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Topic Moderator of the Month, for July
Posted 17 Aug 2017 23:23

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Congratulations Miss Candy! Well done! Over 100 stories? You have been busy! It's brilliant to have you back here, your help as a mod encouraged me to write in the past and I hope it does the same for others. You just need to get back writing now! I miss your special brand of erotic filth!

Topic Why Did You Choose the Avatar You Use?
Posted 30 Jun 2017 22:27

I didn't chose it myself, the very talented Ms. Crazy Diamond was kind enough to design it for me. She also did a Christmas version with a Santa hat. Big thanks to her for that, it's a pity she's not on here much these days....

Topic Happy Birthday - Sweet_As_Candy
Posted 19 Nov 2016 00:25

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Happy Birthday Miss Candy, hope you have a brilliant day and many happy returns!
The card, flowers, chocolates and champagne are in the post 😉

Topic Who is YOUR favorite author on Lush?
Posted 08 Jun 2016 22:57

Without a doubt, my favourite Lush Author is sweet_as_candy. Her stories are incredibly raunchy, mostly downright dirty, beautifully descriptive and tighten my nuts like nothing else 😋

Topic Word for the day
Posted 07 Jun 2016 16:14

Tumescent (word for the day on Tuesday).

Just realised its Wednesday now here in the UK, so new word for the day is: Wank 😀

Topic Your Ideal partner
Posted 01 Jun 2016 23:53

Someone who can handle a whole lot of candy laughing9

I thought there was a whole lot less of Candy to handle since you started your diet and exercise regime? 😉

Topic Word for the day
Posted 12 May 2016 06:08



Topic Make a new friend, with the avatar above you
Posted 07 May 2016 22:23

Hi Gill, I'm very pleased to meet you! Good morning from Scotland.

Topic Do you guys actually like going down on girls?
Posted 30 Apr 2016 15:58

Of course! It is probably my favourite sexual thing, I love the intimacy, the taste, the fragrance, the texture, feeling her wriggle and writhe, cumming on my face..... Heaven...

I found myself fantasing over a young receptionist with a short skirt today, imagining what a sweet little pussy I might find under her skirt and how it deserved the attention of an expert tongue and lips....😛

Topic Your Prostitute Name-1st pet + What You Just Ate
Posted 28 Apr 2016 14:31

laughing8 So funny

Sophie Banana

Candy Mint Aero

It never occurred to me that my first pet was your namesake Miss Candy (she was a Scottish Terrier...)

Topic *Happy Birthday Mizz Mazza!!!*
Posted 24 Apr 2016 14:59

A belated Happy Birthday Maz (although I have sneaked in an hour before midnight...). Hope you've had a great day 😀





Topic Would you like to win one of three *Free* gold memberships?
Posted 19 Apr 2016 13:20

247 please 😀

Topic Masturbating at work
Posted 25 Mar 2016 00:19

Doesn't everyone!? In the past (pre Internet) a couple of my workplaces had stashes of porn Mags in / near the toilets for that very purpose. Yes I've taken and sent pics (videos also). I've had phone sex and sexted too, never had full on sex (yet!) A couple got caught in our office by the cleaners last year 😋)

Topic Is there one poem or story you've written that you would like more people to read?
Posted 28 Feb 2016 16:14

Great idea for a thread...

I think a personal favourite of mine is

And my poem which was awarded an EP I'm very proud of :)

I read it again and it had the same effect, definitely a great story! 😀

Topic Moderator of the Month for November, with $100 to spend at
Posted 09 Dec 2015 23:06

Congratulations Miss Candy, sorry I missed this earlier... A very well deserved award, your encouragement as a mod and friendship certainly spurred me on to write (and yes I haven't written anything on here in a very long time...I know, I know...).

Topic Do you guys actually like going down on girls?
Posted 08 Dec 2015 23:09

I find it difficult to believe how someone can say they don't like giving oral sex... I love it, the intimacy, the enjoyment of giving pleasure, the taste, aroma, texture, what's not to like? Maybe I've just been lucky in that I haven't gone down on a woman with a taste or smell that I don't like? 😛

Topic Happy Birthday Sweet_As_Candy
Posted 18 Nov 2015 22:58

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Happy birthday sweet girl! Hope you're feeling a bit better xx

Topic Do guys like it when a woman wears lingerie?
Posted 22 Aug 2015 23:29

Yes, definitely! Lingerie leaves a little to the imagination and can even feature in sex play. I love to slowly unpeel her lingerie, licking and teasing her through it. The texture of the fabric can add another dimension to love making: ensuring she cums before she's even got her panties off 675-lick L16

Topic *JAYNE33 and LIZ share A BIRTHDAY on Sun June 21st...*
Posted 21 Jun 2015 15:43

Bday1 cheerleader party002 2407_group_hug occasion4 occasion6 Happy Birthday Jane, hope to catch up soon! Happy birthday to Liz too. Many Happy Returns!

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 16 Jun 2015 15:58

Knowing that this bed is sooo comfortable. Looking forward to a good sleep!

Have you taken over from Lenny Henry on the Premier Inn TV adverts? sleepy2

Topic Happy Birthday Mysteria27 AKA Lady M
Posted 27 May 2015 15:19

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Happy birthday Lady M! X

Posted 27 May 2015 15:04

Happy birthday Mazza! X

Topic Do you enjoy eating Pussy? or do you pass
Posted 24 Mar 2015 16:14

Love it! Eating pussy is probably me favourite thing, I'm always drawn to go down there, foreplay, after play, in between play, anytime 675-lick

Topic 8 Free Silver Memberships but they have to be 'Gifted'.
Posted 10 Feb 2015 20:56

74 please!

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 24 Jan 2015 13:25

She's Scottish like me and a very sexy lady!

Topic Would you lick her pussy after you came in?
Posted 25 Dec 2014 15:54

Yes, I would and I do at every opportunity! 675-lick

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 21 Dec 2014 20:01

Innocent, but have talked about it and wrote a story about doing it in the steam room at a Gym...

Topic re-name the person above you
Posted 21 Dec 2014 16:13

Gorgeous Girl

Topic Boobs vs Ass Which in your opinion is better?
Posted 17 Dec 2014 14:49

I love both, but boobs appeal mainly from an aesthetic point of view, whereas a nice rounded ass really turns me on love10 Ldevil

Posted 12 Dec 2014 15:42

Bday1 occasion4 Happy Birthday fellow Sagittarian Milik. 3601

Sorry to hear about your split up, but on the positive side, hopefully we'll see you around here a bit more and see some more of your excellent writing!