How My Wife Had Become A Milf At The Hands Of A Young Man

How my wife had become an instant milf right before my own eyes at the hands of a young man

It was acouple of years ago that a young man turned my wife into a milf right before my own eyes. It has taken some time and courage to tell of our exploits. My wife and I aren’t your typical swinging type of couple. We had been married for 13 years and both had good careers. She was a good mom and I would say we lean more to the conservative side when it had come to sex. My wife Lori...Read On


My Wife Lori Shows It off For A Young Man At A Night Club And Is Banged Senseless

My wife Lori is fucked senseless by a young man we met at a night club.

My wife Loriand I maybe just over the age of forty, but you would never believe some of the things we have done. Lori is in my mind a very attractive woman. She can be very shy at times, but she also can be very sensual. She loves being romantic, but she also has a wild side to her that can take her to new heights. She also loves the feeling of being fucked by a big cock. Lori and I are...Read On

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How I Shared My Wife Lori with a Co Worker of Mine

How a golf outing with a co worker ended up with him fucking my wife Lori.

It had been a long while since I last shared my wife Lori with another man. As time went on I had become increasingly frustrated. I had gotten to the point where I had felt like it wasn’t ever going to happen again. Lori had said in the past that she was open to being shared again, but only if the right opportunity had presented itself. Lori and I were in our forties and had been married...Read On