Library rendevous

Jason and I have had some really great and exciting sex. We have tried threesomes with a guy and a girl. We have had sex with another couple. So we wanted to try something a little different for us. We decided the next sexual experience we would try would be just him and I. It was about 10 am Sunday and I decided to head to the library. Usually at this time the library is empty. I chose...Read On

Group Sex(3)


Our First Threesome

We met Jeremy in a bar while we were having a few drinks. Somehow the conversation turned to sex, threesomes actually. In the end we all agreed to meet in a local hotel in an hour. Jason and I ended up at the hotel a little early, so we decided to get things started and put in a porn. By the time Jeremy showed up and knocked, Jason's cock was rock hard. While he pulled his pants on and...Read On


Returning the Favor

For a long time my boyfriend has been hinting at wanting a threesome with another girl. I have never been with a girl and I wasn't sure I wanted to see my man fuck another girl, however he did give me a threesome with another guy and I cant get over how I still feel horny about that night. After a lot of thought I decided that I would look and see if I could find someone. I met Lacy through...Read On


The Marine's Reward

My girlfriend and I have always been able to talk openly about sexual fantasies fictional or not. Most of our more memorable sexual experiences have actually come from these conversations. One of our earliest conversations that started our ritual of talking about these fantasies had the ability to come to reality. Lacy and my girlfriend continued to be friends after we had our explosive...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


road head

I love my truck, I won´t bother to much with the details of my truck. It is an 82 ford F150, has big tires, a big motor, 4 wheel drive, basically its just a fucking beast. My favorite piece of my truck has nothing to do with how it runs, sounds or drives. Most people probably would not even think twice about this part of my vehicle or any vehicle for that matter, but I love sex. Most of the...Read On