Group Sex(1)


Including the Friend part Three

It's their turn

((This is a continuation of lovely_lady's story)) She turned around and smiled. “That was the most amazing experience, I can’t wait for what we do next time.” And with that, Ethan and Henry share a wicked smile between them. She has no idea what they're smiling about, but she's just enjoying the afterglow. However, that all stops when both take her a place her on her back and then...Read On

Love Poems(1)


I remember

A man remembers a special night

Hi Sweetheart, Just wanted to let you know I miss you and I've been thinking of you. Actually, I've been thinking of a special night. Do you remember that night a couple of years ago when we were on vacation in Vegas? How we came to our hotel room and were rather… frisky? Do you remember how you practically tore my clothes off me and then how you pushed me on the bed and stripped for me? ...Read On

Love Stories(1)


The Start of a Beautiful Weekend

Two lovers meet for a romantic rendezvous

He sits in the restaurant... waiting. She was supposed to meet him here... well, it seems like hours ago, but really just 10 minutes ago. Still, he is anxious to see her again. They haven't seen each other for a few months, and this little rendezvous is the only thing they talked about for months. They decided to meet in the restaurant in the hotel rather than in the hotel room just to add...Read On

Straight Sex(7)


... One night

And I, you

I wake to you lying beside me. I hear you breathing, slow and deep. I remember with a smile our time earlier in the day. My memories begin to awaken my desires for you. However, I am famished, and I imagine you will be as well when you wake. I put on some clothes and start to make some dinner. It’s approximately an hour before sunset. My plan had been time to have dinner so we could watch...Read On


A Beautiful Weekend... Part II

A reversal of roles.

He wakes... blurry eyed and a little disoriented. His cock starts to harden as the memories of their fucking before they went to sleep flood his mind. The teasing... her bent over in front of him on her hands and knees. His cock ramming her cunt.... his cock now aches for her cunt. He then realizes that she's not beside him. But, he hears the shower. He walks towards the bathroom and...Read On


Bathed in the Lights of Vegas

A night in Vegas as a couple explore her fantasy.

We made it to Vegas. We drove along I-15 through the heat of the desert and made it to our hotel. We were giggling like kids, but that’s because this wasn’t so much of a vacation as a mission. You see, my lover revealed a fantasy. A fantasy I would like to explore with her. We checked into the hotel, and took the elevator up to the 16th floor. We checked into our room. It was a nice room....Read On


Delayed Gratification

She lays there... tied up. Her wrists and ankles bound and she is blindfolded. He is so turned on by having her naked and completely helpless. He has fantasized about this for a long time. He begins by lightly caressing her. Starting with her cheeks, his fingertips move onto her jawline. However, he avoids those beautiful lips of hers. He gently strokes her ears and then moves down to...Read On


One day...

For you

It has been so long since I've seen you. I've missed you so much. I wait for you to deplane and collect your luggage. When I do see you, you've got the biggest smile I've ever seen on your face. I know you've had a very long flight, but you look so happy… so radiant. When we finally reach each other, we are in each other's arms in an instant. It's the biggest warmest embrace I could...Read On


Rest Stop

How a boring car ride can turn into fun.

It's been a wonderful vacation so far. The sights we've seen and the people we've met have been so very wonderful. But one complaint -- though not stated -- has been the car rides: long and boring. Miles and miles of desolate country roads. Beautiful sights, but over long distances, they get to be a bit boring. Well, we're on the road and, yup, miles and miles of deserted road in front...Read On


The Snack Shack

Two single people meet up

It's tough being a single dad. It's tough enough being a dad, but being a single dad makes it that much harder. All of his activities plus my own, and watching him. It makes it pretty tough. I enjoy watching him play little league, but all the other stuff that goes with it makes me wonder whether it's worth it to me. Today is a classic example. I have snack shack duty. I have to spend...Read On