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I LOVE when your wife puts my cock next to yours....

23 hours ago

What's not to love about gurls with a little (or a LOT) extra?!?

1 day ago

2 days ago

I want a set of these that I can call my own (and share with you of course!!)

3 days ago

5 days ago

6 days ago

8 days ago

9 days ago

I'm in the mood to dress gurly and find me some dick!!!

12 days ago

Mmmmm, pussy or dick, pussy or dick.....why not BOTH?!? Yum fucking yum!

13 days ago

A thought inspired by one of Lush's most lovelies....something I used to do often with my now ex-wife.....

15 days ago

I love a woman who's willing to call me what I am.....

16 days ago

Another round of strap-ons because I can never get enough of strong dominant women having their way with the men (or their girlfriend's men!).....

17 days ago

If he's hesitant to suck a cock, best to start him out on a strap-on. He'll eventually admit that he really IS interested in giving it a try!!! His Mother did it to his Dad so its your turn to do it to him!

18 days ago

When her lover's not around to fuck my cunt, she does the honors!!! No complaints....

25 days ago

I'm in the mood to be a complete bottom for some BIG BLACK COCK! Who am I kidding?!? I'm ALWAYS in the mood for that!!!

26 days ago

27 days ago

28 days ago

I love when she takes control.....

22 May 2018 03:09

Cum.....I'll take it any way I can get it!!

20 May 2018 03:54

18 May 2018 05:03

It's no secret - I AM A COCKSUCKER - and I LOVE it!

17 May 2018 06:41

Purchasing a Feeldoe for my wife was the best thing I've done for her (and me!)....

16 May 2018 03:26

Let's Make a DEAL!!!

14 May 2018 02:34

13 May 2018 05:01

These are the looks I want from my wife as she pleasures herself on delicious thick cock!

12 May 2018 04:44

So there's this really handsome and buff straight guy on Lush who I have the hots for> He brings out the gurl in me every time we talk or I think of him. I'd REALLY LOVE to suck his cock and have him fuck me in front of my wife and then allow him to have his way with her in return for him allowing me to be his gurl for just one night.....I can feel his cock penetrating my lips and cunt as I type - yum fucking yum!!

11 May 2018 03:01

Sharing is caring.....share a little extra love with someone else this week!! (PS - I'm available!)

09 May 2018 05:19

08 May 2018 03:25

I need another round of BBC to start me week off right! How about you?!? Care to share?!?

07 May 2018 02:57