Straight Sex(7)


For the Cowgirls

                                                                                                     For the Cowgirls Iris was on her way home from work. It had been a long stressful day at the doctor’s office where she worked. One of the other girls had called in sick, and she was left to deal with all of the patients and paperwork by herself. She had to stay late just to catch up. On top...Read On


Gettin' Muddy

Gettin’ Muddy Jake was at the grocery store picking up his normal Friday night groceries. He had a case of beer, a bunch of mac and cheese, canned chili, typical bachelor food. It was hard just cooking for himself. Everything came in big jumbo family packs. He wasn’t a family. He was just Jake. He didn’t mind, though. He tried the marriage thing right out of high school. Ever...Read On


Hot Breakfast

Hot Breakfast Eric was on his way to work. He liked his routine. He woke at the same time, showered at the same time in exactly the same way, and left for work all precisely on schedule.   And he always made sure he left on time for the bright point of his day, breakfast with Katie. Today his routine would change forever. Eric worked in a small electronics store in a dying mall on...Read On


Parts House Striptease

Zack had finished counting down the first register of the night. He just had to wait on time now. The parts store he worked at closed at 9, and they rarely had business after 8. Why they even stayed open was anybody’s guess. He and his closer for the night, Chastity, usually started their duties around 8:30, so they could leave almost as soon as they closed. Right now he was watching the...Read On


Rainy Day

              John pulled up and put the car in park. They had been driving now for a couple hours, trying to let this torrential rain let up. He had this perfect date planned for Renae. They ate at a nice restaurant and were going to come lay and look at the stars that night at an old cabin that his family kept on their land. There wasn’t much left standing, but it still had a porch and...Read On

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The Dance

The Dance Brooke looked down at the month’s bills for her dance studio and pushed her fingers through her hair in frustration. Where was she going to come up with the money for all of this? The mall she ran her small studio in was failing badly ever since the new strip mall on the other side of town opened. She’d only had her business open a few years, being proud of herself for having...Read On


We All Scream For Ice Cream

We All Scream for Ice Cream James had finished many of his closing duties for the night, and was just waiting on time to pass so he could close and lock the door to the front of the ice cram shop that he managed. This was always the worst part of the day, when you knew that no one was going to come in, but you had to keep open just in case. Gave him time to think about his day, though,...Read On