Group Sex(3)


Accidental Foursome

My wife and I discover group sex unintentionally. Actually written by her...

My husband, Greg, and I had struggled for years trying to manage our weight but we finally managed to find a program we could both follow and 2 years ago we reached our respective goal weights. We decided that if after one year we managed to maintain that weight we'd treat ourselves to a cruise. 16 months later, off we went for seven days in the Caribbean. It never bothered my husband much but...Read On


Accidental Foursome Part 3

Part 3 of Accidental Foursome, but nothing from here forward is really accidental. Enjoy...

In Part 1 we met 'Adam and Eve' and engaged in our first foray into the wonderful world of group sex. In Part 2 I had my first experience at making love to another woman. the adventure continues... We arrived at the bar and found a table in a corner with no other people really close. The waiter came over and took our drink order and Greg and I sat back to people watch, one of our favorite...Read On


Accidental Foursome Pt2

This is the follow-up to Accidental Foursome, but what happens next is hardly accidental...

I recommend you read Part 1 to this story before continuing. Enjoy... After Greg and I finished up our morning workout (naked wrestling I think it’s called), we got up, had a quick shower and got dressed. I had a breakfast date with our new friend Eve and we were going to spend the last at-sea day of our cruise in the spa getting pampered and transformed into the goddesses we are. I asked...Read On

Love Stories(2)


Kieran and Mel Try Something New

Chapter 5 from Luck of the Irish, an erotic novel I'm working on. Mel is just full of surprises...

We walked quietly back to the guest house in Mel’s cousin’s backyard. I opened the door and asked Mel to open a bottle of wine while I made a pit stop. I went to the bathroom and started to run a hot bath in the huge whirlpool tub, pouring in some scented bath oil. I went back out to the kitchen while the bath was running where Mel had poured us each a glass of wine and was standing at the end...Read On


Mel's Naughty Surprise

An excerpt from a naughty novel I'm working on.

Chapter 3 of a story called "Luck of the Irish". Kieran and Mel go to her sister's wedding and she surprises him with her boldness... After dinner Mel said, “Kieran and I are going out for a walk, I’ll show him around the neighbourhood. We might stop back at the pub as well. Don’t wait up for us.” We got our coats and headed out. She showed me where she went to church and to school...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


My Old Flame (pt1)

I ran into my first girlfriend on a business trip - it turned out to be more pleasure than business.

I was waiting to catch my flight to a conference when I saw a woman come off the top of the escalator near my gate who I could have sworn I’d seen before. Try as I might I could not take my eyes off her as she crossed the concourse towards me and sat down a couple of rows away. I shook my head to clear it and went back to the report I was reading. A few minutes later I noticed a movement...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


Pete's Wife

My best friend went away and I had to 'look after' his wife...

My best friend in school was Pete, he was a year behind me but we were inseparable. I had dated Pete’s sister briefly but that didn’t last as she couldn’t handle me spending more time hanging with her brother than her. About six months after I finished high school I joined the Air Force; university would have been a waste of time for me. I wasn’t ready and was looking to learn some...Read On