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10 Jul 2013 00:17

05 Jul 2013 16:55

Watched Tennis in the pub, atmosphere was electric! Up you Jerzi!

07 Apr 2013 23:04

Thanks again to the very talented Ms. Crazy Diamond for creating my new Avatar.

10 Mar 2013 13:46

A huge thanks to Crazy Diamond for kindly creating the tartan background for my profile page. I can't believe the work she's done to electronically "weave" the tartan. She truly is a very Clever Diamond (and only very slightly crazy!).

03 Mar 2013 13:51

20 Feb 2013 23:58

Yesterday morning..

13 Feb 2013 23:55

Happy Valentines Day

01 Jan 2013 09:59

Who says men can't multi task?! Happy New Year!

22 Dec 2012 04:00


15 Dec 2012 18:23

11 Dec 2012 12:33

Love this picture!

28 Nov 2012 14:40

I always felt a certain affinity to Fred Flinstone, up to and including his penchant for Bettty...

27 Nov 2012 23:57

That's Part 3 of "The Wager" just posted now, after being knocked back by the moderator firtst time. I should have spent more time checking it before.... Spent ages going through it before reposting: paranoid that it would be rejected again. It's like getting a knockback froma girl when you were a teenager... Now what next: I have an idea, something a bit different....

22 Nov 2012 15:32

Love this card!

20 Nov 2012 15:29

Sorry if I've been ignoring you: I've got a new circle of friends....

08 Nov 2012 14:41

I know snooker isn’t your game honey, so if you take the pink, I’ll go for the brown….