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Sweet Babyslut, see what you do to Mommie everytime I think of my Baby? Kisses -- Miss Tina

30 Jul 2012 13:41
I want my sweet little BabySlut, HOTLILBUNNY, out and about speading joy with her sweet ass and pussy. I want her to cum back to me at night with a puffy pussy and tender ass, nestle between my legs and tell me all about her day, then suck Miss Tina dry and fall asleep in my arms.
26 Jul 2012 14:18
Sweet BabySlut Amanda, got you this pretty little collar, just so everyone knows you belong to Miss Tina.
24 Jul 2012 12:12
Baby, still waiting for that "red snapper" you promised me. Kisses -- Tina
24 Jul 2012 11:21

love to get you in this position
21 Jul 2012 19:41
BabySlut, Miss Tina does not like tardiness.
20 Jul 2012 14:23
Baby, you just might make the perfect BabySlut, to serve my ass and pussy when I call you.

19 Jul 2012 15:51
Baby, pretty sure you owe me a double helping of your sweet pussy, get ready. Kisses -- Tina
18 Jul 2012 18:13
Sweet Amanda, so happy we're friends. Kisses -- Tina
18 Jul 2012 16:49