnishing votes and terrorizing the ... living daylights out of the Lush Forum contributors. Almost entirely under his own steam! A man against the Establishment? ... A man against the Machine!.. How American is that???

They are scared stiff, I think, of what Trump and Sanders have started. They really don't want people thinking for themselves. As I said .. that's like democracy! People need to be led... coaxed along... let them think they can vote for what they want... just give them two choices of your own choosing ... giggles.. and decide what they get... sad isn't it? fart ... but that's Politics ... Shhh


Topic Who should be the next US president?
Posted 24 Oct 2016 17:42

Though I always respect the rights and opinions of others here, excepting those who mindlessly rattle off alt-right talking points as facts, it really does blow my mind that regardless of what you think of Hillary and regardless of how diehard a Republican you are (I myself have only voted Democrat 3 times in 30 years) that any woman could in good conscience cast a vote for a man who brags about his proclivity for sexually assaulting women. Taking all the other stupidity that spews from his mouth daily off the table, this alone is far more than enough that not one woman in this once proud country of ours should cast a vote for Donald Trump. Hate Hillary? Don't vote for Hillary. Vote for a third party, write in a candidate.. but for heaven sakes, the man sexually assaults women. How can a woman sanction that with her vote? How can a man sanction that? What is wrong with this country that a man brags about sexually assaulting women and ANYONE still says they will vote for him?

Sorry Amy, but at the risk of being deported by the huge Clintonite faction here, you don't always respect the rights and opinions of others here... otherwise you would not say "except" ... which means there are some here whose rights and whose opinions, however obnoxious or cranky they may be, you don't respect. You openly say so in what you have written.

For me I have the choice on this, the occasion of my first vote, to put one of two men into the White House. The choice offered is Donald Trump or Bill Clinton. Now Mr Clinton isn't standing for President, but a vote for Hillary is just as much a vote for Bill, who will get a wonderful appointment I am sure. So whose sexual appetite and regard for women do I find most repulsive? My answer is Bill. I also find Hillary's denegration of his victims as distasteful and as disgraceful as Dear Donald's antics. The Oval Office is no stranger to men with poor regard of women. Wasn't JFK a notorious womaniser?

I could vote for neither.. but I truly want change to come here because I believe change is needed. Change away from the political elitism that is killing the USA as it is surely killing Europe. Money has always 'talked', but it hasn't always completely 'controlled'. Sadly it's almost at that stage. Hillary is not going to even try to change that. Hillary 'belongs' to the Banks and Corporate America. I believe Donald will at least shake things up a bit, which is at least a start.

I was in my early teens in 2008 but I remember it. I also have some vivid memories of the aftermath. My mum's family made a fortune and the American taxpayer bailed out the Banks... and many of those taxpayers got to live in a motorhome.. well their cars. Now Hillary has stated the Banks were not to blame, but that is sooo not true. I saw some of what went on in that aftermath, from the 'inside' as you would say. I do not blame the current administration for the bailout but it was badly administered.. my opinion. I do blame them for their failure to reform the financial system so that it couldn't happen again. They didn't and it will.

Two other things that happened in the aftermath are causing me to vote for Dear Donald this election.

The first is the Ford Motor Company. Ford received hundreds and hundreds of millions in taxpayer's money to avoid closure because of their Board's bad investment strategies. Money given to them, not just to save them, but to stimulate their job creation programmes, through development and expansion, which happened. Last year they announced a new factory, manufacturing cars and engines, and creating more than 3,800 jobs... in Mexico. That is in addition to their 2012 commencement of a new manufacturing plant, which is coming online, in India, as we are about to vote. Only 3,000 jobs there, but with planned expansion over the next 10years for a further 4,000 jobs. We were not forgotten. They were quick to point out that they are investing in 'retooling' at their Cleveland Plant. That will make Cleveland more efficient. Not sure if the redundancies caused by this increase in efficiency have yet been announced. The investment in Mexico is $2.5billion, which Dear Donald wants brought back to the USA. Afterall most of the cars are coming here. The investment in India is $2billion and some of their cars are coming here. Cleveland gets $168 million and redundancies. Trade deals? How wonderful they are for Corporations? Who wants to do something about them?

The second relates to the bailout of the Banks and the failure to regulate, to protect us in the future. Most Americans think it was a Wall Street bailout, but it just wasn't Wall Street that collected. The very first Bank to recieve US taxpayer funds was Bank Of America. They recieved $1.1 trillion! Guess who was second? Westpac ... Australia's most risky bank and smallest of the big four Australian Banks. The biggest bank in Australia, and in my opinion it's best, the Commonwealth Bank, was the 12th Bank on the Fed list of Financial recipients. Thank you American taxpayers, for the Australian Government were not going there. And let us not forget the most fined bank in England, Barclays, who used the bailout funds on 49 separate occasions, for funds between $300million and $15billion. The Fed did not want to disclose who got what. A certain independent Senator from Vermont led the agitation that finally forced them to publish lists, that can be fact checked, through the Public Information Act. He, of course, stood for Presidential Nomination only to be shafted by the Democratic Party political establishment. The revulsion of his treatment caused the forced resignation of the chairwoman of that establishment. She was immediately hired by the Clinton campaign. If Hillary wins then the cronyism in Washington will reach, in my opinion, unprecedented levels. Dear Donald wants to remove the lobbyists. I think that alone is worth voting for! ... ooops... is that a third reason?.

Better stop now and start packing. Are any Veterans reading this? Have you kept your tin hat and body armour? I need to borrow some urgently. I have decided not to be deported willingly. Fortunately the 2nd Amendment gives me the right to defend myself against a hostile Government. Well if it is still in place at the time. dontknow ... otherwise I am soooo going to jail !!! angry7 ... or maybe GOP Heaven?... which is Democratic Hell Shhh


Topic Who should be the next US president?
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Topic February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
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Topic Who should be the next US president?
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Topic Who should be the next US president?
Posted 22 Oct 2016 07:21

Trump is an embarrassment, who is following a tried and true road traveled by many a demagogue. Them verses us, fear mongering, delegitimatizing free media, and the electorial process, omg, I'm ranting! Can we just talk about pussy?

Ok... are you about to discuss Hillary? ... You said 'pussy'? ... giggles Shhh

Topic February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted 22 Oct 2016 06:38

Have any people who either still support trump or are voting for him as an anti-hillary vote actually watched any of the debates??? or read any of the fact checkers afterward??? Not only will the US be in trouble if he wins, so will the rest of the world. start digging those bomb shelters now. BTW, not voting is also not the answer, and also eliminates you from the right to have an opinion about who gets elected or what happens. and the presidential race is not the only item on ballots. there are races for congress in most states, other local races and referendums. not wanting to vote for hillary OR trump, so not voting at all is just irresponsible. if you don't want either of them, vote for someone else or write in mickey mouse if you want. at least that is more of an anti-vote, than not voting at all.

I agree that everyone entitled to vote should vote. I also believe that to vote you should be required to identify yourself as being eligible to vote to an electoral official when you do. That this is not required in some parts of this country amazes me.

As for bomb shelters? Putin on a CNN broadcast said "Trump was for peace, Clinton for war." So if Hillary wins we best start building some. I am not a great Putin fan but how do you start dialogue with Russia when you keep bashing them in public? So the answer to Aleppo is a no fly zone in Syria? Do we shoot down Russian aircraft to enforce this? If not how do we get this outcome after public denegration of the Russian President? Strange, strange diplomacy dontknow

Topic February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted 22 Oct 2016 06:11

I could go on, but hopefully, you get the point. this is NOT a man you want to be in charge. oh, and btw, do something wrong, and you too could be on the deportation list.

Strange comment... I grew up in Australia and the UK ... where if you do something wrong they actually do deport you. Illegal immigration is not at all tolerated and they will and do deport you pronto. Also if you are not an Australian Citizen but have legal residency and you commit a crime punishable by 12 months or more in prison .. then your residency is cancelled and out you go! Same laws in New Zealand. Similar Laws in France, Germany and oh boy Switzerland!
I suppose if you break the Laws of a country to gain access then that's acceptable to some, as I have noticed in this election. If you are Law abiding you wait 7 years to come, or thereabouts, depending on your country of origin. Must be hard to tell your kids that all the privileges they enjoy they got because you decided to break the Law. I often wonder what that does to their thinking in the future? But that's just me Shhh

Anyway, I came here legally and qualified in whichever of three ways I chose.
1. Financially. Once 18 I had sufficient money to be allowed automatic access. Like Australia, New Zealand, and countless other countries there is an Immigration Law access provision for the wealthy. USA is no different.
2. Because both my stepmothers are US Citizens , I can become a Citizen by right and as a Citizen I have right of entry etc.
3. There is a third but in answering some messages it has slipped my mind... not that it matters.

Soooo as a citizen I doubt I will be deported ... just jail! Certainly can't be shut up in a mental facility, giggles... not enough money allocated for that in the health budgets. Best not go there.

I don't really know about Benghazi. It is something that she will have to live with. Certainly the only other time I know of, when someone slept through a disaster like that, was when Hitler slept through the D-Day invasion, because his staff were afraid of waking him! Wonder why no one woke her?

But all this is just smoke and mirrors and distractions. This election is really about money isn't it? No one is going to create millions of jobs without money. Dear Donald wants to lower business taxes so that business has the capital to invest in expansion and new enterprises, and attract back all those billions that corporations will not repatriate because of our repressive tax laws. He also wants to get rid of those trade agreements that send jobs from here overseas, agreements he has benefitted from but that is why they were written. Hilliary wants to either print it or raise that money by taxation on the rich and businesses. She also wants to keep the trade deals as is. Which makes most sense?.
Now if you have lived here for 8 years and are better off today than you were 8 years ago, or substantially the same, of course you will be voting for the status quo. I wouldn't expect otherwise.
And if you work on Wall Street and want to keep your wonderful lifestyle, then yes, you must vote for Hillary. Not without good reason did Goldman Sachs tell it's senior staff that they were not allowed to donate to Trumpy but Hillary was ok! .. and hundreds of millions roll in from Wall Street. Hillary is their insurance. When next the Banks hemorrhage, which will be end 2017 through 2018, they will need to be propped up again .. sorry, fiscal stimulus is the correct term ... otherwise known as heaps of funds from the Fed that they can use to secure their profits and bonuses leaving the rest to trickle down to business. They couldn't buy Dear Donald so they bought Hillary. Dear Donald might not agree and want banking reform like Bernie. Certainly he would want accountability. Heaven forbid! Better Hillary who believes, according to her testimony before Congress/Senate, that the banking disaster of 2008 wasn't the fault of the Banks, and who will be more than willing to dish out the dollars. Afterall, that is what she is being "paid" for.

Best touch on the women thing. I have met Dear Donald on four occasions. He is very exuberant around women but very courteous. I would not be afraid of being alone with him in room. Just my instinct. I have only met Hillary once and her husband was there. I was younger than now. My stepgrandfather told me to be "careful of that man!". He is an excellent judge of character and very much 'in the know'. I worry for the poor interns that will be working with Mr Clinton once he gets back into the Administration under a protective President.

I know Dear Donald is a risk, but if he gets the right people around him we might see some change in this country. I really think we do a need change away from the political elite. I started out a Hillary fan, but have changed sides. I do not know who will win but I sincerely hope and dare to believe that between Dear Donald and Bernie a ground swell for change to our political system has started. We will soon see.

If it hasn't, then God help America!. Either way, win or lose, Dear Donald will make his two billion or so through his family companies. Hillary's job generation schemes are a mirror image of his. Personally I will be much better off if Hillary wins, as will my stepfamily here, but we will do just fine if Trumpy wins.


Topic February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted 22 Oct 2016 03:05

The KKK's official newsletter just endorsed Trump! Now that's something to hang your hat on.

I read in the British press that the Taliban had endorsed... well their leaders wanted Clinton not Trump as next President.
Does this mean I have to choose between those that abetted 9/11 and those that favour racial discrimination?

If you were in my shoes... faced with those two options ... which would you choose?
This is a serious question Shhh

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Don't you just hate it when you sing along and find you are not as good as they are??? Shhh


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Topic February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted 20 Oct 2016 03:33

If this doesn't scare the shit out of you and show the true nature of the Democratic party, nothing will!

Thank you for posting this. As a first time voter in this election... and a new citizen... well it terrifies me... it truly does.
I will follow subsequent releases and the fates of those journalists brave enough to take on this investigative journalism. Obviously they will never ever be employed by the New York Times! Not that they would ever want to be.

No wonder Dear Donald is keeping his options open re the election result. This is fascism at its absolute vilest.

I for one would love to see a woman be President, but not one who sponsors this. I think we have the wrong lady on the campaign trail. One day perhaps there will be one.....

I suppose that having seen some of this from the "inside" I should not be suprised. However I did not realise just how vicious politics can be. I just assumed it was simply "dirty". So sad.

I wonder what the rest of the world will make of this? Shhh

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