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Have been laying in bed now that I finally have some free time to write another one of my enthralling sex story. What should I write about next?
My sexy experience losing my virginity? An airplane fantasy? Or a summer romance?
However, I do keep distracting myself with, well, activities
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A little snippet of what I was doing earlier

19 Jun 2015 00:20

After 2 days of waiting, my story's finally up! Please take a moment to read and comment, x

10 Jun 2014 21:56

Hi loves! So yesterday I was up till 2 am (!) writing a story on one of my favorite oral sex performances. It should be up soon, so please check it out. I hope you all enjoy. (side note: there's a cliff hanger-- if I get good reviews I might write the second half!) x

07 Jun 2014 17:33

Hi my loves. It's been quite some time since I last shared a sexy story of mine. I've been quite horny lately and reminiscing of some eventful past experiences I've had. I'm now sitting (more like laying?) on my queen bed in my lovely new NY apartment, and to top it off I'm drinking one of my favorite red wines. Please stay tuned; I'm thinking of writing about my experience performing some steamy oral sex on a "friend" of mine

06 Jun 2014 20:29

Thinking about writing another one of my adventurous sex story.. what do you guys think? x

25 Mar 2014 21:57

I can't believe I got the stomach flu.. ugh this sucks! At least now I have an excuse to stay home and be a lazy bum.. hehe

17 Jul 2012 11:03

OFF TO CELEBRATE THE BIG 2-1 Spent my day sailing with a friend, even got time to write my first story for lush (make sure to check it out when its published!) and off to get ready for an AMAZING night Better get my birthday sex tonight x

15 Jul 2012 18:06

happy birthday to meeeeeeeee : )

15 Jul 2012 09:29

Just got back from a wonderful vacation thank god for those nude beaches for getting rid of all my tan lines hehe

14 Jul 2012 14:25