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Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 01 Aug 2015 19:50

A great writer that I enjoy reading anything she writes

Topic If a couple asked you into a threesome, would you do it?
Posted 30 Jul 2015 22:09

i would say yes

Topic Things you should not say on a 1st date...
Posted 30 Jul 2015 21:32

So do you spit or swallow????

Topic Why would a guy?
Posted 13 Jun 2015 21:17

Ok well with all that information I would ask him what it is that he gets from porn? Communication is going to be the key to solving this problem. You can try to ask him what he needs or wants that he isn't getting from you. But I don't think that will work, I say this as I am a guy and I don't think it would work on me. However, I would suggest that the next time you want sex, just take it. Don't ask him for it just take it. Even if he is watching porn. Don't get made just grab his cock and take what you need. Good luck.


Topic Why would a guy?
Posted 13 Jun 2015 20:39

Your question is flawed. You are assuming that he can have sex. I have been in a relationship were sex was very limited. I mean like the planets had to be in perfect alignment..

So I would revise your questions..... What causes a man to feel as though he has no chance for sex and instead uses porn as his sexual outlet.

My opinion is worth what I charge for it.

Have a great night everyone.


Topic Do you guys actually like going down on girls?
Posted 30 Dec 2014 21:38

Yes I love it. If I could only choose one sex act for the rest of my life it would be giving oral to a woman. I would choose this over receiving any sexual act

Topic Masturbation
Posted 25 Dec 2014 20:05

At least daily. But there are times when I need more

Topic Have you ever been turned down so many times by your wife that you just give up
Posted 25 Dec 2014 19:59

Well I am married so doesn't that go without saying?

Topic How do I seduce a co-worker?
Posted 04 Sep 2014 19:22

life is too short for what if's. I say go for it. As long as you don't stalk him if he were to say no, then I don't be wthink hr would be called. Flirt with him inadvertently rub up against him and if that doesn't work be bold and tell him that you are interested.

Topic Ladies have you or would you......
Posted 06 Aug 2014 19:36

Ladies have you or would you ever pay for sex?

Topic normal not so normal problem
Posted 05 Aug 2014 18:35

Ok first off I am going to sound like a jerk. Dude you don't have a problem you HAVE two fwb. Now the solution is simple think of fwb# 1 when you are with fwb# 2

Topic What does it feel like?
Posted 04 Aug 2014 21:30

Ok so this is what I told a female friend once a long time ago. Woman don't understand the positive physical reminder of the male erection. If you want to understand what guys go through on a daily basis then do this. Find a cucumber or pickle that is relatively the same size as you partner and place it on the front of your panties for a day. You can't take it out but you can adjust it. If you are not aroused by the end of the day then please have your pulse checeked.

Topic Can you help me?
Posted 26 Feb 2014 20:30

So one of my male friends that I know from high school he just came out that he's bisexual.. I've always thought that he was different.. He was married before but he admitted that he feels more comfortable around guys than girls. Lately whenever we go out he seems to be with a new" boyfriend" every other week.. I have never seen him with a girl. He even told me that he would never get involved romantically with a guy but the best sex he ever had it was with a guy.. So my question is: Is he actually gay but in denial and he claims to be bisexual ?

Does it really matter? I mean putting a label on it? Your friend is obviously working through a period of turmoil regarding his sexuality. We are all works in progress. So be the best friend that you can be and join him on his journey. If you are his friend, and I believe that you are, you will be his friend no matter what label he has in the end.

Topic What does your username mean?
Posted 23 Feb 2014 12:59

Well I am Irish and Scottish. But that has nothing to do with it. Maybe it has to do with really old cars that were started by hand..... No I don't think so. What does it mean. Really you need to ask.....

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 14 Dec 2012 09:35

Nice wheels

Topic What do you first notice?
Posted 14 Dec 2012 09:32

Smile first... then eyes. After that it is all bonus

Topic Age,does it matter?
Posted 10 Dec 2012 15:46

I have a brother that is maried to a much older woman. He was real nervous when he brought her Home to meet the family. I told him this, does she make you happy? Do you make her happy? Then who cares what everybody else thinks.
Go be.happy.

Topic Would you pose naked for a stranger?
Posted 15 Nov 2012 19:25

Yes I would. It all would depend on many thing as to how far it would go.

Topic If you could be a....
Posted 14 Nov 2012 19:28

Man for a day. What would you want to experience first?

Topic Were you ever a.....
Posted 05 Nov 2012 16:13

Were you ever a prude? If so what was the reason or event that made that all change

Topic Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted 16 Oct 2012 04:44

YES. She was my best friend. Never wanted to ruin what we had as friends. I didn't realize how much I loved her until she died a few years ago.

Topic How would you want your woman to dress?
Posted 15 Oct 2012 19:21

Well it depends. I once bought a dress for my wife that I would love to see here wear it in a casual setting but know she never will. I have told her if she ever wanted to get FUCKED, all she had to do is put on that dress. She did once.

Topic For those with real avatars
Posted 14 Oct 2012 17:28

Have you ever been recognized? Has anyone on lush contacted you and let you know they recognized you? I am thinking of changing my avatar. Thanks for your feedback.


Topic How long after?
Posted 12 Oct 2012 21:34

Own sedative after I cum. However, if my wife strokes me and avoids the head of my cock I can stay hard.

Topic Waking up to a blow job - yay or nay?
Posted 12 Oct 2012 21:03

This is my plan for world peace. Have every leader wake up to oral sex. Think about what a good frame of mind you would have. How wonderful this world could be. So my vote would be yes.

Topic fantasies
Posted 10 Oct 2012 19:34

I would love to have sex out side in an orchard during the day. That's just one of many.

Topic Stripper shoes
Posted 06 Oct 2012 04:41

What do you ladies think about Strippers shoe? Seems to me lately they have become more main stream.. When I was younger we used to call these " come fuck me shoes"

Topic What do you prefer on your girl. Victoria secret or Frederick's of Hollywood?
Posted 02 Oct 2012 18:44

Either would be fine with me. The more important question is which one makes her feel sexy. In that case I am more than happy to go shopping.

Topic Ladies how many PM's do you get ?
Posted 01 Oct 2012 20:22

Does the avatar you use influence the amount of pm's you receive? Have you changed your profile and seen a change in pm traffic? Finally, what causes you to pm a stranger?


Topic Gift for the Person Above You Based on Their AVATAR
Posted 01 Oct 2012 19:31

A free car wash