Beach vacation

Mom and I really got to know each other better on our vacation

 About a month ago friends of ours invited us to join them at their condo at the beach, mom was working to try to support us both and we haven't been on a true vacation for a long time so we decided to take them up on their offer. Jim and his wife Terry and their younger daughter have been friends of ours for a long time and knew that we would enjoy ourselves at the beach.  Mom was around...Read On


Beach vacation part 2

The next day after our little fling I didn't know what to expect

 The next day after our little fling , I woke up not knowing what to expect. Mom was in the shower and I could still smell her hair from the pillow. I was nervous seeing that our cloths were still on the floor from the night before and i didn't know what to expect. I heard the water shut off and about 5 min. went by, then mom came out wearing her robe. She was smiling and said, we better get...Read On



It was moms night to host the card games

 Well let me start by saying that it wasn't one of the things I wanted to get involved with. Mom and her friends met once a month to play cards, and it was moms night to host the games. I always made sure I was out of the house for the evening it was her turn. It was like all the ladies got together and talked about who knows what and they always dressed up to try to out do the others....Read On



Jills party

I dont know if you read my story on CARD CLUB but this is another story about Jill moms best friend

 It all started the night mom had me join her and her friends at card club. Well some time after that Jill invited us to her house for a party. I haven't seen her since the last time mom hosted the games. It was a swim party at her house and there were allot of people there including her husband. When we arrived there were about 20 or so people, mostly close friends and family and...Read On