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Topic My wedding day is ruined!
Posted 21 Jul 2010 12:07

binky binky binky you have got to be kidding.
people don't look to see if someone else is having
an occasion such as a wedding or birthday before they
make plans of their own. Stop crying and move on. Life
is too short as it is.

Topic Where is their Sign??
Posted 19 Jun 2010 02:59

and ppl wonder why the world is as it is. duh.

Topic Forum Game: Sexy Chain
Posted 16 Jun 2010 09:09

ooopppps didnt see it all last word was sizzling......

Topic Forum Game: Sexy Chain
Posted 16 Jun 2010 09:07


Posted 16 Jun 2010 09:04

d'oh! thumbup uuuummm I'll try but it's hard to guess. I know, it's the blonde in the middle. The one with no tan. I think.

Topic The farmers daughter
Posted 11 Jun 2010 08:37

One night a young man was traveling down a country road. He wasn't from around here so he didn't know where he really was. All of a sudden, his car started to act funny and then died. He couldn't get it started again and looked around for a house to phone a tow. He spotted one about a 1/4 up the road and started walking toward it. As he approached the house he saw the lights were still on meaning someone was still awake. He knocked on the door and a farmer answered. He told the farmer "Sir, my car broke down just down the road. Could I please use your phone to call a tow." The farmer eyed the young man and said,"At this time of night you ain't gonna git no tow. I guess I could put you up for the night and you can call in the morning."The young man replied, "Thank you very much sir. I do appreciate this." Following the farmer to the guest bedroom, the farmer said, "I have one rule for you young man, you leave my daughter alone. I know how you city folk are about young girls." Just at that moment, the daughter emerged from the bathroom The young man thought to himself,"OMG, she is hot." The daughter smiled and winked as she walked into her bedroom. The farmer stopped at the next room and said "You'll sleep here." the young man thanked him and entered the room. Just about 15 minutes later, the farmer came in with a big basket of eggs. The young man was puzzled by this and asked, Why the eggs sir." the farmer replied, "So you stay put and leave my daughter alone." At that moment, the daughter walked by the door and with a warm smile, gave a little wave. When the farmer finished he walked out and closed the door. The young man could not stop thinking about the daughter and how much he wanted to do her. After about a half hour, the young man thought "Oh damn, I've got to have her." He started to move and broke a few eggs. He moved some more and broke even more eggs. Thinking "Oh hell, I'll clean this up later." got up, tiptoed to the daughter's room and screwed her brains out. When he returned to his room and saw the eggs, he thought, "How am I going to fix this." Thinking quickly, he gathered all the broken shells, cleaned up the yolks and glued the shells back together. Placing them around himself, he fell into a fitful sleep.

In the morning, the farmer walked into the room, seeing the young man asleep, he picked up an egg and broke it. It was empty. He pick up another and broke it. Empty again. He picked up another and another and another. All empty. The farmer went to get his shotgun, walked out to the hen house and said,"All right, which one of you roosters been using a rubber."

Topic The Gangster and The Gates of Heaven
Posted 07 Jun 2010 11:41

bj Thank you. All compliments accepted.

Topic Word association game
Posted 07 Jun 2010 09:01

3some fireworks

Posted 07 Jun 2010 07:05

thatshot sometimes you just have to love life to the fullest........

Topic Makenzie: My favorite college hottie!
Posted 07 Jun 2010 06:46

dancenude verrrry hot and fuckable

Topic The Gangster and The Gates of Heaven
Posted 07 Jun 2010 00:06

There was a gangster going to the Gates of Heaven. St Peter was asking everyone what they did good in their life. When it was the gangster's turn, St Peter asked him, "So what did you do good in your life?" After some thought, the gangster replied, " I gave a little boy 10 cents." St Peter responded,"Good, what else did you do good in your life?" The gangster thought for a couple of minutes and replied, " I gave a little girl 15 cents." St Peter asked, "Anything else?" The gangster thought some more and said, "No that's it." St Peter turned to the angel next to him and said, "Give him back his quarter and tell him to go to hell."

Topic married couple laying in bed ...
Posted 06 Jun 2010 23:55

laughing3 this is one time when good is baaaaaaaaad.

Topic If only I was a pig
Posted 06 Jun 2010 23:52

6 those are good. can i be a pig too?

Topic God Was Busy....
Posted 04 Jun 2010 00:14

hello1 semper fi

Topic A Husband wrote the following letter for his Wife and left it on the dining room table ..
Posted 04 Jun 2010 00:12

3some Thats good. It would take a math teacher to turn things around and work better.

Topic Your Man would Strip for you
Posted 02 Jun 2010 11:54

Yes it is hard enough for a woman to strip and remain sexy. Just like a man, but he cannot move like a woman. So he needs to be tender and passionate. Easy music, slow moves and a tender, light touch on a g-spot like her ears or neck works. Be very passionate without banging her brains out. Soft caresses in the key spots and gentle moves. If you can really dance slow, that helps a lot too.