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Topic Three words said about the person above you
Posted 06 Dec 2011 12:23

Her poems rock

Topic Things you shouldn't do but do anyway....
Posted 06 Dec 2011 12:20

Close my office door with a 'Busy, Email Only' sticker on it, pretending I got a load of work to do, then spend next hour on lush reading stories and posting forums.

Topic Avatar above you
Posted 06 Dec 2011 12:11

where is my camera?

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 06 Dec 2011 12:09


Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 06 Dec 2011 12:08

caress that pair of smooth long legs

Topic Sexy Redheads....
Posted 06 Dec 2011 12:01

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 06 Dec 2011 11:58

I like the music he shares, and he's a handsome guy smiling like sunshine. I can't wait to read all the stories he wrote.

Topic Avatar above you
Posted 05 Dec 2011 20:24

where is my net?

Topic How Many Times?
Posted 05 Dec 2011 16:56


How many times do you check lush on an average day?

Topic What Would You Do If You Had A Chance Encounter With The Person Above You
Posted 05 Dec 2011 16:48

Hiking with our cameras.

Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 05 Dec 2011 15:44

do push up

Topic Avatar above you
Posted 05 Dec 2011 15:43

fallen saint

Topic re-name the person above you
Posted 05 Dec 2011 15:43


Topic After being married 27 yrs my wife is not intrested in is sex, ?????
Posted 05 Dec 2011 11:45

And another post here talking about similar topic.

Topic How Many Times?
Posted 05 Dec 2011 11:13

About a dozen for this year.

How many times have you masturbate thinking about a lush friend or a lush story character last week?

Topic If You Woke Up With The Person Above You What Would Be The First Thing You'd Say?
Posted 05 Dec 2011 11:08

Wow, that was amazing...You can just sleep in and I will make some coffee for us.

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 05 Dec 2011 11:05


Topic What NOT to do naked ...
Posted 05 Dec 2011 11:04

Walking nearby child playground.
Operating chain saw.

Topic After being married 27 yrs my wife is not intrested in is sex, ?????
Posted 05 Dec 2011 10:58

There is a post below about sexless marriage, might be related to this topic.

Topic Feliz Cumpleaños LushPrincess / Happy Birthday Mara!
Posted 04 Dec 2011 19:15

Just read her 'Happy Fucking Birthday' and it's a good story.

Happy birthday!occasion4 occasion6

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 04 Dec 2011 10:24

Sigh. Have to pass. She's a hottie but I know I'm not her cupr of tea. A lady's opinion should be respected.

Tip my hat and politely withdraw.

Topic whats ur wildest fantacy
Posted 04 Dec 2011 00:21

Not lush related: Time travel.

Lush related: being a talented writer like Dancing_Doll, Sprite, flytoomuch, MoonChilde...

Topic Masturbation at work
Posted 04 Dec 2011 00:18

I do it EVERYDAY at work. I am very fortunate and my office is fairly private. There are times I do it several times a day while working. Yes, there is always the chance of getting caught, but that is part of the fun. If someone walks in, they can watch!

You're so lucky! Though I have a office all by myself, people just walk in without knocking because we have all kind of emergencies all the time and unfortunately I'm the guy who handles them. Frankly with stress level so high all the time, I don't think I could even get a hard on at work.

I wish I can but no I don't.

Topic Seams on Hosiery
Posted 03 Dec 2011 23:56

This might sounds weird, but I only found it sexy when combines with pencil skirt.

Topic If you COULD suck your own dick....?
Posted 03 Dec 2011 21:19

If I could, I might try, but I sure will still leave the house to get a girl to suck it.

It's like right now I can jerk off by myself, but I still perfer a girl gives me a handjob.

Topic Where was the craziest place u had sex in?
Posted 03 Dec 2011 21:10

In a car, right in front of city hall/police station. 23 yrs old.

Topic Can You Teach The Fine Art of Fucking?
Posted 02 Dec 2011 23:13

I agree with Lauren. Sex could be taught, maybe via more than one teacher, but it sure could be taught.

I'm not a sex expert, but I do have some experience and skills. Some skills like alphabet letter tongue movement and short-long thrust combinations are learned from Penthouse forum and Karma Sultra books, while others are learned from my ex gfs.

When I started dating, I was young and inexperienced. Most knowledge I had about sex were from porn videos showing dudes just pounding. Fortunately my first few sex partners were more experienced than me and willing to teach me. They taught me how to be patient and slow, how to watch her reaction, how to control the rythem, when to let her take control, and things like that. I learned a lot from them, and changed from a hormone driven young boy to a gentle lover.

Topic Hottest thing a girl could say?
Posted 02 Dec 2011 20:34

What is the hottest thing a girl could say to you to get you to turn you on and make you want to take her home?

Do you mean a pickup line in the club, or just in general?

For me, it kind of turn on when she says in a flirty tone, "You are not seeing anyone, are you?"

It lets me wonder what does she want to do with me.

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 02 Dec 2011 15:12


Have you ever met someone from lush in real life for physical intimacy?