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Topic: Why it’s never ‘the right time’ to discuss gun control
Posted: 09 Oct 2015 13:45

MF, I really do not want to engage you on this one.

However, in answer to your question about the shooter in Roseburg--if there were zero guns available on either the legal or illegal markets, if somehow the United States was magically free of guns, all the parts to manufacture guns, all the machinery to manufacture those parts--then yes, of course it would have been more difficult for him to kill as many people as he did. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to build a bomb--some diesel and some fertilizer and a truck, and you're good to go.

My point was, the paranoia and misinformation and fear running rampant on both sides of the debate regarding gun control has made even discussing it impossible.

Topic: Why it’s never ‘the right time’ to discuss gun control
Posted: 09 Oct 2015 08:27

On both sides of the gun control debate, paranoia and misinformation and outright fear runs so deep that I no longer believe that it is even possible to have a rational discussion about gun control.

As a competitive shooter, my way of thinking about gun control (keeping my firearms at the range or in a biometric safe, bolted to the floor of my closet, trigger locks on the actual guns--always practicing the four rules, limiting magazine capacity to 15 + 1, that sort of thing) probably differs wildly from that of someone who has never seen or touched a gun in real life. Still, I shoot with guys who absolutely cannot believe that there could possibly be a Democrat out there (you know, like me) who is definitively pro-2A.

On the other side, there are plenty of Democrats who have asked me how I could possibly believe in one's absolute right to own and shoot a gun, barring mental health adjudication, a history of felony or DV offences, or anything else that laws already in place already adequately address. Their mental image of a gun owner--white, male, poorly educated--does not match up with the reality of me, and they end up flummoxed.

I personally choose not to carry (well, to not carry very often--maybe once or twice a year), but I don't think that my personal choice should affect someone elses' personal choices.

As to the recent tragedies (Sandy Hook et al.), I see those as less about guns--people bent on destruction will find a way to carry out their plans regardless of barriers thrown up by laws--and more about the failure of society to recognise and react to those clearly in crisis than anything else.

So I guess my answer to "when is it the right time to discuss gun control" is "f*ck if I know, let's go to the range." dontknow

Topic: What Are The Most Memorable Movie Scenes That Have Stayed With You Always?
Posted: 08 Oct 2015 13:10

Hands down, the scene in Field of Dreams where the little boy, the younger Doc Graham, steps across the baseline and transforms into the older version of himself. This, plus the part where everyone, alive and dead, realises that he can't go back, can't turn back into the little boy to finish the inning, invariably makes me tear up.

Topic: Show Dem Tiddies for Breast Cancer Research. WIN GOLD MEMBERSHIP.
Posted: 08 Oct 2015 12:59

My thoughts, as I was reading through this thread:

First, Ruthie, you have beautiful breasts, with nipples that I absolutely covet (mine are so freaking huge from nursing for a sum total of just over 7 years, they could be used to guide in a 747).

Second, and this is for the guys, do not dismiss anything you find/feel in either your breasts or your balls, particularly if the finding is not bilateral (equal in size, texture, and placement on both breasts or both testicles). Do not allow your findings or concerns to be dismissed, and FFS, do not ignore them. I have seen men with scrotal sacs swollen to the size of basketballs who literally waited until they could no longer walk before seeing a physician and undergoing an ultrasound.

Testicular cancer is most commonly found in men ages 15-35, and a testicular self-exam is done in the shower, much like a BSE. Lather your scrotum up with soap, then, using two fingers, start at the midline and move outwards in circles to the thighs. Finally, roll your testicles around between your fingers; you're looking/feeling for any lump, swelling, feeling of fluid shifting inside the scrotal sac, and the skin should feel "normal", not bumpy (a condition called peau d'orange, and a very significant sign of cancer in both BRCA and testicular CA).

Third, those pics of women who have undergone mastectomies and then had a tattoo placed over the scar are both beautiful and brave.

Topic: Try to get him going again...
Posted: 08 Oct 2015 07:22

I'm obviously not a guy, but isn't the whole point of having a "fuckfriend" or "friend with benefits" sort of arrangement that you both end up satisfied? He's treating you more like a kept woman--a mistress--than like someone who deserves to receive sexual pleasure as well as give it.

Personally, I would drop this guy like a hot rock and move on, but that's just me.

Topic: Away and Black boxes
Posted: 08 Oct 2015 01:10

Is there any way of retrieving a story written and and stupid Black boxes come, damn page flipped and lost my hole story, almost finished. Is there any way Gav and retrieve that story or is it just gone? Please any way to stop these black boxes???? Any way to retrieve my story?

Not a mod, but I've had this happen while pasting a story into the submission box. I don't know if your story is backed up somewhere (mine are all on my Google Drive), but I do know that yes, the story sort of vanishes from the submission page, and the easiest way to correct that is just to repaste your story and submit it. Whether or not it can be retrieved is a good question; I would suspect not.

Topic: Show Dem Tiddies for Breast Cancer Research. WIN GOLD MEMBERSHIP.
Posted: 07 Oct 2015 08:42

Since there are bound to be herds of guys poring over this thread, I am thinking that it should be pointed out that men can and do get diagnosed with BRCA. However, due to various things--men being reluctant to see their physician or other medical practitioner, male BRCA not being on the radar of entirely too many medical professionals--men tend to be correctly diagnosed at much later stages than are women, and are much more likely to succumb either to the cancer itself having metastasized to major organs, or to the aggressive chemotherapy required after a late-stage diagnosis.

Guys, particularly if your mother, any of your mother's sisters, or any of your sisters have been diagnosed with premenopausal BRCA, please don't ignore anything odd that sprouts up in one of your breasts (yup, they're still breasts--albeit vestigial ones). If your provider blows off your concerns, find another provider posthaste. Keep pushing until you have an explanation for whatever bizarreness is going on in your breast. Do not allow your concerns to be dismissed as worry, and if you have to, ask pointed questions, like "Oh, do men not get breast cancer?". Be your own advocate.

Topic: The Rage Cage
Posted: 07 Oct 2015 08:28

"I can treat a woman with basic human decency...award me for it!"

This. If anything, self-proclaimed "nice guys" are worse than the guys who are straight up assholes, because at least the guys who are straight up assholes can be kicked to the curb immediately and I don't waste my time with someone whom I know to be an asshole.

Topic: Do you find it easier to write from the man's point of view?
Posted: 07 Oct 2015 08:15

I don't know. It's a challenge, to be sure, to write well from a male POV when you're female (and I'd imagine vice versa, for male writers).

The only story I've posted written from the male protagonist's POV is "Silken Smoke", which has done okay in the year or so it's been up. It was a piece written for a male friend with a fetish for women smoking. I didn't have any real input from him on the story, but what helped substantially in writing it was that I am intimately familiar with the Hotel Sorrento, where the story is set. Thus, pretty much everything in the story, except for the actual characters and the actual sex parts, is nonfiction, right down to the description of the Hunt Club's chairs and the hotel room itself.

Of course, all of my stories with the exception of one--"Falling"--are set in real places that I've actually spent substantial time in, so there's that. I'm not terribly imaginative about settings--for proof, go read "Neighbours", which describes my yard and house in meticulous detail; even the year and vineyard that produced the Riesling the female protagonist serves her guest is what I actually had in the fridge at the time. I should really break out of the habit of using familiar places as settings for my pieces, I know, but it's just so much easier to describe convincingly places and things that I am familiar with than to create a setting out of whole cloth.

I'd like to try my hand at writing another story written from the male POV, but just haven't been able to make the time--it certainly takes me more time and effort to write well from the POV of the opposite sex. In particular, editing the story and checking for continuity (making quite sure, for instance, that I didn't accidentally slip into the female POV at any point in the story) is much more time consuming than editing and checking for continuity in pieces written from the female POV.

Topic: what are you drinking?
Posted: 07 Oct 2015 07:49

ewwwwwwwww .. dont you have a kettle?


Yes, I have a proper kettle--both kinds, actually, one electric (made by Cuisinart) and one for the stove. I just didn't feel like going to all the effort to boil water last night, and I keep a pitcher of sweet tea in the fridge, so...yah. I was drinking cold tea. Inhaling my morning dose of (hot) coffee now.

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Stories Published By HeraTeleia
Unexpected Endings

This was not what she intended at all when she walked into the Yale Street pub. She’d meant to have a soothing after work shot or two of Drambuie, call it good, and head home. Not this. Certainly not this. Yet here she was, bent over for all to see, in the half-lit darkness of the alley behind the bar--she wasn’t even sure it was the same one that she’d walked into. Forehead and hands...

Added 23 Sep 2015 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 32 | Avg Score 4.97 | Views 2,332 | 23 Comments

Fire and Ice

How did she come to be as she was currently? It had been an eminently ordinary first date, arranged by mutual friends, marked with the usual pleasantries and peppered with the occasional curious question about each other’s work and life in general. They’d shared a single bottle of 1997 Chateau Ste. Michelle gewurtztraminer, not enough to make her drunk, nor even slightly tipsy. Really,...

Added 26 Jan 2015 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 28 | Avg Score 4.96 | Views 5,384 | 16 Comments


It was hot, unusually so for the temperate marine climate of Seattle, and so she was as naked as could be without being fully so--stripped down to her pink and black lace bra and matching tanga cut pink and black lace panties. Still, at ten o’clock at night, with the house a balmy 26c, that wasn’t enough. She needed to go outside, needed to feel the cooling night air against her skin, needed...

Added 04 Aug 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 71 | Avg Score 4.97 | Views 11,964 | 56 Comments

Recommended Read Tension

She stripped out of her scrubs in the hospital locker room, tossed them into the soiled laundry bin, and stepped into one of the twenty identical shower stalls, pulling the plastic curtain shut behind her. The hot, just shy of scalding water hit her surprised skin and began washing away the disinfectant smell of work, to replace it with the rose scent of her perfumed body wash. She loved...

Added 04 Jul 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 77 | Avg Score 5 | Views 18,528 | 48 Comments

Under Fire

I know now, what I did not know then. I know now that your scars run too deep to be kissed away, that my love and devotion would be nothing in the face of your pain. I know now that no amount of my attention, my need, my willingness to give up my everything to you, would do anything to keep you with me, to keep you as my partner and my lover. Perhaps it is better that I did not know...

Added 02 Jun 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 25 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,739 | 11 Comments

I, Succubus

Soulless, silent, I am the woman of your dreams, even as I haunt your nightmares. I am everything and nothing at once, taking on the form necessary to take from you your very essence, to spill your mortal seed, my demon mouth and condemned cunt warm, wet and welcoming in perpetuity. Endless, insufferable want drives me on, drives me from bed to bed, man to man. I am damned to...

Added 25 May 2014 | Category Supernatural | Votes 41 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 3,702 | 20 Comments

Silken Smoke

She was sitting in one of the two deep, mahogany coloured leather chairs positioned by the fire in the Hunt Club, a long white cigarette dangling carelessly from her slim, manicured fingers, when I first saw her. When I first fell in lust with her, rather. Her red slingback stiletto heels dangled from her stockinged feet, and her red silk sheath dress had slipped up just enough to reveal a...

Added 20 May 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 33 | Avg Score 4.97 | Views 4,038 | 20 Comments

Coffee and Cream

She walked into the corporate clean Starbuck’s, the chairs all neatly swept of crumbs, the faux mahogany inlay tables sparkling, as if they had never had a cup of coffee rested upon them. The store was crowded, relentlessly polite baristas working furiously to satisfy the needs of caffeine-deprived customers, and she fell into queue behind the last of these customers. She was dressed for...

Added 15 May 2014 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 53 | Avg Score 4.9 | Views 10,023 | 25 Comments

Accidental Discharge

Arriving at the firing range, a nondescript white building dropped into the middle of an industrial district, she unloaded her range bag and gear from the boot of her car. Jeans, black v neck lightweight sweater, nothing special, just another morning to be spent throwing lead at paper and steel targets in preparation for competition. She noticed that her instructor’s car wasn’t in the parking...

Added 09 May 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 60 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 6,159 | 30 Comments


The motel room was small with just one queen size bed and a threadbare chair looking awkwardly out of place, as if someone had just reached through the roof of this dank place and left it there. There was a distinct smell of cigarettes and desperation, of cheap, hurried sex and the comfort not of skin on skin but of plastic bottles of vodka. So this is where he had chosen to meet, she...

Added 03 May 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 30 | Avg Score 5 | Views 6,809 | 20 Comments

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