Sex and the Extended Family: Part 1

sixteen year old girl finds sexual satisfaction in the arms of her nineteen year old brother.

Sex and the Extended Family: Part 1 I was never one to keep a diary because nothing ever happened to me that was worth writing about. Nothing exciting ever happened in our farming community. At least nothing that I was aware of before the night my brother fucked my brains out. I started this diary the next day. My brother Carl and I had always been very close, closer than...Read On



Mother discovers sexual ecstasy with her eighteen year old son

THREE IS COMPANY PART 1 SEX GAMES It happened the summer of Rex and Sharon’s eighteenth year. I have always looked forward to the arrival of hot weather. I have always been something of an exhibitionist. I love to wear mini skirts that show off my long slender legs and firm, muscular thighs, with nothing on under them except for a skimpy g-string. I love to wear thin cotton...Read On



Lonely eighteen year old girl loses her virginity to her twin brother on her birthday.

TWINS Part 1 My sex life sucked. Growing up in a tiny country town under the watchful eyes of my dad, the County Sheriff sucked. I celebrated my eighteenth birthday last Friday and, as hard as this may be to believe in this sexual liberated day and Age, I was still a virgin. I wasn’t a virgin because I wanted to remain a virgin until I married or some silly shit like that, I was still...Read On

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The Christmas Party

Minister's wife gets the best fucking ever while husband discusses Christmas gift giving

THE CHRISTMAS PARTY Contrary to popular belief, all minister’s wives aren’t prudes. Take me; you could to if you were here with me right now because I’m sitting here naked with my pussy craving to be filled with your big cock. I love sex but it’s the one thing that I never get at home anymore. My Man Of The Cloth firmly believes that God meant sex for procreation purpose only and any...Read On