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I found a lady that I'm completely infatuated with, looks wise!!! Oh my god, she's beautiful!

18 Jan 2012 19:16

There is nothing more exciting that being a slave to a gorgeous man! Too bad that's yet to happen since I was younger =[

18 Jan 2012 16:00

Publishing a new story!!!!

17 Jan 2012 19:32

Are there any asian guys on here? I know, weird request, but I really have a thing for asians!!!!

26 Nov 2011 15:07

So I'm starting a mini series based off of a role-play one of my ex lovers and I had going on. It was hot!!!!

23 Nov 2011 18:21

I love men and women equally, but I haven't had a woman in over a year or two =\

14 Sep 2011 07:24

I don't chat. I will message but no chatting! Sorry

14 Sep 2011 07:17

My story is pending, I can't wait until it's published!!!

14 Sep 2011 07:02