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Topic Where do you write and save the drafts?
Posted 20 Nov 2015 18:27

For privacy concerns, I don't want to leave a record that I'm writing erotic stories. I also don't want my family to stumble upon my stories on my computer by accident. So with that in mind, what are good places to edit and save your stories?

I thought about Google docs but that's linked to my google account. I could create another one but it's so much work and I'll use that as the last resort.

Lushstories doesn't have a 'Save Drafts' feature, correct?

Anyway, any recommendation is welcome!

Topic Past or present tense?
Posted 15 Nov 2009 22:33

I know most stories are written in the past tense. I'm curious what most of you think of stories written in present tense, especially from the first person view?

I wrote my first story here, Chloe's first spanking, in the present tense. My idea was since I was the narrator, I wanted the story told as if it was happening real time. I wanted the story to unfold simultaneously for my characters and the readers to give it a sense of unknown and suspense.

But after I published the first two parts, I'm beginning to regret my choice. I feel like it's somewhat awkward to write in the present tense at all times. I've been considering going back and change them to the past tense so it'll be easier for me to continue.

Do you guys think it's worth the effort? What do you prefer or if you don't care either way?

Topic Do women masturbate when reading Lush stories?
Posted 01 Nov 2009 17:59

Why else do we browse on this site? If I'm looking for proper literature, I would've gone to the library or barnes and noble.