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02 Feb 2014 03:49

I'd just like say sorry to all my friends on lush for not being online to chat but my laptop has been Fucked for a long time now and I can't use my kids ones as they block this site. So I've only got my mobile and its really hard use on lush. I am on Facebook if you would love to talk so look for Kevin hell bicurous. Sorry again for not being an active friend
Kevin xxxx

14 Oct 2013 05:47

been spending to much time on tumblr and flickr but having lots fun

17 Jun 2013 02:31

So damn horny right now want some hot wet holes to fill.

08 Jun 2013 04:19

06 Apr 2013 04:04

15 Dec 2012 14:46

really want too get my hands on a hot slutty cd to control them and make them pleasure me

15 Dec 2012 14:29

my laptop is shit keeps and the wi-fi keeps crashing

27 Nov 2012 02:37

Wish i could get on here more often to chat and have some fun