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01 Sep 2016 15:30

I'm writing again. Another poem, so be ready.

06 Feb 2016 18:20

What a miracle! I'm writing a new erotica, and this one will be so much better than that other one I had before I deleted it. I got rid of the first because, well, I was embarrassed to look at it. I had no faith in my writing skills in there, plus the fact that it was with an ex and I'd rather not look at comments saying how it was "hot" we were getting it on when I'd rather not think of him.
This new one is featuring myself and my own lover. I won't give much away, except that it gets rather.. rough.~

21 May 2015 22:13

17 Apr 2015 21:18

08 Nov 2014 09:34

30 Jun 2014 18:55

I'm a wandering soul,
A suffering mind
A lost heart,
No will to fight

I hear my own thoughts, day in, day out,
I scream despite the dull ache
My body has collapsed,
And I can't get up

I've lost my strength,
I have taken too much
I'm shivering, now,
I can't keep myself still

All I see is darkness as far as the eye can see,
A deep emptiness only soulless eyes could witness
I have lost my voice,
And I'm drowning, despite the lack of water

I can't even control my breathing,
For it is very ragged and uneven
My ribcage shudders with each breath,
Every beat of my barely living heart

I feel cold,
I feel the agony,
My body can't handle it
I'm crumbling from the inside

It's become physical, no longer just mental,
And I become that of ice each night
Oh, no one is there,
I need to stop thinking I see those I want to

But how can I,
When they've entered my dreams?
They lurk over my shoulder every waking moment,
And they know who they are...

I love them with my heart and soul,
But I'm so broken, and I can't tell if that's love or agony in my chest

10 Jan 2014 19:48

For every wrong thing I've done worsens my fear of the future and what may happen to me....

08 Jan 2014 23:33

I feel like I should be sorry, but if I do that then I'm allowing my walls to fall.
Oh the joys of trying to avoid pain. t(=.=t)

28 Dec 2013 21:05

Bitterness has yet to fill my heart whilst I watch as the one I love ignores my extended arms to help and aid...
I'm starting to wonder if I should give in..

25 Dec 2013 20:10

Ah, loneliness... A familiar, yet aching, feeling.

23 Dec 2013 15:10

What do I do, now? My ex seems very prepared to take me back.. but.. how do we jumpstart a relationship that ended 2 or more years ago? He needs my help, I need his help... He could just take it out all on me but he decides not to.
I always wonder what he's thinking of me.

21 Dec 2013 17:05

Giving up on feelings rather than constantly trying it out over and over is so much easier.

07 Dec 2013 15:33

Showers are always refreshing. ^^

01 Dec 2013 17:21

Should I be happy? The girl I love hasn't spoken to me all day... Perhaps she's only having electronic issues.
God I hope it's only that... I pray it's that..

30 Nov 2013 14:52

Now my school and parents are involved in my issues.... I feel like everyone's prying and I have absolutely no privacy...

20 Nov 2013 20:18

Love and life is like an energy drink. It makes me giddy and happy and jumpy for a while, then after a while, it burns out and I feel even worse. I feel sick, almost angry with myself that I let myself believe that such a thing would make me feel better. But, because of the addiction, I drink another... and the cycle repeats...

22 Oct 2013 11:34

Heh.... I never updated my relationship status to In A Relationship, have I...? But you never know... after two months, that status may hold truth once again...

20 Oct 2013 12:40

18 Oct 2013 15:25

What's sad is I may have to extend over the black parts for bands, because I still have to update this with even more bands.

18 Oct 2013 14:25

I feel like writing poetry, but it's typically depressing, instead of a love poem, as I can post on here. I wonder what I should do?

18 Oct 2013 14:17

So I've recently gotten addicted to this webcomic called Off White. :L I hate how it constantly gets Database Errors though.

29 Sep 2013 19:54

I really like this album...

17 Jul 2013 16:07

The truth is only as powerful as those who witness it.

17 Jul 2013 16:05

Here's a little poem... Felt like putting it out there.

I can't believe this is happening to me...
Am I losing sanity?
Do I really believe I can survive?
What is this drive?

I'm so stuck, I can't move on and I can't breathe
But this is a blade I must sheathe
I can't handle all this, its too much,
Yet I can feel your faint touch

Do I have to bleed out the pain?
Do I have to let it drip down the drain?
Do I have to keep drowning?
I can still see you're frowning....

This is who I am, I can't help it if I'm insane
Please erase this pain!
Why can't I see?
Why can't I let out a plea?

I need so much help, yet you're not here
You're refusal is all too clear
Fucking get out of my mind!
I'm not that blind!

I can feel your heart flutter...
You know I'm a cutter.
I just need your guidance, you're transparent words,
I can't hear the songbirds...

03 Jun 2013 21:34

I hate seeing old pictures... sometimes you get torn feelings of keeping it and trashing it. (This is something an old girlfriend made for me)

02 Jun 2013 11:30