Group Sex(4)


Her Toy 1

A story written for her

For the woman I love: 1. I walk into the room and you're sitting on the edge of the bed with her. She's painting on your lipstick with a fine brush. No simple stick would do for you she said. Strewn across the bed dozens of pairs of panties, stockings, bras.... a black babydoll as you look up with a slightly nervous little smile. She's unfazed as she continues painting your...Read On


Her Toy 2


2 Your tongue sweeps outward into the air, time after time and then finally you look at me with a pathetic little pout. You want it. I want to see you get it.... so why are you restrained baby? What's stopping me from giving this to you. You look back at that little slut and her eyes are closed, lips open and she's just fucking cooing like a little slut in anticipation....Read On


Her Toy 3


3 I'm done thinking about this, absolutely done. A vow inside that my only thoughts will be exploiting your willingness to play out my fantasies, to take advantage and live out every slutty little scenario in my mind. I plot what I want and the sequence in my mind. I consider how exquisite you are giving me this gift of you at your most dirty as I pass the joint back to you...Read On


Her Toy 4


4. I sit back at the edge of the bed for a moment and take a deep hot breath of smoke before exhaling and leaning my head back. Heady from the lust in the air and that smell. That gorgeous mix of pussy and perfume and smoke as you look up into my eyes and hand me the leash to your collar. You play the end of it in idle little slaps against my open palm and whisper wetly into...Read On