Love Poems(5)


Confliction of Emotion

I'm destroyed... Yet I'm living I'm weeping from endless torment... Yet all I want to do is smile I'm a rotting corpse... Yet I'm as alive as one can be I have so much pent up anger... Yet I'm as calm as a morning breeze I love you so much... It hurts to see you in so much pain My jaded gaze isn't enough to heal you, I know, But I can at least try to help with...Read On


Darkest Corners

Just a simple poem to my lover.

Where do I begin? How do I start? Do I have to reveal my true self to you, Or can I keep hiding? The masks I wear are easy to wield It's a second me, something you've gotten used to I love you, I really do So don't doubt me when I say I'll never leave you My depression is like a snake, always constricting me, But here you are, scaring it away How can you do that?  How...Read On



He may not be mine yet. But I love him so much

Am I drowning? This feeling has come anew I can't breathe when you're here My heart is beating in my throat This isn't the same feeling as before No, I'm completely awake and alive I don't feel sorrow dragging at my heels I feel warm and safe Oh, what have you done to me? I've fallen, but I didn't break I'm caught in a net of confusion and happiness A net that is so close...Read On


I Love You Too Much

A poem to a girl I've been in love with, but she never loved me back.

Darling don't fear me, I still have much to show you,  Just promise you'll love me too I'm tearing myself from the cage of depression,  But, in the light of that, I have a question; Why can't I be happy without you? I could scream all I want, till I was blue, But still I can't get over this feeling Don't be scared, I know my scars are unappealing Can I hold you in my arms,...Read On



Darkness Loneliness Abandoned and wrecked, Lost in my own mind. Scars lace my skin like bracelets, Tears have stained my cheeks countless times Bitter and cold, That's what I was becoming. You were lost too, Like a lamb finding its way to God Only you couldn't find your way And you became disoriented. Just as I hit the abyssal emptiness, I thought it was the end I thought I could no longer...Read On