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Yeah, I'm a little older but experienced... VERY good with my tongue and eager to use it! Not to mention other parts... I believe the most important sex organ is the mind and the more experiences the mind has to work with, the more satisfying the sexual experience for me and more importantly for my partner... it is ALL about pleasing her; taking her higher than she has been before.......

Ivan MacNabb
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Keep myself in shape --- outdoors focus - skiing, hiking, canoeing--- pretty much any water sports. Sex outdoors trumps all else!! nothing like the sun warming your bare butt!
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no time to read - except Lush authors of course!!
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Well I'm a little older and I like silly movies like Animal House, Holy Grail and Blazing Saddles
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Topic: How long can you guys bang a girl for?
Posted: 27 Sep 2012 22:57

It's about control and mutual pleasure, not a duration contest. I can go until my girl is ready for me to finish... all about pacing and both of our enjoyment. Sometimes it is a quick bang because that's what both of us need... sometimes it is an hour or more with lots of licking and sucking among the pleasures. "banging" is kind of crass.

Topic: If You Woke Up With The Person Above You What Would Be The First Thing You'd Say?
Posted: 03 Jul 2012 21:41

Mornin' VL - don't mind if I do... breakfast of champions followed closely by a fire lit with morning wood.....

Topic: Property Tax.... fair?
Posted: 24 Mar 2012 17:44

Someone earlier mentioned "we are a society" and therefore we need to realize that "user pay" simply does not work. If you can afford to own property, you pay property tax. I have no problem with a sliding scale so that those owning big fancy houses pay more... that is the way society needs to work. Lots and lots of people don't like that, but it has to work that way in my opinion --- and on public education - of course we need a strong public education program - or some alternative that gives access to good education for all (which I think is the definition of public education). If we fail to do that our population will dumb down and become an even worse welfare state than we already have. If we fail to do that the less fortunate (growing in numbers, by the way) among us will lack access to education and therefore opportunities, and therefore unable to break through the less-fortunate ceiling they were born into --- which, I think, is the "American Dream" --- to be able to succeed far beyond how your parents before you fared. I make enough money to own property and I don't mind paying (reasonable) property taxes on it -- the more valuable my property - the higher the taxes should be.

Topic: A more democratic government
Posted: 24 Mar 2012 17:29

In a country as large as the US, it would normally be too expensive and unmanageable to have a "vote" or referendum in which the entire population of voting-age people could get their individual say. I believe the answer to the question "do we have a TRUE democracy" is NO. Others have commented on the lobbyists and the big corporate money that puts so much of the governments agenda in the hands of the oligarchs. This is wrong, and somehow needs to be changed - but how? The second big beef I have with how many governments work (not just the US) is that individual representatives - whether in congress, senate, parliament - seldom get a "free vote", where they can choose NOT to vote along party lines. Our representatives are elected locally - these people should be our democratically selected representatives and therefore they should be able to speak to - and vote on - issues as they feel best represents their constituents. The idiocies in the current system do not allow sensible governing of the country - simply put.

Topic: Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids? by Mickey Goodman
Posted: 17 Feb 2012 19:24

I think there are many issues, but I will only mention one that I feel strongly about: -- coddling -- taking the kid everywhere including driving them to school, taking them to soccer or hockey or whatever sport mom or dad are forcing them to participate in. Times have changed and I guess partly due to internet/tv/electronic games, kids don't need to go out and seek adventure any longer... in the old days a kid more often than not had to go join themselves, walk to school, ride their bike to soccer... today if mom or dad don't sign up for them and drive them... they would probably just stay on the sofa... so I'm not sure how to overcome the loss of a child's payoff for going out and making it happen for themselves. Limiting time with electronic babysitters may help.

Topic: Does the continued US presence in Iraq make America USA safer for Americans?
Posted: 15 Feb 2012 18:24

In a word - No. We should never have been there in the first place; the dilemma is now that we've picked these fights and pissed off many many people in many many countries because of being there i the first place, we need to stay there to try and clean up the mess we created. Of course we will never admit that.

Topic: Freedom of Religion???
Posted: 08 Feb 2012 19:49

my opinion - church and state must be separate; benefits and rights for the benefit of all may be decided by the state but that does NOT mean that we all need to consume those services or rights. so just because you could access contraception services under your healthcare plan, you don't need to use it if it happens to be against your religion. It would be wrong to exclude whole organizations from eligibility or mandated coverage since it is highly likely as others have observed, that not all people working in those organizations adhere to a single dogma.

of course not everyone will ever agree on what the state should provide or mandate -- that is the beauty of a democracy and a country with cultural diversity - but just because some people's religious dogma doesn't agree with something doesn't make it right (or wrong).

Topic: "Black"? Or "African-American"?
Posted: 04 Feb 2012 18:41

Agreed -- any reference to race is unnecessary...

Topic: What is the meaning of life?
Posted: 03 Feb 2012 19:27

I think much time is wasted looking for meaning. We are all part of a big complex web in which lots of shit happens; most of if mundane and forgettable and some of it beautiful and memorable... things and people evolve... they grow, they learn, they die with or without "contribution". Generations after we're all dead --- was there any meaning? I say live life well; help others grow and learn; enjoy the diversity of the world; laugh often and don't bother looking for deep meaning...

Topic: Are intelligent people less likely to believe in god.....?
Posted: 03 Feb 2012 19:09

I agree with curiouscat on this one -- I believe that more intelligent people may be more likely to question and challenge -- Someone else mentioned the differentiation between belief in God and the belief in a Religion. I'm also of the opinion that one may believe in a higher power, but at the same time may question the dogma associated with organized religion.

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The Hike - part two

The Hike (Part 2) Sam adjusted herself straddling the log as she rubbed her hands with a gentle grip and quickly up and down his shaft, rotating her wrist as she worked, the swirling motion over his swelling head giving Roy a little lift with each upward stroke. Sam scooted down the log, hands on his muscled thighs, lightly circled his purple glans; licking his salty pre-cum and savouring...

Added 06 May 2011 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,451 | 1 Comment

The Hike (part 1)

The hike (part 1) The hike was a long time coming. Roy first met Samantha a few years ago, he couldn’t remember exactly when. It was an online meeting; he bumped into her in a chat about heaven knows what… in those days he was just bored most of the time and wasted quite a bit of time surfing and chatting. For some reason he couldn’t put his finger on they exchanged email addresses and...

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