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Topic if no one knew, would u have oral with a guy?
Posted 14 Aug 2013 08:53

yeah sure

Topic Completely shaven or landing strip?
Posted 03 Jan 2013 23:30

i prefer to have landing strip... so sexy

Topic Blowjobs: Guys, do you like to suck cock as well as having your cock sucked?
Posted 03 Jan 2013 23:27

i've had my cock sucked before and have given his cock a suck in return... it is just a matter of experiencing a new dimension of sexual release rather than just having sex or masturbating

Topic Where do you cum after masturbation?
Posted 03 Jan 2013 23:22

love the cum splatter all over my chest and pubic area.

Topic I bet you can't watch this ... just once.
Posted 30 Dec 2012 09:52

leaves a lot to imagination :)

Topic Last Two Letters ....
Posted 04 Dec 2012 19:01


Topic Where do you cum after masturbation?
Posted 04 Dec 2012 19:00

Usually all over my chest as I am a shooter not a dripper. hehe

Topic Around the world.
Posted 04 Dec 2012 18:59


Topic Drop letter, add letter ..
Posted 04 Dec 2012 18:23

Store -- Tears

Topic Have you ever masturbated at work?
Posted 04 Dec 2012 09:01

yes i have! so relaxing especially after a stressful situation

Topic Skinny dipping with the lush member above
Posted 04 Dec 2012 03:23

defintely a yes. threesome skiny dipping

Topic My last orgasm was...
Posted 30 Nov 2012 10:05

1 hour ago while reading a hot read

Topic One word
Posted 15 Dec 2011 04:02


Topic Would you go private with the person above you
Posted 15 Dec 2011 04:02

definitely... early merry christmas!

Topic World around you in two words
Posted 15 Dec 2011 04:01

music playing