Brother loves baby sister II

Hopefull you like this one, enough review and I'll make a third. :)

"Thank you for letting me stay home from school today Jace." Melissa sighed. "I was really hoping to spend all day with you and I'm glad I got to!" She was ecstatic. Wrapping her arms around her brother he looked down at her. "Good, I want to take you to dinner, now that you're finally up from your power nap." His lips brushed against her forehead. "Where shall we go?" She asked all bubbly....Read On


Brother loves baby sister.

It takes a bit to get into, but I swear you'll like it. :)

"Hey Melissa." Blake said as Jace's little sister walked down the stairs. He smiled at her, but Melissa ignored him thinking it was a trick he was going to play on her. Blake turned his head around to look the young girl up and down. Her tight black jeans hugged every curve of her legs and hips. Her tight tank top relaxed on her C cupped breasts, almost fully exposed because she had her...Read On

Love Poems(1)



Just a dream?

I had seen you before in a dream Your wings open wide Your body glowing so brightly And you'd be standing there beyond a stream I could hear your voice Angelic. Peacful. Please... say more. I'd slowly walk closer to you With warm, open arms Pacing swiftly towards you Oh, if only this was true You wrap your arms tightly around me Warm. Loving. Please... never let go. As I look up to see...Read On

Love Stories(1)


The Lips of My Soldier.

A story of learning to live apart, please enjoy it. For the most part the story is true.

Blond hair flowed messily around my face. My tender sky blue eyes were fixed on his every movement. My lips were soft and plump, at a loss for words. I sat there across from him at a small table. A sleeveless dress relaxed on my round breasts, the red color shimmering brightly by candle light. In his eyes I was the most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen. His short brown hair always made his...Read On